Woodland Arrangement

Here is my project for a rainy day in Maine, no flowers but lots of dried items! My inspiration was my beautiful foraged branch.

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Playing with greens from the garden

Hello All,I have been fanatically practicing the skills I gained at the London Flower School! As I think I have mentioned, there is a big movement in Europe to go foam free in floral design. They choose to use chicken wire for the mechanics of their arrangements, rather than foam. I am hoping to go foam free when possible for my weddings. I am a big believer in the concept that if you put in the time you can master any skill. This summer I am going to master floral design using chicken wire!I am hoping to get one of our guest instructors from London to come do a floral retreat in Maine in 2019! I think a weekend of flowers, good healthy food, yoga and bonding would do a lot for ones soul!Here is today’s practice!Step one: Make chicken wire mechanics.Step two: Forage for greens and strip them of any leaves that would fall below your water line a promote bacteria and cloudy water.Step three: Go for it! In this case, I am making something for my kitchen island, so it will be viewed from all sides. I did not want to buy anything for this arrangement as it is just for me, so I only added a few blooms to it. As always, if you like this post let me know by liking it or commenting on it! Thanks for stopping by have a beautiful weekend!Best,Celia

The Last of the Fall Arrangements

As many of you know, I love flowers, and floral arranging. These are the last of my fall arrangements, I made them for my Thanksgiving tables.

I used Orange Roses, Millet, Thistle, Coffee Berries, Feathers, Assorted Greens and other fillers. I also tucked in mini white pumpkins, kale, Bartlett pears and mini red pears into the arrangements. Can you see the pumpkin and pear nestled into the greens below?

Celia Bedilia Fall 1

I purchased flowers from both Skillins (my local greenhouse), and Trader Joe’s. The cashier at TJ’s referred to my choices as Dr. Seuss flowers. I would have to disagree, but I look forward to your feedback!

Celia Bedilia Fall

I like to add something unexpected to my arrangements, in this case feathers. These feathers came from Pottery Barn, I have been using them for years and they still look great!

Celia Bedilia Fall1

The thistle is such a pretty and subtle blue color, and although it is not a striking feature, it does add texture and color.

Celia Bedilia Fall 2

I adore these urns from Park Hill, they are rustic and yet chic.

Celia Bedilia Fall 3

These arrangements added a lot of drama to my thanksgiving tablescape, now I have one on a coffee table and the other on my kitchen table…it feels a little over done…I love it!

Celia Bedilia Fall 4


What do you think of my arrangements? Do they belong in a Dr. Seuss book or on a coffee table book?

Celia Bedilia Fall 6

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PPS: This what my dog Olive thinks of my flowers…

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli

This is just before publishing…Olive is so done with this post!

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli2

Fall is decorating season…let’s go shopping

Fall is here and we are all turning our attention back inside. I for one, see lots of things that need to be addressed.

It is time to line up the pros, to tackle some of these items. My powder room is my current project. I started wallpapering it last week, and that highlighted my real to do list…new floor, vanity, and fresh paint for the trim.

I hope to get this done before thanksgiving. I am going to visit our daughter in Italy, but my husband is hosting his family at our house. So I guess I better get cracking!

I thought I would share some of the things I am looking into adding to my home this fall.

  1. Vinyl floor mats for my powder room or kitchen:  Spicher & Company-available at Home Remedies 207-899-0135. These come in tons of cool vintage patterns and colors and are reasonably priced!

floor mat


2. Liquid Metal Paints: Sydney Harbor Paints…mimic metals and are amazing.

I am thinking of painting my powder room door with the Aged Zinc paint then adding some cool hardware, maybe even a door knocker!


3. Trompe l’oeil doors: from Couturedeco.com, add architectural detail to any space, could be fun in a laundry room…something to look at while you fold.


