Now more than ever we need to relax.

I know this is a tall order but start by breathing slowly…count to four as you take a deep breath through your nose, release more slowly through you mouth to a count of six. I also use music and exercise to help me relax. I am currently listening to my favorite singer Andrea Bocelli’s duet “If Only” with Dua Lipa. His voice washes the stress from my body.

Please take care of yourself now. We need to remember that this too shall pass. We will create, work, love, travel and prosper again. I know it is hard but we are strong! Hold your family and friends close, read good books, binge watch shows, do puzzles, meditate, eat well, have a glass of wine, be thankful, have faith.

Love you all. XOXO

Finding Joy In Everyday Tasks

I have been on a personal journey over the last year and a half. My goal was to remove negativity to make space for more joy and gratitude. I started with a meditation class; meditation did not come naturally to me. I grew up in a loving but traditional family. Meditation and self-reflection were too new-age for my parents. So I need help with this concept. I took a class that opened me up to the beautiful world of inner peace. The practice of meditation has helped me change the way I react to external stresses. I am now taking the next step and trying to find joy in everyday tasks. I have committed to spending time outside in nature; to be honest, some of this is due to my new puppy Georgia, but I am enjoying being outside even in the pouring rain or freezing temperatures! I am also trying to learn from Marie Kondo and her method of decluttering. I realize that there is a connection between a cluttered home/workspace and a cluttered mind. I love Jay Shetty’s podcasts, and if you have not heard of him, I recommend looking up his videos on youtube. He suggests we create more positive experiences in our lives, and for me, that starts at home. I want to not only create a beautiful clutter-free lifestyle for myself but also my clients. I want everyone to benefit from the power of an uplifting environment.

Today I am going to tackle the category (as Marie Kondo suggests, choose a category not a room) of clothing. I was going to start with paper to clean up my office, but, Konmari method teaches that you need to learn the techniques slowly. Clothes are easier to organize and I am looking for immediate gratification!

I will find joy in today by spending time in nature, meditating, working (I love my job), and cleaning my closets.

What will bring you joy today? Let me know by commenting or like my post. Thank you for stopping by. Wish me luck!

Best, Celia

This is the place that sparks the most joy in my life! I love Rome!

Inspire others by living your best life

What makes you happy? Family, friends, work, home, travel and my dogs are the things that make me happy. I have committed to being grateful for something each day. I am grateful for sleep these days with a new puppy who rises well before the sun, I am thankful for my comfortable bed.

These are my goals, hopes and dreams for 2020.







My goals for 2020 are simple. Enjoy life more, and stress less! Live in a way that inspires people to enjoy their own lives more!

Please share your goals by commenting on this post! Thank you for stopping by. Best, Celia

Liz Donnelly thank you for these amazing photos.

Love more, live more

This year, I am simplifying life. Less is more. My New Years’ resolution this year is to love and live more. To be present in my life and to be grateful every day for all that I have. I am so blessed to have such a large and wonderful family. My husband and I are both the youngest of five so our families are huge! I am taking the next year to enjoy every day and to find at least one thing to be grateful for.

What are you committed to this year? I wanted to pick something I could stick to. I wanted to choose a positive goal, what is more positive than love?

Ok let me know your thoughts by liking or commenting on this post.

I wish you all great happiness.



This is our new intern Georgia

Relaxing Sunday Flower Arranging

I love an excuse to chill out in my studio. It is Sunday, and I finished my gardening just before the sky went black and the rain came. Now, I have an excuse to play in my studio!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! How do you like to unwind?

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Minding the gap, from boomers to millennials in design

Mind the gap…a phrase I am familiar with having spent time studying in London. If you have ever ridden the tube you know the phrase. It came to mind to me today as I was processing a meeting I had yesterday. I was thinking about design as a way to mind the gap between baby boomers and millennials.

Yesterday, I met with potentialclients for a commercial retail design job. One of the business owners gave mea tour of their current production facility and mentioned he was 29, he explained that people his age were comfortable with the product they produced,but older people in their 50’s (my age) werenot as comfortable.

As an avid consumer myself, and a former retailer I thought, they might be missing the mark. Baby boomers remain the largest living adult generation. Maine is the oldest (age per capita) state in the nation. If I were developing a product for the masses, I would most definitely keep boomers in mind. I think not only minding the gap but bridging the gap would help both millennials and baby boomers evolve!

So, I am hoping to design a retail space that reflects both young adults and older ones like myself.  This is a wellness store, what do you like in a wellness store?

Do you like the black trimmed glass? I do but do you?

Does this textural wallpaper appeal to you?

Do you like to see natural elements brought into retail spaces, stone, and wood?

How important is lighting to you? I like this ceiling where they added light to the vaulted ceiling panels.

What are the most important factors for you when you shop? In this case, we are selling a spa/medical product. What words come to mind for you when you are thinking of wellness centers?

Please let me know. I may not be picked for this project but I would still be interested in your feedback! Please comment below~

Thank you for helping!



Missing Rome

Life gets so busy in the new year. I think we all look at the new year as a way to reboot our lives. I certainly do this. I am trying to wrap up projects that I have been working on and make room for my new projects. I miss Rome as it is the city I go to when I need to recharge my batteries.

Whenever I get overwhelmed with my to-do lists, I think of Rome, the city where my heart lives. This is a form of meditation for me. Because I am a designer, I guess it makes sense that I use visualization to relax. As I look through my photos from my December trip,  I am back in the eternal city meandering through the narrow streets, looking into shop windows and breathing in the warmth that radiates from the buildings.

There is something magical about the light in Italy. I look at these pictures, and I can feel the stress leaving my body.

One of the other things I love about Rome is that it is such a walkable city. I rarely drive, walking is just my prefered mode of transportation. Even on a cloudy day this city is stunningly beautiful. 

Italians understand the concept of living in the moment more than most cultures. For example, they don’t get a coffee to go…they go to get a coffee. It is so much more civilized, I am always doing more than one thing at a time. Italians also take time to eat, put family first, hang out with friends, eat good healthy food, surround themselves with beauty and walk!

I need to listen to my own words, eat healthy food, meditate, surround myself with beauty, walk more (this is difficult in Maine during the winter), hang out with friends and enjoy a cappuccino.

How are you dealing with the stresses of the new year? How do you relax? Tell me by commenting on this post. Ok off to meditate, then to the gym and the office…it is snowing again so no long walk today.