Relaxing Sunday Flower Arranging

I love an excuse to chill out in my studio. It is Sunday, and I finished my gardening just before the sky went black and the rain came. Now, I have an excuse to play in my studio!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! How do you like to unwind?

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CBD European Tours

1. We have a shopping tour December 6-13 leaving from Boston to London, from there to Vienna and wrapping up in Rome. Not enough to shop!

Get 6-10 friends together and let’s book this tour!!!!

2. Lisbon Spring 2020

Amazing times city, incredible art, wonderful walks, healthy food, great wine, and lovely people!

The Portuguese are such lovely people!

3. Roma, I love you! Book a Rome trip anytime!

All the sites, food and wine…lets go!!

Ok, let’s go people!!!!! Travel is everything!



Come to Lisbon on our spring tour!

Are you interested in a spring tour to Lisbon Portugal? Amazing place let us know! Great food, design and people!

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Good design is all about the details!

I love this wonderful city it is so full of design details!

Do not forget your door hardware when planning your home design.


Sell your inspiration to a client through photography

We all know at a restaurant we eat with our eyes first. How many times have you looked at what other diners have ordered and commented on it? “That looks good” or “let’s ask the waitstaff about that”. Well, wedding design is the same; we need to sell our concept with images that excite our clients and explain our vision. Below is my concept for a wedding I am designing in July.

I can’t wait to get started! I think the colors are so pretty and they will pop against the navy patterned tablecloths, shown below!

Hope you like the vision, thankfully my clients did!

Enjoy Summer!!!



What does your shopping bag say about you?

What does your reusable shopping bag say about you? Most of them are advertising the grocery store.

I have noticed that there is a lot of negativity in this country at the moment. I am combating this with positivity. These shopping totes make you think, and carry your groceries for you…now if they would only put the groceries away!

Introducing our shopping totes!

  1. The Love Bag, all we need is love, right?


Re-usable, washable, cotton bag with large front pocket and shoulder straps. They serve a duel purpose spread love and carry the nutrients that feed your family!


2. Live to Inspire Bag, lead by example…and live to inspire. Words to live by.

Live to Inspire Shopping Bag

Re-usable, washable, large shopping bag with long shoulder straps and a wide front pocket. Live better with this great bag.


3. I am Blessed Bag, Remember you are blessed! If you are reading this, you are alive…that is a blessing, right?

I am Blessed Tote

Re-usable, washable, tote with a huge front pocket and shoulder straps. This bag is fabulous...just like you.


4. Don’t Be Basic Bag. This might be my favorite bag! Be your best self…don’t be basic. Travel, live, love, shop!

Don’t Be Basic Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, large front pocket, great shopping tote, folds into small packable size. Don't be yourself, be fantastic!


5. Be Mindful Bag, I think we can all be a little more mindful. So this bag is a good reminder!

Be Mindful Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, interior pocket for your phone & keys, Fab bag with a great message!


6. Dream Big Bag, I always tell my kids if you are going to dream…dream big! Do not waste time on an attainable goal, you can accomplish this with hard work, use your dreams for BIG ideas!

Dream Big Bag

Re-usable, washable, strong shoulder straps, large front pocket and the visual reminder to look to your inner child and dream big!


7. Garden Tote…If you know me you know I love flowers and gardens. Here is my garden tote. This bag has the following quote on the back “Garden as though you will live forever”.

Garden Tote

Water proof, 3 exterior pockets for tools, 3 interior dividers, great for bringing into the garden bed with you or just as a place to stash your tools!


Today I am so grateful for all of you thank you for your ongoing support! I feel so blessed to have all of my readers, fellow bloggers and friends with me on this journey. In 2019 I have committed to 10% of our profits going to charity! Help me with this by buying a bag or two, please!

Thank you all for stopping by! Best, Celia

Minding the gap, from boomers to millennials in design

Mind the gap…a phrase I am familiar with having spent time studying in London. If you have ever ridden the tube you know the phrase. It came to mind to me today as I was processing a meeting I had yesterday. I was thinking about design as a way to mind the gap between baby boomers and millennials.

Yesterday, I met with potentialclients for a commercial retail design job. One of the business owners gave mea tour of their current production facility and mentioned he was 29, he explained that people his age were comfortable with the product they produced,but older people in their 50’s (my age) werenot as comfortable.

As an avid consumer myself, and a former retailer I thought, they might be missing the mark. Baby boomers remain the largest living adult generation. Maine is the oldest (age per capita) state in the nation. If I were developing a product for the masses, I would most definitely keep boomers in mind. I think not only minding the gap but bridging the gap would help both millennials and baby boomers evolve!

