Coastal Trends

As many of you know most of my work is on the coast of Maine. I am always looking for new ideas and trends.

Here are some of the things I am currently obsessed with.

  1. Downsview Cabinets. Are these so pretty? I love them!


2. Ironware lights. Made in France finished in the USA. Tres Chic


3. X-Surfaces – fireplaces So pretty, simple yet classic.


4. Sutherland Furniture – Hampton Collection. Who wouldn’t want to hang out on the patio in this wing chair?


5. Pindler Fabrics outdoor fabric line by Richard Frinier. They are so sophisticated and timeless.


6. Brizo plumbing fixtures. I love the twisted tub filler and the shower is so cool!!!


7. This swivel is functional and pretty!


8. True-residential matte black refrigerator with copper hardware. YES PLEASE 


9. Global Views- Artistic and natural!!!


10. Christopher Peacock Hardware. There is something so appealing about this hardware.


11. New Ravenna Tile…Ahhh I adore this.

Tatewaku Mosaic Backsplash

12. Hotel experiences  are coming home. Pinterest is full of these simple beautiful bedrooms.


I also find this Highland House bed to be very unique and pretty.



I love where the industry is going these days. The look is rustic sophistication…it is lovely.

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Fashion Meets Faucets

I have just returned from a four day seminar on plumbing fixtures. When I told my friends I was going to NYC to learn about plumbing, none of them seemed impressed. I was thrilled! Not only was I getting out of Maine in the winter, but I was also going to learn about the 2017  design trends.

Honestly, I had never connected the dots between fashion and plumbing fixtures. I was amazed by what I learned. Ferguson invited me to this intimate conference that Brizo hosted for us. They choose to do their education during Fashion week in New York, because they believe that home design trends closely follow fashion trends. In fact Brizo designs a line with renown fashion designer Jason Wu.

It was fascinating to learn about the Brizo design and manufacturing process. They marry cutting edge technology with high design.

Below are some of my favorite fixtures.

1. This is a fantastic faucet, I am getting one of these ASAP! I love the softened industrial look, and the technology is equally as impressive. This piece has touch technology, temperature technology,and a magnetic system to hold the hose/head to the articulating base.

Artesso Faucet


2. Jason Wu’s line is minimally chic. We went to his fashion show and after party and he was a lovely man.

His fixtures closely match his aesthetic; modern, clean and black. The single hole faucet has a very cool handle, as it turns, it goes from vertical to horizontal. It is such a smooth transition that is becomes more of an interactive sculptural, than a faucet.



3. One of the other faucets I fell in love with is the Virage. It is the sexist tub filler on the market, which is why the Bali Ritz used it in their bathrooms.

It twists from its’ base to its’ spout. The twist adds such sophistication to any space.



4. Lastly, Brizo has an incredible shower technology called H2Okinetic technology.

Here is how they explain it.”H2Okinetic® Technology is the study of water in motion. By controlling water’s shape, velocity and thermal dynamics, we’ve reinvented how you shower—creating a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow shower with a fraction of the water.”

They also have a state of the art temperature sensing system that monitors and adjusts the cold and hot water to manage a constant temperature.

I think this technology is life changing!


This image shows how the water spins as it leaves the shower-head and the drops get larger as they reach the floor. I tested this out at the conference and loved it!!!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of Brizo’s fabulous line. I really enjoyed meeting their team and learning about the process they use to make these beautiful pieces.

I wish I looked like this in the kitchen!


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