Details make a wedding

Details make a wedding, here are some of my favorites from 2015. I can’t wait to start creating memories and décor for 2016.

Photos by Liz Donnelly

1. Bar Signs

2. Decorations that hang from the ceiling, I love these Babies Breath balls & lights.


3. Lanterns and Floral Arrangements


4. Herbs in arrangements


5. Herbs lining the aisle


6. Vintage metal urns filled with flowers.


7. Herbs and plants in burlaps…simple beauty.


8. Long and sleek arrangements the leave space for dining


9. Long tables filled with candles, moss, and flowers

10.Hanging Mason Jars

I am so excited that spring is coming, and that means summer is right around the corner.

What are you panning this summer. Do you have a wedding coming up?

Let me know.

Best, Celia



Fifty Shades of Grey…My Top Ten Favorites

Here are my top ten favorite shades of grey!

1. Silver- lights.

larger shot kitchen gc

2. Paints…Benjamin Moore has wonderful greys. This is from

ben moore

3. Love these floors.


4. These grey kitchen cabinets are a fabulous. (photo Liz Donnelly)

celia_march2013_15 - Copy

5. Wonderful wing chairs in a soft grey.

gray chairs

6. Stainless steel tiles are a lovely.


7. Weathered grey and smoke glass add gray to this space.


8. These charcoal windows are striking.


9. These urns are a lovely shade of grey. (photo Liz Donnelly)


10. This rug is a very soft grey.

sea glass rug idea

Although I think there are well over fifty shades of beautiful greys, the ones above are some of my favorites.

Do you have any favorites? One of my best friends hates grey, and can’t wait for it to stop being trendy…I think she will be waiting a long time!

Hope you are well. We have a ton of snow here in Maine…winter is very grey here! Hope you like this post let me know by liking or commenting. Stay warm!!!!