Kitchen Flooring Has Come A Long Way

Kitchen how the options have changed. We have come such a long way in terms of the choices available to consumers.

One can find a great selection in each catagory of kitchen flooring, from wood to tile.

Photo by Liz Donnelly
  • Wood is hot at the moment. We have wonderful options in pre-finished wood flooring today, and they withstand heavy traffic and water. They also help blend into the rest of your home if you have hardwood flooring elsewhere. Above is a kitchen we did on the coast of Maine.
Long and large Limestone tiles laid in a brick pattern…I love this look. It is such a clean and chic option
  • Stone offers great durability and is an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas. Ceramic tile is equally strong and offers numerous colors and textures.
  • I  love the new options in terms of tile size and shape. The largest tile size used to be 12×12, now you can get 24×24, 12×24 and even 9×6 harlequin diamonds.
  • We also have the option when it comes to installation, now we lay tiles in numerous patterns.
  • I love the natural look of limestone in kitchens, but it must be sealed twice a year because it is porous.
Cement tiles, offer a matte or honed finish and wonderful patterns
I love the pattern these tiles were laid in. It is a wonderful way to weave the colors of the natural stone together.
  • Cork is also a fabulous option; it is a very versatile material and comes in a number of colors and patterns. It is also water-resistant and reduces impact noise. It also warms up the spaces it is used in.
Cork in a herringbone pattern…wonderful!
Cork tiles come in fabulous options
  • Vinyl Flooring is very resilient and is the best option if you are looking for a budget friendly option.
These 18×18 Chilewich Plynyl tiles are so cool, it makes me want to use them somewhere.

You do not have to make kitchen flooring boring, it is one of the major components in the design of the space. It is worth spending  the money to do it right the first time.

I have worked with many home owners who tell me that they have re-done their kitchen floors but were never happy with them because they settled for the least expensive option.

My advice is…

  • If you do wood flooring use pre-finished, it is amazing! I have two active dogs and two sloppy kids and this is the only flooring that can withstand our punishment.
  • Wait and do your flooring when you can afford to do it the right way!
  • Think outside the box…vinyl flooring can be cool and hip…look for woven finishes.
  • Talk to your tile store about interesting patterns and ways to lay the tile you are interested in.
  • Consider a border laid around the room of tiles in a contrasting color or lay the center tiles on the diagonal and set the border tiles in the standard manner.
  • rectangular tiles can be set in a brick, herringbone, basket weave and stacked pattern…be creative!
  • Use the internet to research flooring before you go shopping, a little knowledge goes a long way! and are great resources.

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Sometimes I wish I WAS Martha…

Sometimes I wish I was Martha.

I like many creative do it yourselfers, am referred to as being like Martha Stewart. I flip-flop between being flattered, and being annoyed by this comparison. I am my own creative personality, and Martha although I respect the heck out of her, is a corporation of creative people.

Martha Stewart Living Turkey

I am currently getting ready to host Thanksgiving for 25 of my favorite in-laws. My husband is the youngest of five children, all of whom are married and many of whom have several off spring…and this year we have the first grandchild. So we are a big group.

We all enjoy a party and a well made meal. This group also likes to drink, and I am providing only Pine State Trading wine, beer and spirits as this company’s owners are responsible for keeping my business afloat! If I have to be spending money I like to stay local!

Naturally, when I am four days away from Thanksgiving, I wish I was Martha. I could use a staff of trained professionals at my beck and call. I am a one woman show, my husband has been very helpful but most of the work still falls on my shoulders. I would kill for a housekeeper right now, between cleaning for house guests and the holiday, I am swamped with chores.  I have a four page to-do list.

Today was shopping day, I hit the grocery store, Trader Joe’s & Wholefoods…magically my debit card kept accepting the charges.

My plan was also to set the tables today. I have turned into my mother. I can’t believe it!  I used to joke that my mother set the table a week before an event, and here I am setting my tables Sunday for a dinner on Thursday. Professional chefs use the term Mise en plas, meaning putting in place. The idea is do not start cooking until you have everything in place. I am taking this to the extreme and putting everything for Thursday in place…today.  I have a business and family to run as well as a holiday and guest quarter to prepare. I better get started!

If you are a follower of my blog you know that earlier in the week I was looking for centerpiece ideas that could be done ahead and perhaps even reused next year.

I came up with this for the main table…Pottery Barn pumpkins and gourds, a pheasant I found last year at Dwellings In Falmouth, Maine and flameless candles leftover from the wedding I did in October.

