Make your bed fun!

Bedrooms do not need to be boring, let your bedding wake you up and get you going. That having been said, I am not recommending a crazy bed-story, I am just advocating the use of either color or pattern!

I think, I have a thing for hand-block print at the moment. This bedding is fun and spunky, I love that. I like the way that this company Saffron Marigold uses pattern without a lot of color. The tan is so chic.

handblock print

Elizabeth Allen is an amazing designer, her bedding is so soft. She reproduces vintage fabrics and breathes fresh air into them! Her line is very romantic, soft and relaxed.

elizabeth allen

I love this John Robshaw bedding. Below is a bed-story I am putting together for one of my clients. I am using the yellow quilt at the end of the bed, to highlight the yellow on the elephant pillow. If you are a local (Mainer) this bedding is available at Dwellings 207-781-3711.

fun bedroom

I want my bedroom to be a relaxing retreat, but I do not want to live in a space devoid of pattern. I have gone very neutral in colors in my bedroom, but I have layered patterns so it is not boring.

What would you like in your bedroom if you were redoing it? What does a new bedroom mean to you? I think there is a lot to think about if you are starting from scratch but, you get a big bang for your buck by just changing out your bedding.

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all of you.

My next posts are about holiday decorating.

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These are a few of my favorite Master Bedrooms

I am currently working on a Master Bedroom for a client. I have been caring for a relative who was critically ill, all my clients have been wonderful and understanding. This client has been waiting for ideas for a long time!

We need…

  • New king bed
  • Paint for the walls
  • New bedding
  • Window treatments
  • Bedside tables
  • Large Rug
  • Maybe an upholstered chair if there is room
  • Lamps

Here are the bedrooms I am getting my inspiration from…

I love this room! The view is amazing, and so is the fun rug and soothing colors and textures.


I like the idea of doing a nickel-gap board (wood) focal wall behind the bed…I do not know if my clients will go for it.

slat wall bedroom

I also like this idea of using trim to create panels behind the bed.

mary cook bedroom

We could use a bold/strong wall color in the room if we used neutrals everywhere else,  like they have in this room.

bedroom blog 1

I love the trim in this room but, it was the rug that I thought might appeal to my clients!

arch bedroom

This room is very appealing to me. The floral screens, the oversized bedside tables, and the crisp window treatments, work together to form a beautiful and restful space.

screens in bedroom

This is just a classic straight forward clean bedroom design!

jglassandassociates bedroom

I think the black accents are interesting in this space, they really pop.

linda burkhardt bedroom

What does your dream bedroom look like? I love a spa-like feel, a place where I can get away from it all. My bedroom is my go to place to relax.

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Celia Bedilia Designs has a Bathroom Featured on Home Portfolio

Great news

We were featured on Home Portfolio!

I hope you enjoy this!


The Making of a Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Musts

Photos: Liz Donnelly


  • Soft seating: I think every bedroom needs a comfortable place to sit. As you can see black lab Coco Chanel likes the chair and ottoman in this bedroom.
  • A fantastic bed frame and mattress, mattresses last 25 years so buy a good one.
  • Desk: I  like having a desk in the bedroom, here we have a small writing desk that we painted glossy white. Above the desk we have a book shelf made of books, a vision board, and some photos.
  • TV: yes I know we are supposed to keep them out of the bedroom but, let’s be honest it is nice to relax in bed and watch TV.
  • Fireplace: a fireplace is not a must but it is nice to have, especially during Maine winters.
  • Art: please do not forget to dress your walls. You do not have to spend a lot of money. Go to art shows or galleries and start collecting.
  • Windows-you do not need big heavy drapes, these linen curtain panels are inexpensive but effective.
  • Paint is very important to a well designed bedroom. I like soothing colors in a bedroom, this does not mean pastels they can be saturated colors but they need to make you feel calm.
  • I also like to have fresh flowers in a bedroom, in fact I might need to go to the florist today!
  • Bedside tables-bedside tables with storage for books, and all the other stuff you want close by but do not want to see.

master details 1

Where we shopped for these items…

  1. Bed
  2. Chair and ottoman
  3. Desk
  4. Linen Desk Chair{keyword}&adtype=pla
  5. Book shelf made of books
  6. Art
  7. Paint: Benjamin Moore – Quiet Moments
  8. Curtain Panels
  9. Quilt-Home Remedies –
  10. Decorative Glass Jars-Dwellings, Falmouth, ME  207-781-3711
  11. Bedside tables

Well, I hope you liked seeing what went into this master bedroom. If you are considering a master makeover feel free to ask me questions!

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Enjoy Fall…winter is coming.

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Budget Friendly Teen Room Design

Designing for teen girls is so much fun! As you can see purple was our color of choice. I used black, white and grey as the accent colors to tone down the purple. The room is made up of the following items.

  1. The white bed, dresser and bedside table are all from Ikea
  2. The fun hanging lights are also from Ikea
  3. Desk chair covered in an UGG rug
  4. Desk is from Staples
  5. I love this black decal Dali Decal
  6. Silk pillows Fur pillow
  7. Groovy velvet chair

tween room

Teen rooms do not have to be boring or expensive, have fun designing your teens room!

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Happy Summer.

Best, Celia

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Summer Bedroom

Summer is finally upon us. I love the sun, garden, beach,and sea. In the northeast we need to take advantage of this season, because it is so short. I take the time to change my house over to a summer home.

