Fifty Shades of Grey…My Top Ten Favorites

Here are my top ten favorite shades of grey!

1. Silver- lights.

larger shot kitchen gc

2. Paints…Benjamin Moore has wonderful greys. This is from

ben moore

3. Love these floors.


4. These grey kitchen cabinets are a fabulous. (photo Liz Donnelly)

celia_march2013_15 - Copy

5. Wonderful wing chairs in a soft grey.

gray chairs

6. Stainless steel tiles are a lovely.


7. Weathered grey and smoke glass add gray to this space.


8. These charcoal windows are striking.


9. These urns are a lovely shade of grey. (photo Liz Donnelly)


10. This rug is a very soft grey.

sea glass rug idea

Although I think there are well over fifty shades of beautiful greys, the ones above are some of my favorites.

Do you have any favorites? One of my best friends hates grey, and can’t wait for it to stop being trendy…I think she will be waiting a long time!

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My Paint Pallette for Fall 2013

Celia Bedilia Designs 

Paint Picks for Fall 2013

paint colors

These are the colors I am drawn to this fall! Hope you like them.

What are your favorite colors this fall? Do you have any rooms to paint?

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Coastal Style…is always in fashion!

Coastal/Cottage living will never go out of style. The feeling of casual and colorful living is always appealing to those of us that love the coast.

Photos: Liz Donnelly

Our furniture line works in Hilton Head as well as it does on Nantucket. We can color match any Benjamin Moore color so you can go bright if you are looking for a Caribbean feel or neutral to fit in with any decor! White is always a great choice, about 80% of our orders are for white furniture.

Celia Bedilia’s pick for coastal living!

1. Bead-board bedside table with bun feet…love the look of this it is clean and functional. $400. Available in any color.

2. Desk & filing cabinet, if you must work at your cottage…look good doing it. Desk $550, Filing Cabinet $450 (available with bun feet), Swivel Desk Chair (based on a 1920’s desk chair) $400 available in any color or stain

3. Dresser large enough for a summer’s worth of clothes (57″ x 38″ x 20″), and available in any Benjamin Moore color. $880.00

4. Cannon Ball bed is a cottage classic. This can be made with bun feet, barn or bead-board and in whatever color you like. Queen $1,200 King $1,500

5. Tall bookcase $650 available in tons of colors.

6. Cottage’s must have mirrors too, this one is 36″x24″ $280.

7. I adore this media cabinet it is so simple and pretty. It measures 65″ x 22″ x 20″ and can be customized to fit your needs $880.

I hope you all enjoy coastal style as much as I do!

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A well designed room comes from layering; colors, textures and patterns

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Paint makes the room

Paint is a wonderful thing! It can transform whatever it touches. To me the smell of paint equals new beginnings. It allows you to breathe new life into tired spaces or repurpose and reuse items in a new way. In my opinion anyone can learn how to paint, however my decorative painter Deb Hides might argue with me on this point.

Look at how different the same color looks in these two rooms!

Farrow & Ball: Parma Gray
Decorative painting by Deb Hides, photo by Liz Donnelly
This room is also Farrow & Ball- Parma Gray
Photo Liz Donnelly

A few points to know about paints & painting

  • To get the best results sand, prime and paint with two coats of a good quality paint.
  • You get what you pay for; if you spend more for higher quality paint you get better results. You will get both better coverage and better wear (avoiding peeling and spotting), this is particularly important on the coast where sun and salt make paints deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • When choosing whites you can tint them with pink, gray, blue or green to keep the white from looking washed out or stark.
  • If you are not sure about colors working together ask yourself if you would see them in nature. Green goes with most colors as does blue because it is contrasted in nature with numerous colors.
  • Tone on tone is always going to look good, it is not a cop-out to go tonal it can be very sophisticated and calming.
  • Paint trim in the entire house the same color it show continuity and allows you to play with wall color.
  • Be bold with color but if you do you must have a consistent color palette, I had a client (whom I adore) who had a blindingly bright orange living room, but the rest of the house did not go with the orange so that room felt like an island in the home. Each room needs to flow into the next, when in doubt go neutral you can use pops of color as accents.
  •  Chalk paint can be made in any color; this is a fun way to use a crazy color…You can paint your kitchen backslasha fun color of chalk paint and then write down all your important family commitments…carpool at 5pm looks cooler on a Chartreuse chalk board! I always wanted to paint the area where my stools are tucked under my kitchen island…make a creative fort for the kids…not they are teenagers…I think I have lost my chance

What paint finishes should you use and where?

  1. Flat or Matte Paint: is best for older walls as it will camouflage imperfections, but is most suitable in bedrooms or homes without small children and animals…as it is not the most durable finish and is hard to clean.
  2. Eggshell or Satin Paint: has a higher sheen than flat/matte finish and works well in all rooms as it is easier to clean and stain-resistant.
  3. Semi Gloss and High Gloss: this is a decorators dream, it is shiny and durable and cleans easily, it is best for trim, doors, cabinetry, windows and furniture…but this will show high light imperfections. I have my first floor ceiling painted in semi gloss, when I told my painter I wanted to use it he said “ it cannot be done”, that is because he did not want to do it, it was hard work but he did it and I love the effect, it is so chic.

My favorite 12 colors for summer

  • Benjamin Moore: Sea foam 2123-60 (my favorite…Sea glass color)
  • Benjamin Moore: Gossamer Blue 2123-40 (rich but mellow blue)
  • Sherwin Williams: Aloof Gray sw6197 (just what it says)
  • Farrow & Ball: Skimming Stones 241 (neutral creamy beige)
  • Farrow & Ball: Parma Gray 27 (wonderful blue gray)
  • Farrow & Ball: Borrowed Light 235
  • Ralph Lauren: Edwardian Linen RLWW216 (creamy)
  • Calvin Klein: Basso Bone (very neutral)
  • Benjamin Moore: Quiet moments 1563 (tranquility  in a paint)
  • California Paints: Glamour White DEW348 (Gray hues very neutral)
  • California Paints: Boysenberry Shadow DEW391 (purple very pale but not too girly)
  • My go to white is Benjamin Moore Decorators White-it is bright and clean and I love it. This is great in high gloss on furniture too. BEST TRIM COLOR!

Paint is wonderful because in a day you can change a room from dirty and tried to fresh and clean!

Wonderful cottage bedroom set-inspired by Farrow & Ball: Borrowed light

Let me know you questions and tell me about your projects. I love answering questions and helping with design dilemmas!

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