Candle Light….a must for any season!

I love candles these are a few options I made.
  1. Mason jar wrapped in Birch bark with a small pillar candle.
  2. Mason jar filled with water and lined Hosta leaves with a tea light floating in it!
  3. A 3×3 pillar candle wrapped with birch bark, I finished this by painting it in hot wax
Moss votive jars

Mossy votives: twine, mason jar, moss and a votive

  1. Wrap the rim of the jar with twine and tie into a loose bow
  2. Add votive
  3. Surround the base of the votive with moss
I love these romantic hanging votive holders
  • You can put all sorts of candles in these wonderful hanging wire baskets, they are from 


I love these they are so crisp looking. I think this is a neat blog too…click the link below to see more. 

Epsom Salt Votive Holder

These are great for weddings! Check out the how to below… 

This is a fun project if you like wine…great reason to drink! Click below to find out how to make it.

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