The two smaller tables have flameless candles and orchid arrangements. Here is a photo of the arrangement. You need orchids (I got mine at Trader Joe’s for $5.99), a container, sheet moss, and curly willow. These are fantastic arrangements and they last for months!!!!

After the tables are set, it is time to move into the kitchen. To begin the festivities, I am offering shrimp cocktail, nuts and a vegetable crudités.

The main course will include two turkeys, one will be honey glazed and one will have a sage butter under the skin. I am debating about using brine…what do you think? Is it worth making brine for turkey or not?

I might do this Rachel Ray recipe….  it looks very tasty.

I have also picked two stuffing recipes, and .

I am going to make smashed red bliss potatoes with fat-free cream cheese, skim milk, parmesan and salt & pepper.  They are so good! I am also grilling tons of vegetables.

My sister-in-law Tina is bringing a salad, blue Hubbard squash and green bean casserole, and another sister-in-law Betsey is bringing pies!

I think I have everything under control…wish me luck!

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Enjoy your holiday.

Best, Celia

Great resources to help

Thanksgiving Tablescapes and much more!

Wonderful Entry

Wow, there certainly are a lot of talented people doing wonderful decorating for Thanksgiving!

I have been trying to come up with a tablescape for the holiday that I can do this week. I have 23 of my favorite in-laws arriving, some of whom will be house guests. I would like to have the table set this week so I have more time to enjoy my family!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to cook, entertain and decorate and this holiday allows my to create wonderful food and decor.

This is a fun idea and so easy!

Great way to use an old book!

I like to think of my holiday decorating as the backdrop to wonderful memories.

This is a pretty and simple holiday display.

Some of these ideas are so easy and beautiful. If you do not want to buy pears, collect pinecones, acorns and bark.

I went to Pottery Barn for pepperberry and pear branches and put them in a wonderful bark covered vase. This arrangement is going in the center of my kitchen island and I can use it year after year!

Here is a great idea that does not cost a lot of money. You can go on a hike in the woods and find the pinecones and just add ribbon! Even if you buy the pinecones they are very inexpensive and readily available at craft stores.

I hope you enjoy your holiday and time with family.

Best, Celia


Art…Turns A House Into A Home

This weekend Studio e Partners launched their company. They bring artists and consumers together. They believe that if you make a connection between an artist and a collector the art will mean more to the collector.

I know how important art is to finishing a home, to me it is crucial, but many of my clients are intimidated by art. It is hard for many people to justify the expense, but once they meet the artist they are buying into the relationship!

I love art and I bought several works this weekend.

 The Artists

Robin Hill

Robin Hill is the most incredible bird painter!
Robin Hill’s Owls


Brockie and Jane Stevenson were a big part of our childhood. Brockie’s art is iconic!
I just love the way that Brockie Stevenson shows us a slice of life


Andrew Faulkner…my handsome brother and a wonderful artist!
This is one of my favorite prints of Andrew’s very reasonably priced too!


Steve Burnett is my new favorite artist! I had never seen his work and I am now a collector. I purchased two of his paintings and I am dreaming about buying more!
I love Steve’s birds they are so lovely
Steve uses humor, fear, hope and imagination in all of his work…I am a huge fan!!!

Go buy art and finish your home!!!!!

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Before and After Kitchen & Bathroom

This project was interesting because the home owners had wonderful furnishings, they just needed help getting the most from this wonderful post and beam home.

The kitchen had great bones, we changed the layout by moving some walls and adding others. The biggest improvements were painting the cabinets and adding a center island.

The island base was actually an antique cabinet, that had been customized to house a TV.  I saw its potential, I love adding a vintage touch to a new space. The antique store was willing to negotiate, as tv cabinets are somewhat obsolete. The homeowner got a soap stone counter top at the local remanent yard and we added wooden bracket to brace the over hang. I love the result!

We enlisted the help of Fogg Lighting in Portland, ME to come up with a comprehensive lighting plan. Lighting is very important and is insufficient in many homes. Many people update their kitchens, with new appliances, cabinets and countertops but forget to come up with a lighting plan for the space.

Before Pictures of Kitchen

After Photos: taken by Liz Donnelly

Before of Master Bathroom:

After Shots: Taken by Liz Donnelly

I love the  sophisticated sconces, the classic marble counter top and new steam shower.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the before and after of this home. The home owners are wonderful and I have really enjoyed getting to know them.

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Shop till you drop! My new favorite shopping spot!

Hello friends,

I have to share my new favorite website Serena & Lily.  I love this company, they have great buyers.