4. Wallpaper that adds texture, l think these are great playrooms or TV rooms. The tin would be cool on a ceiling. www.wallpapercollective.com

scrapwood02_1000x1000 tin paper

5. Faux Bois…you know this is one of my favorite things ever!

This wood pouf is fabulous…www.chehoma.com


6. Indoor plants in pretty pots…a must for me in the fall. http://www.shopterrain.com

Screenshot 2015-11-01 12.52.10 (2)

7. This time of year is a great time to get new everyday dishes. I adore these Portuguese plates, simple and beautiful.  www.rh.com


8. Lighting is another important thing to add in the fall as it gets dark early! I love these, very pretty http://www.zentique.com

bath light

dining lights

9. Cozy seating is useful in every room. These chairs are among my favorites this season. There is something for everyone! http://www.celiabedilia.com

cada56-q10000_prm_1 cken-c2-362_prm_1

jes chair



10. Cookware becomes more important on the East Coast,  as we are grilling less.  I love Cristel’s removable handle stack-able cookware http://www.metrokitchen.com This is very nice if you do not have a lot of storage in your kitchen.


What are you planning to change in your home this fall? Given that I am doing my powder room and going to Italy, I might not get to adding many of these ideas to my home, but I can dream!

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Details made the difference in this weekends Maine barn wedding

I think it is the details that make the difference between a great wedding design and a run of the mill wedding.

Liz Donnelly, 207.712.1837 www.mainephotoco.com,  took all these photos and they are amazing. 

The Wedding was at William Allen Farm www.williamallenfarm.com, the owners of this farm are fantastic to work with!

Here are some of my favorite photos

1. You know I love mason jars!

photo Liz Donnelly

2. Burlap runners on white tablecloths are beautiful.

photo by Liz Donnelly

3. Simple place settings are the best as the look so crisp and clean

Celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

4. Lining your vases with Hosta leaves add a nice touch of color and hide the stems.

Celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

5. Cloches with twig balls and fairy lights add whimsy

celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

6. Table numbers do not need to be boring these wood slices are awesome!

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

7. When surrounded by fresh flowers the flame-less candles look less fake 🙂

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

8. Floating orchids are a very reasonable and effective

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

9. I like to use tones of votives…you cannot have too much candlelight

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

10. Using simple pale flowers on the harvest tables makes them pop!

celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

11. Do not forget to dress the walls, especially in a barn wedding~

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

12. I love these crates the owner of the farm loaned me

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

13. Soft seating is a must!!!!!!! Everyone wants a place to hang out.

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

14. Benches help with adding a casual feel to some of the tables

celiabedilia.com Photo: Liz Donnelly

15. Here is one of the flood tables i created interest above with these grapevine displays and added spheres of lights to the table.

celiabedilia.com Photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

16. These shepherds hooks are great to define spaces in this case an outdoor seating area.

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

17. Ribbons are lovely they as they catch a breeze and add movement to a space.


18. I used black and white photos on the walls with flowers and candles to personalize the space



19. Old bottles and mason jars of flowers also add interest to the wall of the barn



20. The loft allowed Liz Donnelly to take these fabulous photos



21. Here is how we set up the loft, 2 wine barrels with stools and a sofa


I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision come to life! I am back to interior design for a while! Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting and liking the post!!!

Best, Celia

Decorating Windows, Doors and the Mudroom for Christmas

Oh boy where has the time gone? It is already time to decorate for Christmas. I decided to start with the outside with the doors and work my way inside to the mudroom and windows.

1. I made this wreath with Boxwood, Ribbon, Starfish and Sand Dollars. This was taken during the day but I put lights on it too, and I just love it! It cost about $23 total.

Photos: Liz Donnelly


2. Just inside this door is our mudroom, this is a very busy space! The dogs hang out here and so do all shoes, and backpacks. Here I have used a 36″ magnolia wreath, sugared pears, and burlap ribbon. It kicks off my holiday décor in a big way. Olive our little dog loves the new addition to the space…our Lab is not sure it suits her, so she is still hanging out on the benches.




3. The next step was to decorate the windows. I love these silver glittery reindeer, I added mini silver Christmas balls all are hung with fishing line. On the windowsill I have used pine branches, extra silver balls and a small arrangement of Peonies. It is simple but very pretty.




