Designing a Beautiful Life

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful career. My job is all about enjoying the beauty that surrounds us or creating beautiful spaces or events for my clients.

When we are free to travel again I look forward to bringing my clients to Europe. Travel opens your mind, lifts your spirits, and feeds your soul.

Photo: Italy fall 2019 tour

Most of my weddings have been postponed or canceled altogether for 2020, but I am still dreaming about bouquets and tablescapes.

One of CB Design weddings in 2018

We will move our classes online so we can still learn and love flowers, gardening & interior ideas.

Floral & Design Classes

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and you enjoy your work.

I am using this downtime to take classes, watch YouTube videos on gardening, and read as many articles, books, and blogs about design as I can.

I know some of you are taking Master Classes, learning languages, gardening, cooking, binge-watching Netflix, and working out.

How are you using your quarantine time???

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Xo ūüėė Celia

Winter Weddings

I am working on the mood boards for a winter wedding. I love winter weddings they are such a welcome change from the traditional spring, summer & fall weddings.

I adore this family, I just met them but something just clicked!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the very best for 2020.


Kitchen design that brings nature inside

I love these windows that open your kitchen up to nature.

These new window designs are so smart! They allow you to cook and enjoy your outdoor space at the same time.

Hope you are having a good summer.



CBD European Tours

1. We have a shopping tour December 6-13 leaving from Boston to London, from there to Vienna and wrapping up in Rome. Not enough to shop!

Get 6-10 friends together and let’s book this tour!!!!

2. Lisbon Spring 2020

Amazing times city, incredible art, wonderful walks, healthy food, great wine, and lovely people!

The Portuguese are such lovely people!

3. Roma, I love you! Book a Rome trip anytime!

All the sites, food and wine…lets go!!

Ok, let’s go people!!!!! Travel is everything!



This is not your parents house…design your home for you and your lifestyle

Hello readers, friends, and family,

I have been thinking about what is similar in each of my projects. I am interested in how non designers home evolve.

My home is a work in progress, I love it…but it can always be improved upon. Design is my passion, and I am always looking for creative ideas for my clients and myself.

One thing we see all the time is clients who feel like they are not actual grown-up unless their home resembles their parent’s homes.

I spend a great deal of time educating my clients about how their home needs to fit their lifestyle. You do not need a formal dining room if you only entertain once a year, you might need a family room or an office, both of which would be used by your family every day. You do not need to have a formal living room without a TV; let’s face it we love our TVs! You need to design your home to work for your daily lifestyle and fill it with things you love!

Here are five things I think are unique for a home.

  1. Spicher & Company Vinyl Floor Cloths
  2. Couture Deco’s:  life-size Trompe l’oeil entriesauthentic-parisian-door-trompe-l-oeil

3. Sydney Harbour’s:  Liquid Copper paint


4. The iconic Eames chair

5. Art is a must! This is by Andrew Faulkner

What do you need to make your house a home? Let me know your thoughts by commenting on or liking my post!

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Chic Modern Dorm Room Design

untitled (2)

We are in the midst of dorm room design season. It has been a long time since I lived in a dorm, but I am sending my son off to college next week. I wish I could go back to college!

I was asked to put together a dorm room dream board by Modani ( it was such fun! As you know I am currently in love with wallpaper, so in addition to the items I picked out on Modani, I would do an accent wall with temporary wallpaper.

I like fun graphics like this one I found on Etsy. (Livettes shop on Etsy.)


Maybe if I had a chic dorm room, I would have done better in school?

Here is my dream board, all items can be found at , or one of there modern furniture store locations.

College Dorm Room

1. All dorm rooms need a cozy rug, this grey shag rug is fabulous!

2. I love fun patterns and twin extra long bedding is not very exciting so I have added these fun pillows!

3. Meditation a must for any room, but especially for students.

4.  I love this fun storage cabinet! The color is fantastic!!

5. I wish I had a coat rack in my dorm room, bulky coats do not fit in those mini closets.

6. NYC art…I love this because you see something new every time you look at it.

7. A filing cabinet to keep you organized.

8. I love this floor lamp because the height is adjustable.

9, Finally, I love these tufted cubes I would get two for the foot of the bed. They can be used as additional seating or to hold piles of stuff!

What is your dorm room must have? Do you like bright colors or do you like an all white room?

