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Photos:Liz Donnelly
Photos:Liz Donnelly

Hello Celia Bedilia Family,

I want to wish you all a very happy Passover, Easter & Spring. I am so thankful to have you all following my blog, and supporting my business. I have been in a blog-class this month and lots of changes are in the works for the Celia Bedilia. Wow, it is a lot of work to keep up with the ways of the web! I look forward to your feedback.

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Design Shuffle Features Celia Bedilia Designs


A Coastal Maine Escape by Celia Bedilia Designs


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Celia Bedilia Designs, an interior design firm based in Cumberland, Maine, first began as a home decor store over ten years ago. Essentially born into a home of interior designers, architects, and art enthusiasts, Celia entered the world of interior design seven years ago, keeping her original retail store’s name for her new design business, Celia Bedilia. Celia prides herself in the love she puts into each and every one of her works. Her designs bring her clients’ visions to life while reflecting their tastes and interests rather than those of her own. Here is Celia Bedilia’s Coastal Maine Home, just one of her many fabulous works.

Her goal was to project the fantastic potential that this home had. Like most coastal homes, this home had been added on to several times and lacked a cohesive theme or aesthetic. With a stunning view, Celia wanted to mimic it within the home.

Coastal Maine Home

Prior to the renovation, this home’s walls hid the natural beauty of all its surrounding scenic views. Celia Bedilia took down walls to make this living space open and airy, bringing the gorgeous views of the outdoors, in!

Coastal Maine Home

This dining room really captures the true beauty of life in coastal Maine. During the renovation of this room,  these lovely lited french doors with windows were added to bring more natural illumination into the home.

Coastal Maine Home

Inspired by the coastal outdoors, Celia Bedilia mainly used colors of sand, blues, and white to achieve the ultimate coastal look for this relaxing bedroom.

Coastal Maine Home

A close-up of the seating area of the bedroom with perfect scenic views of the gorgeous coast.

Coastal Maine Home

This lovely eat-in area right by the fireplace is the perfect spot for homely family meals!

Coastal Maine Home

After a full gut of the old kitchen, here’s the lovely new design Celia Bedilia came up with! The creamy white drawers, cabinets, and walls make this inviting kitchen even more delightful!

Coastal Maine Home

To provide light over the kitchen island, these creative little lights were added to complete this kitchen’s look! The end result was a complete success that exceeded expectations.

I hope you enjoyed our short but lovely escape to Coastal Maine courtesy of Celia Bedilia Designs! If you loved this project as much as we did, don’t forget to check out their portfolio where you’ll find more of their gorgeous works!

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How to Update a Classic Coastal Cottage (from functional to fabulous)

Steps to changing this living room from functional to fabulous

  1. Rip up the wall to wall carpet and re-finish or repaint the floors (we know there is wood under this carpet)
  2. Paint the ceiling, beams, trim, fireplace and window bench-Ben Moore- Decorators White (great bright white)
  3. Paint the walls one of the colors below…this is where I need your input please vote for your favorite color
#1 Ben Moore: Woodlawn Blue
#2 Seren & Lily: Gull
#3 Farrow&Ball: Barrowed Light

4. Add a new area rug to ground the seating area, I like Dash & Albert rugs for durability, colors and patterns.

Option 1: Indoor/Outdoor wide blue stripe
Option #2 Navy striped indoor/outdoor rug
Option #3 Khaki mixed stripe (indoor/outdoor)

5. Replace the window bench cushions

6. Replace the loveseat with 2 chairs on casters for mobility, this way they can be moved over to the window bench are or stay in front of the fireplace.

This is my choice for the chair on casters

7. Replace the sofa with a new sofa with clean lines that is strong enough to hold up to both children and renters

Something like this option from West Elm in a textured fabric

8. New coffee table with a better scale for the furniture and the room, I like this one below because it looks like driftwood.

9. Replace the existing chair and ottoman with a comfortable slip-covered version.

Cottage style slip-covered chair and ottoman

10. Finally you need to fill that walls with art and perhaps a mirror over the fireplace?

I am so excited to get going on this project! It is a wonderful beach front cottage, it looks like the house that is in the movie “Moonrise Kingdom“, but our vision is to make it into the house from “As Good As It Gets“. I hope to get started this fall and finish it in the late spring. It is such a beautiful spot, I even enjoy the hour drive.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Please follow my blog if you do not already do so. We love to hear from you so keep those comments and questions coming…do not forget to vote for you choices of rug and wall color!

Best, Celia