I have gotten a lot done over the last few days. The next post will be on holiday table-scapes. I hope you like my doors, windows and mudroom!

Happy decorating.

Best, Celia

Thank you Liz Donnelly for the photos!!!


Magical Barn Wedding

DSC_0036This weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm (http://www.barnatflanaganfarm.com ), in Buxton Maine. It was magical! We really played up the rustic farm theme. I always love my job, but I love it more when my clients are as delightful and thoughtful as this family.

This is the barn.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0059

Snell Family Farm (www.snellfamilyfarm.com ) sold us these buckets of fresh flowers,  we arranged them in mason jars.


drake bucket 1

The colors of the wedding were coral and navy; they were so crisp and clean-looking!

Here are the table arrangements that I made on site with the farm fresh flowers. We had long tables that seated 16-22 people, with 16 arrangements on each table. Each Mason jar was finished with wide navy ribbon. The flowers were fresh and beautiful just like the bride!

flowers drake 1 DSC_0154 DSC_0095
Details make an event so we tied fresh herbs to each napkin with thin coral ribbon.


We used two widths of grosgrain ribbon on simple glass votives to add a touch of color.


We subtlety repeated the colors in several ways throughout the event spaces. Look how cute the boutonnieres are…I love Straw flowers.

groomsman DSC_0131

We used shepherds hooks to line the walkways and ceremony aisle. I added Ribbon tassels to them that moved with the breeze…it was so pretty. We hung candles and flowers from these shepherds hooks. Here I am making the hanging arrangements for the aisle.


We like to decorate every space even the back stairs!


Below are the wedding bouquet being made (on site) by Carol Hiltebeitel (cocodesignco.com@gmail.com). She is amazing. She also does fantastic planters.

making bridal 1 making bridal 3 making bridal 7 DSC_0127 DSC_0128

I am so lucky to have such a great team! I could not have done this wedding without the help of the family and my assistant Lindsey Sowles and Carol. I will be showing the step by step directions for putting together a wedding in coming posts!
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Photos Anne Sowles

What you need to know about wedding flowers

www.celiabedilia.com Liz Donnelly
Liz Donnelly

I love weddings! To me, it is such a wonderful celebration of love and life. Naturally, the décor is my first priority when planning a wedding. What colors, textures, flavor, and feel does the bride want to achieve?

I am designing a rustic farm wedding in August. I am using flowers from  a local farm and arranging them in old bottles and mason jars. I think the results are so simple and beautiful.

Here are some examples of the wedding flowers I have done.

bridesmaids bouquets
Bridesmaids bouquets May 2012

These are the colors for the wedding I am planning.
These are the colors my August wedding.


LDP_9292 (2)


I hope you are enjoying summer! Do you have a wedding coming up? Let me know if you have any questions, I have planned hundreds of weddings!

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Photos: Liz Donnelly

10 easy floral arrangements that you can do in under ten minutes

Tip #1: ask you local florist if they have any broken flowers that they can sell to you. Most florists will be delighted to sell off broken flowers.  Below we got these flowers for $6 these broken flowers are great for low arrangements! We used a silver creamer as our vase.Photo: Liz Donnelly

Tip #2: Buy one to three unique flowers and let them be the star of your table in simple vases.

Tip #3: Buy flowers that are in season to get the best prices

Tip #4: Use flowering plants as your centerpiece, these ranged in price from $1-$4 each

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Tip #5: Highlight your show flowers with greens

www. petalena.wordpress.com

Tip #6: Buy local…go to your local farmers market at the end of the day…you can get great deals on food and flowersPhoto: Liz Donnelly

Tip #7: Add herbs from your garden (or a neighbors) into your arrangements

Tip #8: Buy one stem of flowers that has lots of blooms! For $7 you can get 3 vases like this!

Tip #9: Mix vintage and flowers, these vintage bottle make great vases! These flowers only coast $9.98 it is the mixed market bouquet from Skillins on Friday afternoon all flowers are 20% off!

Tip #10: Cluster inexpensive flowers for a big impact! Carnations and mums look great in the Pave method.

Look at these sites I love




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