Details made the difference in this weekends Maine barn wedding

I think it is the details that make the difference between a great wedding design and a run of the mill wedding.

Liz Donnelly, 207.712.1837,  took all these photos and they are amazing. 

The Wedding was at William Allen Farm, the owners of this farm are fantastic to work with!

Here are some of my favorite photos

1. You know I love mason jars!

photo Liz Donnelly

2. Burlap runners on white tablecloths are beautiful.

photo by Liz Donnelly

3. Simple place settings are the best as the look so crisp and clean photo: Liz Donnelly

4. Lining your vases with Hosta leaves add a nice touch of color and hide the stems. photo:Liz Donnelly

5. Cloches with twig balls and fairy lights add whimsy photo:Liz Donnelly

6. Table numbers do not need to be boring these wood slices are awesome! photo: Liz Donnelly

7. When surrounded by fresh flowers the flame-less candles look less fake 🙂 photo: Liz Donnelly

8. Floating orchids are a very reasonable and effective photo: Liz Donnelly

9. I like to use tones of votives…you cannot have too much candlelight photo: Liz Donnelly

10. Using simple pale flowers on the harvest tables makes them pop! photo:Liz Donnelly

11. Do not forget to dress the walls, especially in a barn wedding~ photo: Liz Donnelly

12. I love these crates the owner of the farm loaned me photo: Liz Donnelly

13. Soft seating is a must!!!!!!! Everyone wants a place to hang out. photo: Liz Donnelly

14. Benches help with adding a casual feel to some of the tables Photo: Liz Donnelly

15. Here is one of the flood tables i created interest above with these grapevine displays and added spheres of lights to the table. Photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly

16. These shepherds hooks are great to define spaces in this case an outdoor seating area. photo: Liz Donnelly

17. Ribbons are lovely they as they catch a breeze and add movement to a space.

18. I used black and white photos on the walls with flowers and candles to personalize the space

19. Old bottles and mason jars of flowers also add interest to the wall of the barn

20. The loft allowed Liz Donnelly to take these fabulous photos

21. Here is how we set up the loft, 2 wine barrels with stools and a sofa

I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision come to life! I am back to interior design for a while! Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting and liking the post!!!

Best, Celia

Rustic Chic…Comfort, Function & Simplicity


I love the rustic-chic design trend and I love layering items in my design projects. Anyone can go to a chain store like Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen and outfit a room with furniture. The key to good design is using those items as one layer and building upon that with other elements: vintage items, family heirlooms, handmade items (from websites like etsy), art (from sites like studios, wall color, molding, etc.

Personalizing your spaces makes them your own. You need to feel “at home” in your house and we do this through nods to our past. It may be something as simple as a windowsill lined with old coke bottles, vintage linens, or black & white photos.

Rustic-chic allows you to appreciate modern design while adding handmade or vintage pieces to make the spaces comfortable!


Could this be your style?


Beams are so rustic-chic, and I love the use of glass, stone, and wood in these designs!



If this is your style you might enjoy these sites…

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Enjoy your weekend and happy decorating!

Best, Celia

Sleeping Porches…a simple summer pleasure

When I think of sleeping porches: I think of napping on a hot day, lemonade, and family. I love summer (as most of you know) because time stands still for a little while.

I think back to my childhood when I would sit under a tree to get out of the hot and humid Washington DC temperatures. I also used to walk from my house the three blocks to the National Cathedral. The cool stone walls created an oasis from the heat, I spent hours in this peaceful spot.

When we were not in the city we were at our farm (we called The Barn) in Virginia. We had no TV at the barn, our activities ranged from weeding the massive vegetable garden (it seemed massive it was probably not as big as I remember) to drawing still life portraits. WHAT YOU DID NOT DO THAT AS A KID? My husband (who is from Maine) thought it was so funny, the way I grew up…”Washingtonians do not country well” he says!

In any case to me summer is easy living and sleeping porches are a wonderful throw back to a simpler time!

Love this room from
Now this sleeping porch houses the whole family! from
Love this!!!
Look at this wonderful sleeping porch from Pinterest!
Check out another option from


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