This is a go to site for me when looking for clean and chic items. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

Check out the entire site  I love their bedding for kids and adults.

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Enjoy your weekend…happy reading!

Best, Celia

Rooms I love

I love this Kitchen! I like the hand scraped dark wood floors, the marble counters & back-splash tiles, the simple cabinets and the wonderful chef’s appliances.














I love the ceiling in this room, they add to the open concept. I adore the casual simplicity of this room.






I love the use of pattern and color in this bunk room.

















I love this room, it is a great coastal bedroom!






I think this outdoor space is magical!


I hope you love the rooms I love!

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I love this kids bunk room they use color and pattern beautifully here.

This the bedroom of my dreams, I love the rug, bed, chair, but the thing I like most of all is the ocean view!

Budget Bathroom..Yes, it is Possible

How do you keep a bathroom remodel on budget?

  • Make good decisions and stick with them!
  • When you make a choice that fits with-in your budget, move on to the next item. (I have found the best choices are usually your first choices.)
  • What is your budget? This is your first step, do not get a contractor and then go with their budget, bring them your budget!
  • What is the style or look you are trying to achieve? Transitional, traditional…modern.
  • Have you done your research? Do you know what you need, and what these items cost?
  • Do you have a good contractor? Ask to see jobs they have done, if you have not worked with them.
  • Where are you shopping for items? Have you looked into discount options?

I have an $8k budget for a transitional style kids bathroom I am working on. I need two vanities, a sundry dresser, two medicine cabinets, two faucets, a whirlpool tub and shower/tub faucet.

This Celia Bedilia vanity is $600 with top and sink about $1000 (x 2)

These Medicine cabinets are great 18×18 $50 (x2)

This Kohler whirlpool tub is from Home Depot $980

Sundry Dresser $399

Faucet $98 (x2)

Kohler $280

Toilet $280

Fantastic Tile 10×48 gray tiles $650 for 64 square feet

Delta BT14496

Delta Faucet $116.00

This is adds up to roughly $4,800 so that leaves $3,200 for installation. I think it is possible, but now I need to get my subs in to give me their quotes.

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Brimfield The Woodstock of Antique Shows

I have just returned from the Brimfield Antique Show, in Brimfield Massachusetts, it is a design junkies dream! I love walking and shopping, so I was in heaven. There were over 5,000 antique dealers selling their goods. I could have easily spent a week at the show and still would not see everything.

Brimfield takes place three times a year September, May and July. I am told by insiders that July is not the show to go to, as it is too hot.

This show is amazing, it is the Woodstock of Antique shows. The farming community of Brimfield Massachusetts opened up their fields to dealers, these dealers set up tents or sell out of their trucks and vans.

I, as you know if you read my blog love a deal..and there are plenty of deals to be found at Brimfield. The dealers are there to sell, remember that they have to pack it up if it does not sell…so make them an offer. My other piece of advice is if you like something buy it. I have lost deals many times.

Brimfield has a wide variety of items from furniture to antique linens. You will be amazed by the selection. If you are a collector of anything vintage you must make this pilgrimage to this promise land of antiques!

Image from Martha Stewart

The Textile Trunk

Martha Stewart’s design guru Kevin Starkey put together a great list of do’s and don’ts for the Brimfield show. (see below)

Brimfield DOs

1. DO bring plenty of cash — very few dealers accept checks or credit cards.

2. DO wear comfortable shoes. The days are long and you are walking through wet fields most of the time.

3. DO bring hand wipes. Many items are dusty and you’ll be touching a lot of pieces throughout the day.

4. DO remember to write down measurements of spaces you would like to fill. This will ensure your new find looks perfect.

5. DO get the hand-cut french fries at the food court (which offers everything from lobster rolls to ice-cream sundaes).

6. DO bring a large shopping bag with shoulder straps and possibly a handcart so that you can transport your finds back to the car.

Brimfield DON’TS

1. DON’T sleep in.Except for special areas, most dealers are there at dawn. The later you sleep the less will be available to you.

2. DON’T walk away if you really love something. Chances are, it won’t be there when you come back.

3. DON’T bring only large bills. Be sure to start saving up your one dollar bills and quarters. Often, dealers don’t have change.

4. DON’T be shy about asking a dealer if he can give you a better price. They are used to customers asking politely to take some money off.

5. DON’T shop alone if this is your first visit. It’s good to have a trusted friend give his or her opinion on a possible purchase.

