Rome, shopping, and responsible living.



Reusable "Live to Inspire" shopping tote.


I have been in the eternal city for the better part of two weeks. Rome is my favorite city! I walk everywhere, and I never leave home without comfortable shoes, my camera and a shopping tote.

Look at these goodies I found at the Campo di Fiori, glad I had my bag. Tonight we will have stuffed Zucchini blossoms with garlic-lemon beans!

I designed my shopping totes with long straps that are easy to carry all over the city!

This bag is on sale for the month of October $15 (USD +SH).

I am beginning tours to this incredible city starting the fall of 2020. If you are interested in a tote or a tour please reach out to me!

Hope you are well!



Come to Lisbon on our spring tour!

Are you interested in a spring tour to Lisbon Portugal? Amazing place let us know! Great food, design and people!

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Where Shall We Go?

As I get prepared for my next trip to Europe, this time it is Portugal. I reflect on the things that make up a successful trip. I will fill you in on the details when I return! I have not been to Lisbon and beyond in over 40 years.

  1. A well-planned group, if you are with a tour, make sure the tour company puts like people together. There is nothing better than making life long friends through travel!
  2. Great art and architecture, go off the beaten path…in Europe, any church will provide beauty.
  3. Fabulous food & drink, learn about the culture through their specialties.
  4. Live like a local, dining, shopping and enjoying daily life like a local is the BEST part of traveling.
  5. Read and study your destinations before you go, you will get so much more out of your travels.
  6. Pack smartly, you will need the essentials and can buy what you forget to bring when you arrive. Some of my favorite purchases have been due to necessity.
  7. Take pictures…but be present in the moment! Enjoy being in this new and exciting environment, don’t miss out by taking selfies.

I will keep you all in the loop if you have any suggestions for Lisbon or Porto we would love to hear them.

Best, Celia

What does your shopping bag say about you?

What does your reusable shopping bag say about you? Most of them are advertising the grocery store.

I have noticed that there is a lot of negativity in this country at the moment. I am combating this with positivity. These shopping totes make you think, and carry your groceries for you…now if they would only put the groceries away!

Introducing our shopping totes!

  1. The Love Bag, all we need is love, right?


Re-usable, washable, cotton bag with large front pocket and shoulder straps. They serve a duel purpose spread love and carry the nutrients that feed your family!


2. Live to Inspire Bag, lead by example…and live to inspire. Words to live by.

Live to Inspire Shopping Bag

Re-usable, washable, large shopping bag with long shoulder straps and a wide front pocket. Live better with this great bag.


3. I am Blessed Bag, Remember you are blessed! If you are reading this, you are alive…that is a blessing, right?

I am Blessed Tote

Re-usable, washable, tote with a huge front pocket and shoulder straps. This bag is fabulous...just like you.


4. Don’t Be Basic Bag. This might be my favorite bag! Be your best self…don’t be basic. Travel, live, love, shop!

Don’t Be Basic Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, large front pocket, great shopping tote, folds into small packable size. Don't be yourself, be fantastic!


5. Be Mindful Bag, I think we can all be a little more mindful. So this bag is a good reminder!

Be Mindful Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, interior pocket for your phone & keys, Fab bag with a great message!


6. Dream Big Bag, I always tell my kids if you are going to dream…dream big! Do not waste time on an attainable goal, you can accomplish this with hard work, use your dreams for BIG ideas!

Dream Big Bag

Re-usable, washable, strong shoulder straps, large front pocket and the visual reminder to look to your inner child and dream big!


7. Garden Tote…If you know me you know I love flowers and gardens. Here is my garden tote. This bag has the following quote on the back “Garden as though you will live forever”.

Garden Tote

Water proof, 3 exterior pockets for tools, 3 interior dividers, great for bringing into the garden bed with you or just as a place to stash your tools!


Today I am so grateful for all of you thank you for your ongoing support! I feel so blessed to have all of my readers, fellow bloggers and friends with me on this journey. In 2019 I have committed to 10% of our profits going to charity! Help me with this by buying a bag or two, please!

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Coastal Trends

As many of you know most of my work is on the coast of Maine. I am always looking for new ideas and trends.

