European Holiday Season

As I decorate my own house for the holiday season, I look to Europe for ideas. I feel very grateful for all my friends, family, followers and clients.

I wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2017.

Italian Christmas

German Christmas

Christmas in the Neatherland

English Christmas

Greek Christmas

Irish Christmas

Holidays in Spain 

Lovely Lisbon one of my favorite cities in one of my favorite countries

Lastly Paris the city of lights warms my heart

Lights are the key to a festive season! Thanks for stopping by!



My Christmas and New Years decorating is going to the dogs

PHOTOS BY: Liz Donnelly

As the holiday season comes to an end, my decorating has gone to the dogs.

Here is the dining room set with bottle brush trees, the good china, silver, the stockings are hung, and the tree decorated.

Olive our small and very funny dog has decided to check out the table-scape, I guess she is not a fan of espresso.


_MG_0296 _MG_0365


To set the scene for a fresh start in the New Year we filled cylinder vases with Orchids (in various sizes), and moss. It is such a simple but elegant display. I love grouping orchids together as a centerpiece. After the party, I can then disperse them all over the house to perk things up after the holiday decorating comes down.

Olive invited her little sister Coco (the lab) and their friend Mazy to come see what we were planning for New Years Day brunch.

Coco is terrified that my husband might come in and see her…breaking the rules, but not Mazy she helps herself to some pound cake.

_MG_0421_MG_0413 _MG_0524 coco_MG_0505 _MG_0491 _MG_0483

I hope you all have a very happy and healthy holiday season. Enjoy time with your friends & families, and meet me back here in 2015. I am so looking forward to having my wonderful neighbors for Christmas Eve, and then my sister and brother and their families (from California) to ring in the New Year.

Best wishes to all of you, and thank you for reading my blog.

XO, Celia





Holiday Decorating for Clients

I love this season, I get to check in with my old clients and decorate the houses I have designed with/for them. We have some wonderful projects that we are breaking ground on in January so we are enjoying this peace!

Here are some of the decorations we have done for clients this year. All the photos below were taken by my right & sometimes left hand gal Anne Sowles.

Dining tables

2014-12-09 12.36.34 2014-12-09 12.37.45 2014-12-09 12.40.15

2014-12-03 17.10.59 DSC_06002014-12-03 17.10.43

Buffets & Sideboards

2014-12-03 17.13.14 2014-12-03 17.13.33 2014-12-09 12.31.32 2014-12-09 12.31.44

DSC_0599 DSC_0592

I hope you are all enjoying this festive season. I am so looking forward to celebrating this year with my family. Two of my siblings and their families are coming to Maine from California! I cannot wait to see them.

Happy Christmas and Best to you and your family in 2015.



Home Goods

Pottery Barn








Christmas in the kitchen

ALL PHOTOS: Liz Donnelly

Do not forget to decorate your kitchen, after all we spend all our time in the kitchen. If you host parties you know that it is hard to get people out of the kitchen. I think I could have a kitchen with soft seating and a master bedroom suite, but I guess the kids need a place to sleep!

The kitchen island is prime real estate and most people forget to decorate it!

Here is my island. The trees are by Roost, I got them at Home Remedies but they are available in tons of stores! Roost is a wonderful company, I adore their line. The birch animals came from Skillins Greenhouse. The salt votive holders came from Home Goods.

celia_holiday14_39 celia_holiday14_11 celia_holiday14_8 celia_holiday14_7 My kitchen table is another place I like to dress up. We eat most of our meals there and I enjoy these decorations everyday. I used houses I have collected over the years and little figures from my childhood.

celia_holiday14_115  celia_holiday14_6celia_holiday14_3

Look who has found a spot near the kitchen table….Olive.


I also have my Aunt’s doll house in the kitchen area. Some of these photos were taken last year by my trusty side-kick Anne Sowles. I love this doll house it is so sweet.


christmas 2014 036 christmas 2014 038

My kitchen and family room are almost done…just need a tree.

Hope you are well.

Best, Celia

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Wow Christmas is coming…here is a peek at my house!

christmas 2014 001

Vintage homes and figures

christmas 2014 033

My Aunt Celia’s Dollhouse…dressed for the season.


My homemade snow globe.

christmas 2014 041  Q

New take on an old friend, the felt deer-head…who doesn’t love this?

christmas 2014 029

Dine with us in our indoor winter woods.


Birds on Branches


I want to wish Happy Holidays to the wonderful and supportive followers of my blog.  Thank you all for a fantastic year!  I will be back in 2014 with loads of your favorites, quick tips, mini-makeovers, and before-and-after pics.

As we enter a new year, I hope you’ll remember to be Grateful for family and friends, Thankful for a job, and Mindful of your health.  Most of all,  forget the slights and injustices of others– “laisse tomber”, as the French say–let bygones be bygones! And approach the new year with a fresh start.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2014!


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