I start this process with my bedroom. This year I invested ($40) in a cute graphic quilt for the bed; I purchased this at Home Goods. Home Goods is a great place to shop for summer décor, as their buyers tend to go for trendy inexpensive items.

Aside from the quilt a summer rug is a must for me, I like a wool rug most of the year but they are too hot for summer. My wool rugs last longer too, as they are cleaned and stored during the sand and mud season! I love Dash & Albert rugs for summer they are inexpensive and very durable. Ballard Design is another great resource for summer rugs.

I also recommend taking down window treatments for the summer. If you have shades you can leave them up. I replace my chocolate-brown silk curtains with white linen for summer. I love this look it is very light and airy.

I put this idea board together for one of my clients’ this is a clean and simple summer bedroom.


  1. Bedding Queen $125- white quilt
  2. Pillows John Robshaw (price based on size) – Dwellings 207-781-3711
  3. Rug 8×10 $199
  4. Linen Curtains $19/panel

The rug and pillows are busy, but everything else in the room is white so it works!

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Rooms I love

I love this Kitchen! I like the hand scraped dark wood floors, the marble counters & back-splash tiles, the simple cabinets and the wonderful chef’s appliances.














I love the ceiling in this room, they add to the open concept. I adore the casual simplicity of this room.






I love the use of pattern and color in this bunk room.

















I love this room, it is a great coastal bedroom!






I think this outdoor space is magical!


I hope you love the rooms I love!

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I love this kids bunk room they use color and pattern beautifully here.

This the bedroom of my dreams, I love the rug, bed, chair, but the thing I like most of all is the ocean view!

I am going to let you in on a little secret…design does not need to be expensive

As a designer, I want to let you in on a little secret, great design does not need to break the bank. I can tell you this, because I am a design consultant. I charge ($75/hour) but I do not mark up the items I buy even if they are wholesale. My goal is to get my clients the best products for the best prices, the results are fabulous. I troll the discount designer sites for deals everyday. I have saved my clients thousands of dollars with these sites.

I had to tell you all about this weekends One Kings Lane deals. I have been in the design business for several years, I worked for a wholesale company hue (a silk bedding & pillow company based in Vietnam) for years. I went to every retailer show for 10 years, I learned a lot about design and wholesale companies. I got to know the owners of these companies and their product lines. I have an advantage when shopping the discount sites because I know the companies behind the products they sell. I can tell you they sell very reputable brands and this is a great way to save money when decorating. I love the items below, it I was doing my bedroom I would buy the bed! It is so beautiful.

Chic bedroom items all from One Kings Lane this weekend

1. Rug 2. Lamps 3. Bedroom Chair 4. Bed 5. Mirror
  1. Sophie Dhurrie, Sky/White $219.00 – $999.00
  2. Abbigale Table Lamp Set $189.00
  3. Milton Slipper Chair $1,699.00
  4. Arabelle Upholstered Bed, Linen $1,099.00 – $1,299.00
  5. Gabriel Mirror $399.00

I understand that these prices are still not low, but for the quality of these items these are great deals! I do not believe in buying cheap items with the idea that you will replace it at a later date. This is not a good Idea, I have to admit, I did this for years and I am done with it!

Why spend the money twice? Wait until you can afford to buy the right item and choose wisely, you will be happier in the end. I tell my clients it is like when you are on a diet and you want a chocolate chip cookie, but you eat  a box of Snackwells instead.  You end up eating more of the diet food without the satisfaction. Eat the chocolate chip cookie, and then workout or watch the rest of your foods for the day! Wait on your design purchases and buy the right thing the first time!

I am headed to Brimfield the big antique fair/show in Massachusetts On September 6th. I will let be bringing you along for the trip! I plan on taking lots of pictures. If you want me to search for anything for you..I will.

I have been Busy on Pinterest if you want to check in on my projects and on Houzz too

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Bed on a Dime

  1. Perfect for the end of the bed. This is a beautiful handmade quilt. These are very hip and they have lots of choices. Some of these are vintage…make them cooler!  $238 today on The Foundry
  2. Love this linen duvet cover. The ruffle gives it a touch of femininity without overpowering the bed. This is on One Kings Lane today for $149-$169
  3. This pillow helps to balance the bed story. It has clean lines and a great price $18 on Haute Look

White Hot Bedrooms

White bedding is so appealing to me. I do not know why, it could be that it is unobtainable. With two dogs that consider the master to be theirs, I have white linens…that do not stay white. Why must I do this to myself? I do it because to me white equals relaxation, comfort, peace and rest. These are the words that I want to associate with my bedroom!

I have gathered some of my favorite bedding resources and images for you.

Bed is Celia Bedilia Designs…to order email us

Williams-Sonoma Home is a wonderful site

Pottery Barn is a great go to place for white bedding….

Below is one of my favorite rooms…the bed is blue but the bedding is white!

Tween Room: white bedding tones down the fun purple!

House Beautiful: this white bedroom is so chic!!!

Horchow is always a great place to look for classic bedding ideas.

 Another lovely classic Horchow look!

Soft Surroundings has this great burnout look! White and yet it has pattern.


Let me know your thoughts on Bedding and what you want out of your bedroom. We will be doing a before and after bedroom next week! If you have any questions you would like me to answer let me know. Do you want more decorating posts? Do you prefer food and entertaining? We love you and want our blog to help you…so write, comment and follow us! To follow our blog click the follow button!

Happy summer!!!!!!

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