Here are some of the things I am currently obsessed with.

  1. Downsview Cabinets. Are these so pretty? I love them!


2. Ironware lights. Made in France finished in the USA. Tres Chic


3. X-Surfaces – fireplaces So pretty, simple yet classic.


4. Sutherland Furniture – Hampton Collection. Who wouldn’t want to hang out on the patio in this wing chair?


5. Pindler Fabrics outdoor fabric line by Richard Frinier. They are so sophisticated and timeless.


6. Brizo plumbing fixtures. I love the twisted tub filler and the shower is so cool!!!


7. This swivel is functional and pretty!


8. True-residential matte black refrigerator with copper hardware. YES PLEASE 


9. Global Views- Artistic and natural!!!


10. Christopher Peacock Hardware. There is something so appealing about this hardware.


11. New Ravenna Tile…Ahhh I adore this.

Tatewaku Mosaic Backsplash

12. Hotel experiences  are coming home. Pinterest is full of these simple beautiful bedrooms.


I also find this Highland House bed to be very unique and pretty.



I love where the industry is going these days. The look is rustic sophistication…it is lovely.

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Things I love this Spring!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 13.23.21

Iron urns from Blue Ocean TradersScreenshot 2016-05-19 13.26.38

Cracker tins from Blue Ocean Traders

Screenshot 2016-05-19 13.16.12

Spindle chairs have been around but I love this sophisticated stripe from Pasha Home.


Wooden Urn -Zentique


Cement look mirror from Simply Home, Falmouth ME

CVT-0664_PRM_1 (2)

Four Hands Sexy sofa!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.23.39

Soft and sweet French blue quilt from Dwellings, Falmouth, ME


Lastly I am obsessed with this new Calacatta Nuvo Caesar Stone…it is amazing!

Are you in the midst of a project? If so feel free to ask me questions.

A neighbor of mine was asking about vanities this morning, she is looking for a reasonably priced 48″ vanity. I told her to look at Signature Hardware and Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for stopping by.

Best, Celia

Chic Modern Dorm Room Design

untitled (2)

We are in the midst of dorm room design season. It has been a long time since I lived in a dorm, but I am sending my son off to college next week. I wish I could go back to college!

I was asked to put together a dorm room dream board by Modani ( it was such fun! As you know I am currently in love with wallpaper, so in addition to the items I picked out on Modani, I would do an accent wall with temporary wallpaper.

I like fun graphics like this one I found on Etsy. (Livettes shop on Etsy.)


Maybe if I had a chic dorm room, I would have done better in school?

Here is my dream board, all items can be found at , or one of there modern furniture store locations.

College Dorm Room

1. All dorm rooms need a cozy rug, this grey shag rug is fabulous!

2. I love fun patterns and twin extra long bedding is not very exciting so I have added these fun pillows!

3. Meditation a must for any room, but especially for students.

4.  I love this fun storage cabinet! The color is fantastic!!

5. I wish I had a coat rack in my dorm room, bulky coats do not fit in those mini closets.

6. NYC art…I love this because you see something new every time you look at it.

7. A filing cabinet to keep you organized.

8. I love this floor lamp because the height is adjustable.

9, Finally, I love these tufted cubes I would get two for the foot of the bed. They can be used as additional seating or to hold piles of stuff!

What is your dorm room must have? Do you like bright colors or do you like an all white room?

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Summer Home Decorating

Here are some of my favorite items for summer decorating! I do not have a summer home but I do like to make a few changes for summer in my home. I put down summer rugs, put up summer curtains, change my bedding and add a few other touches! Here are some great items you might use for your own summer home.

1. Ballard Design sisal rug…oozes summer

ballard rug sisal

2. Williams-Sonoma Home sofa…clean and fresh looking…only if you need a sofa!

ws home sofa

3. Cool clear trunk from Wisteria…how I adore this.


4. Great chair only $299 at Grandin Road

chair natural

5. Birch Lane has lots of fun stuff! I like these trays &  glass bottle lamp

Birch-Lane-Capiz-Oval-Traystable lamp

6. West Elm has great summer items this year too…love these throws and curtain panels.

img4c bur;ap

7. Crate & Barrel tray so cool!


8. Fun side table Home Remedies Portland, ME 207-899-0135

log table

9. Fabulous ottoman by Dash & Albert: Dwellings Falmouth, ME 207-781-3711


Are you looking for something to decorate for summer? Let me know your summer plans! I hope you are enjoying summer…I know I am. If you like this post let me know by liking it!