I highly recommend making the trip to Brimfield. If you plan ahead for next year you can see New England in the fall! I am going to try to get my friend Susan who writes (If you have not looked at her blog it is great!) to come with me in May she will love it!

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Design Shuffle Features Celia Bedilia Designs


A Coastal Maine Escape by Celia Bedilia Designs


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Celia Bedilia Designs, an interior design firm based in Cumberland, Maine, first began as a home decor store over ten years ago. Essentially born into a home of interior designers, architects, and art enthusiasts, Celia entered the world of interior design seven years ago, keeping her original retail store’s name for her new design business, Celia Bedilia. Celia prides herself in the love she puts into each and every one of her works. Her designs bring her clients’ visions to life while reflecting their tastes and interests rather than those of her own. Here is Celia Bedilia’s Coastal Maine Home, just one of her many fabulous works.

Her goal was to project the fantastic potential that this home had. Like most coastal homes, this home had been added on to several times and lacked a cohesive theme or aesthetic. With a stunning view, Celia wanted to mimic it within the home.

Coastal Maine Home

Prior to the renovation, this home’s walls hid the natural beauty of all its surrounding scenic views. Celia Bedilia took down walls to make this living space open and airy, bringing the gorgeous views of the outdoors, in!

Coastal Maine Home

This dining room really captures the true beauty of life in coastal Maine. During the renovation of this room,  these lovely lited french doors with windows were added to bring more natural illumination into the home.

Coastal Maine Home

Inspired by the coastal outdoors, Celia Bedilia mainly used colors of sand, blues, and white to achieve the ultimate coastal look for this relaxing bedroom.

Coastal Maine Home

A close-up of the seating area of the bedroom with perfect scenic views of the gorgeous coast.

Coastal Maine Home

This lovely eat-in area right by the fireplace is the perfect spot for homely family meals!

Coastal Maine Home

After a full gut of the old kitchen, here’s the lovely new design Celia Bedilia came up with! The creamy white drawers, cabinets, and walls make this inviting kitchen even more delightful!

Coastal Maine Home

To provide light over the kitchen island, these creative little lights were added to complete this kitchen’s look! The end result was a complete success that exceeded expectations.

I hope you enjoyed our short but lovely escape to Coastal Maine courtesy of Celia Bedilia Designs! If you loved this project as much as we did, don’t forget to check out their portfolio where you’ll find more of their gorgeous works!

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5 Great furniture pieces for under $500

This morning I had the pleasure of walking my dogs with a neighbor. She said she like my bedroom blog post but she would not spend $1,200 on a chair. I totally understand this and spend a lot of time at Home Goods, discount designer websites, vintage and consignment shops looking for deals for my clients.

I thought I would pick 5 great pieces that are readily available for under $500. So here we go.

Love this chair $358.98 Club Chair: Materials: Wood, foam, fabric and hardware Finish: Weathered grey Upholstery materials: 100-percent polyester Upholstery color: Cream Upholstery fill: 1.8 density foam Solid wood exposed chair Arm height: 28 inches Seat height 19″ Dimensions: 28″ H X 29″ W X 31″ D

Beautiful granite topped table very natural looking $399

West Elm– Axis Coffee Table: Solid as a rock. With its rough-hewn granite top and solid ash base, the Axis Coffee Table is an angular addition to living rooms. This handsome coffee table sits well with rustic and industrial-inspired pieces or as a contrast to cozy, eclectic style.

Great Chair for living room or bedroom $343.79 -The Mansfield:  is the classical club chair with great detailing. This furniture piece features comfortable cushioning in beige linen upholstery with nail heads running along the front, sides and backing.

Fun rug…maybe for an office? $399 5×8

CB2 -Passport Rug: ld citizen. Montage of international arrivals and departures stirs a sense of adventure underfoot. Hi/lo texture of handtufted wool rug is hand cut, creating an embossed effect of overlapping passport stamps from global locales, from Marseilles to Indonesia. Field of cement grounds black, medium grey, coco brown rounds.

This is so cute great for small spaces $424

West Elm-Elton Chair The right tuft. A masterful mix of comfort and style, the Elton Chair has arms the perfect height for reading. This library chair’s padded seat, angled wood legs and classically tufted back give it a touch of casual, low-key sophistication.

My advice is to think outside the box when you are looking for furniture. I have relationships with a lot of retailers and vintage/antique shops. They call me when things go on sale or if chairs with great bones in need of TLC need a home.

Go shopping in your own home first…moving things around or recovering a comfortable chair can save you a lot!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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