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Best, Celia

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Art…Turns A House Into A Home

This weekend Studio e Partners launched their company. They bring artists and consumers together. They believe that if you make a connection between an artist and a collector the art will mean more to the collector.

I know how important art is to finishing a home, to me it is crucial, but many of my clients are intimidated by art. It is hard for many people to justify the expense, but once they meet the artist they are buying into the relationship!

I love art and I bought several works this weekend.

 The Artists

Robin Hill

Robin Hill is the most incredible bird painter!

Robin Hill’s Owls


Brockie¬†and Jane Stevenson were a big part of our childhood. Brockie’s art is iconic!

I just love the way that Brockie Stevenson shows us a slice of life


Andrew Faulkner…my handsome brother and a wonderful artist!

This is one of my favorite prints of Andrew’s very reasonably priced too!


Steve Burnett is my new favorite artist! I had never seen his work and I am now a collector. I purchased two of his paintings and I am dreaming about buying more!

I love Steve’s birds they are so lovely

Steve uses humor, fear, hope and imagination in all of his work…I am a huge fan!!!

Go buy art and finish your home!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this look into Studio e Partners! Which one of these artists is your favorite? I also hope you like this post! Let us know by liking it, commenting and following our blog!

Best Celia

Musts in coastal home design.

I love this coastal living room featured in Coastal Living

When designing a coastal home there are a few things I keep in mind.

  • Textures: Mixing crisp fabrics such as linens with woven fabrics like sisal¬†to give your rooms¬†a three-dimensional feel. Using wood (beadboard¬†walls, painted wood floors and tables), stone (fireplace surrounds, counters and floors)¬†and glass (windows)¬†are musts for coastal homes!
  • Colors: What colors make you think of the coast? Blue, yellow, red? Or maybe all white or neutrals? I like blue and white!
  • Feel: What do you want your home to say about you and the scenery? Do you want a casual home, a beach get away or a formal coastal cottage? Determining the vibe of a home is very important, you need to base your decisions on the feel you are going for!
  • Budget: I think it is important to mix things up and hunt for a few items that really make your home unique and eclectic. Keep your budget in mind and spend your money wisely on key furniture pieces and hunt for deals on the little decor items (lamps, art, side tables etc.)¬†that help to finish the home! This is true for all decorating projects not just coastal homes.

One Kings Lane has this today for $189…great deal! I love this for the entry of a coastal home it has a drift wood feel.

Coastal Living knows how to pick a room, I just want to cuddle up with a great book in this seating area…or entertain friends.

I think these baskets from One Kings Lane would be perfect filled with toys or cozy throws or even laundry. Details make the home!

I just love this room…if only my kids would keep a room looking like this!-Coastal Living

Yellow and white are crisp and clean these pillows are on Rue La La today 2/$79

This bathroom we designed would be perfect in my dream coastal home! We even designed the vanity and cabinet…it is a part of our coastal furniture line!-photo Jamie Salomon

I adore these towels and they would really pop in a coastal bathroom…don’t you think?

My DREAM coastal Kitchen-Photo Liz Donnelly

I must have a sleeping porch!!!

I love dreaming and someday I will have a coastal home of my own until then…I will keep my eye out for great ideas! I want my family to be surrounded by beauty, and that is my ultimate goal for my clients too.

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The Ultimate Scented Candle

Pacifica candles are the BEST. They use soy and natural paraffin waxes, lead free wicks and all natural scents. I have been a fan of these candles forever. I worked for a wholesale company for several years that showed next to Pacifica and I carried them in my store Celia Bedilia. I never got tired of these incredible arromas.

Brook Harvey Taylor is the founder of Pacifica and it is her nose that is responsible for these wonderfully intoxicating scents. I love turning clients onto the Pacifica line. The candles burn cleanly, for several hours, and they are beautifully packaged…what’s not to love?

I think this line has a wholesomeness that is hard to find…in the world of scented candles. I feel good about burning these candles and recommending them to all of you.

Here are some of my favorites!

Egyptian Bergamot Rose…a mature scent

Mediterranean Fig…this is a handsome scent not over powering but strong

Malibu Lemon Blossom…this one is so clean smelling

I know you will enjoy these wonderful candles as much as I do. You can find them at Wholefoods, many boutiques and online . I love these candles!

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