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Dining Room Decorating

Fall is the perfect time to get your house in order, starting with the dining room. With the holidays looming we need to make sure this room is ready.

What elements make a good dining room?

  • A great table…to help you create memories with friends and family

rh table


zinc top dining 118

closeup 1st


  • Comfortable chairs…so you can sit around the table for hours


  • Lighting…so you can see what you are eating and set the ambiance

sconce for living room VC-SC5002-424-T VC-SC5005-424

  • Rug or floor covering…to dampen the sound of heated discussions

dash rug rug2

  • A buffet or side table…to display your masterpieces

_MG_3008 dining-stitch-color

What do you think makes a good dining room? Where do you go for inspiration when decorating your home?

I love Houzz and Pinterest…are you as obsessed as I am with these sites?

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Restoration Hardware


One Kings Lane

Joss and Main

Celia Bedilia

Pasha Home

Dash and Albert

Dwellings a Special Shop In Falmouth, ME

Dwellings is a special shop located at 251 US Route 1 in Falmouth, ME.

dwelling store shot

The idea behind this home décor store is instant gratification; anything in the store can be purchased and delivered within a day or so.  I love the look of this chair and I could have it in my home today.  I love that.

love this chair

When we stopped by, owner Louisa Routh had just returned from the Atlanta show. She told us calm colors were in, and bold colors were being phased out. She saw a lot of soft gray and soft pumpkin paired with cobalt and navy blue.

Ocean colors & themes are always popular with Dwellings customers. The mirrors below are one of the hottest items at Dwellings, made in Maine from vintage windows.


Below are some of the other things that caught my eye…




dwelling pillows

dwelling schumacher

Dwellings is also a great place to get a wedding or baby gift. They carry Italian pottery by Vietri , Glass by Simon Pearce, Mariposa service ware and several other options for brides. You can also register for your wedding or baby shower.

simon pearce


As you know by now, I love all things coastal, these fish platters and bowls are fabulous and they are so reasonably priced $19 for the platter and $12 for the bowls.


If you want to find that special something to finish a room, or you need to design the entire room Dwellings can help.

Dwellings ships nationwide, so if you need that special gift  and you are not local call them at 207-781-3711 and let them do the shopping, wrapping & shipping for you!
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What you need to know before you order kitchen cabinets

As you know cabinets are literally the foundation of your kitchen. You are looking at spending between $6k low-end to $100k (or more) on the high-end for cabinets. They are arguably the most important decision you will make. Here are a few of the brands I use on a regular basis.

1. BROOKHAVEN CABINETS: I really like this line, I used it in the modern home below. Available at Paul G White, in Portland, Maine (photos Liz Donnelly)

goldberg kitchen 5

2. CANDLELIGHT CABINETS: This is my favorite middle range cabinet line. Available through Dennis Tefft, at Hammond Lumber (photos Liz Donnelly, Jamie Salomon, Liz Donnelly)


larger shot kitchen gc


3. SHROCK CABINETS: The value is very high in this line, great product great price! I love this line. Available at Hammond Lumber (photos Liz Donnelly)


charest kitchen2

Basics on different types of cabinets (from

Stock cabinets come in standard sizes and shapes, and are  usually available to take home from the store the same day or just a few days  later. Sizes and styles are limited with stock cabinetry, but the price is right  for remodelers on a budget.

Semi-custom cabinets are built after your order is placed, so  you can choose from certain sizes and styles. That flexibility makes it easier  to design a kitchen that fits your particular requirements. Semicustom cabinetry  usually requires a longer lead time for delivery than stock. They’re more  expensive than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are made by hand to fit almost any standard  you require. An odd-sized or irregular-shaped space in your kitchen might not  accommodate a stock or semicustom piece, but a custom cabinetmaker starting from  scratch can build nearly anything you need. Custom cabinets are the most  expensive of the three types; the exact price varies widely because of size,  materials and options. The time it takes to receive a custom-cabinet order  depends on the cabinetmaker’s schedule.
Consumer Reports article below is a great place to start~

Getting started

Once upon a time, dovetail joints inside the drawers were practically all you needed to distinguish high-end cabinets. That distinction has blurred as more manufacturers offer premium features even on low-end lines. Indeed, we found you can have these and other once-exclusive features and still wind up with shoddy construction.

A little research beforehand can save you time at the store and the thousands you can lose on less-than-stellar cabinets. Start by checking online manufacturer and retail sites and catalogs and taking a good look at store displays; you’ll be able to tell the quality cabinets from the polished pretenders once you know where to look. And trust your taste; readers who chose cabinets solely on the basis of advice from contractors, designers, or architects were twice as likely to report a problem as those more involved in the selection, according to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Put your money where it counts

If you’re on a tight budget, skip the nonessentials and focus on convenience. Work-savers include a lazy Susan, a pull-down soap and sponge holder, and deep drawers for pots. Glazing, while nice, typically adds 10 to 20 percent to the cost. Remember to factor labor into your budget, since installation can easily account for more than half of the cabinets’ cost.

Consider renewing your old cabinets

Replacing cabinets is typically the priciest part of a kitchen remodel. Readers who hired contractors paid on average more than $9,000 for new cabinets, and about a quarter of the readers paid more than $15,000, according to our survey. A couple of long weekends’ work can change your kitchen’s look for a tenth that cost. If your old cabinets are plumb, square, and sturdy, consider refinishing them with some simple sanding, painting or staining, and drilling. You can even dress them up with custom-built doors, possibly with glass panes, and still save a bundle over all-new cabinets. Even having a cabinetmaker reface old cabinets with veneer costs less than replacing them.

You can also make old cabinets work better than new by adding pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and other inexpensive upgrades. The final touch: Install several under-cabinet halogen, xenon, or fluorescent task lights wherever you or a family member will be dicing, doing homework, or reading a recipe.

I hope this helps you if you are looking to renovate your kitchen. I love designing kitchens because they are the hub of the home. We all live in our kitchens and so I recommend waiting on a renovation until you are ready to do your kitchen the right way. I painted my kitchen cabinets for years before replacing them, because I knew that it would be $20k to replace them once everything was said and done!

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Kitchen Update

Designing a kitchen for myself is not easy, I am a bad client!

I started this process with the desire for new cabinets. My old cabinets are 30 years old and very tired looking. The hinges do not match the hardware, and there are at least 6 coats of peeling paint on them. I intended to keep my granite, but found that the process of removing it and then putting it back after the cabinets went in was not cost affective (it was $2,000 more to put on new counter tops). As with all construction, one action leads to another. When the counter tops are removed they cannot save the backsplash. Do you see how things are adding up? Oh, and they cannot remove the sink from the granite to install on the on the new counters…really come on!

The project is adding up quickly. Well, it is too late now so I guess I better just enjoy the ride.

Here are the final choices…

brookshireThese are Shrock Cabinets and will be painted in Dover Grey.


The top cabinet will have glass doors and the interior of these cabinets will be painted blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue
Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue

The new counters are going to be honed Marble.

carrara post

The stove wall (below) and backsplash are going to be nickel gap boards


Justine Hand (nickel gap boards)



The hardware that goes with my scheme (functional-vintage) best is this…

knob pulls

On Thursday my existing granite was removed, then all we had to do was demo the cabinets. This is what our kitchen looks like now.


photo (23)

NOW…doesn’t it look great?


I looked into the most cost-effective way to dispose of the cabinets, 1-800-got-junk does not give you estimates before they come, they said it would be $445 to dispose of the cabinets.

former kitchen

I sent them away that is just too much, so I broke down the cabinets and put them in this Bagster it was only $149.


If you are considering a renovation on your kitchen, stay tuned. Our next post is a guide to buying kitchen cabinets.

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