So, I am hoping to design a retail space that reflects both young adults and older ones like myself.  This is a wellness store, what do you like in a wellness store?

Do you like the black trimmed glass? I do but do you?

Does this textural wallpaper appeal to you?

Do you like to see natural elements brought into retail spaces, stone, and wood?

How important is lighting to you? I like this ceiling where they added light to the vaulted ceiling panels.

What are the most important factors for you when you shop? In this case, we are selling a spa/medical product. What words come to mind for you when you are thinking of wellness centers?

Please let me know. I may not be picked for this project but I would still be interested in your feedback! Please comment below~

Thank you for helping!



Interior Design trends for 2019

Elle Decor Kitchen: Elle Decor features this kitchen as an example of this year’s trends.
When studying this year’s design trend forecasts, I noticed that mixed textures are in this year. Here we see matte natural wood, marble, high gloss cabinets, and metal. I love it! Last year we saw mixed metals…silver mixed with gold etc., this year it is all about texture.
Domino highlights the continuation of neutral palettes mixes with black and white, and inviting comfortable furniture looks like it is here to stay!
House Beautiful featured this bathroom in its 2019 trend outlook. I love the slab-wall shower and the mixed woods here in the floor, vanity, and stool…very on trend!

This year is going to be an exciting year for CB Designs. We are launching our European tours, high lighting design, food, and fashion, We are offering visual, culinary, and floral art classes and we are working on several amazing homes and events. I feel blessed to have such a fantastic team and look forward to everything that 2019 has to offer.

Please let me know what you are planning this year! Thank you for stopping by feel free to suggest topics for this year’s blog posts.

Happy 2019



Celebrate friends and family don’t sweat the small stuff

Hi guys,

Thanks for dropping by! This weekend I am being entertained and entertaining VIPS from DC and The Bay Area (SFO) in what we referred to as “The City”, but most of you think of as NYC. Unfortunately, my favorite June 2017 couple are in Maine, so I will not see them! This is a floral arrangement from their wedding!

Anyway, having/making time for VIP events no matter what VIP means to you, is important. We need to realize who our VIPS are and cherish the fact that they want to be with us, celebrate us, and cherish our relationships.

We all get caught up in how we are perceived, but it is more important that we spend less time impressing and more time enjoying. I met with one of my favorite families today, they get this concept, they are so lovely and understand that my goal is to make the bride’s dreams come true!

So to all my Brides & Grooms major in the majors, everyone is coming to celebrate your wedding and love, do not stress about things you cannot control! Love you all!

Practice for my August 18th wedding!

By the way the highlight of my day was at the gym this am, working out next to one of my favorite people Susie, and meeting Flip!

Flip I am stopping by to see your garden!

I am so thankful my husband brought me to Maine 18 years ago this April, what a long, strange, wonderful trip it has been!

Thanks for stopping by!



Vision of An August Wedding

I have been busy conceptualizing my August weddings! As you may know, I am going to a program at the London Flower School. I want to get the most out of this course, so I am putting together my vision boards for each of this seasons weddings.

This is what I have in mind for one of my August weddings! This wedding is going to be black tie, elegant and unforgettable.

I am thinking of the ideas below for the cocktail hour decor, it is being held outside on a deck and lawn. The woven containers would be used for flowers arrangements, then the glass globes are for votive candles, and finally, the terracotta containers for herbs, and decorative grasses.



These torches are so cool and they use citronella, which is perfect for a keeping bugs away on a Maine summer night.


The tent we are using is clear, we are building a wood arbor for over the head table, similar to the one below.

Here are my table-scape ideas, I need your feedback, after looking at all three options which one do you like best?

Option #1:

The head table area is to have six of these large hanging baskets, seen below, full of flowers and candles.


Then the smaller hanging containers alternating between flowers and candles.

terracecollection_3_ (2)

The centerpieces will be the large tall glass containers with flowers surrounded by mini flower arrangements and votives.

Option #2:

Hanging garlands and flowers would be used with these candle holders.


The center arrangement vessel for this optionis gold!


These little containers, are for votive candles, and mini arrangements.

30720-00_5_ (2)

Option #3

If I use these glass shapes hanging above the head table they will be filled with a combination of flowers and votives.


This lovely glass urn would be the central vase.


The blush containers would be filled with flowers and candles would be in the bejeweled option.

For the outdoor areas other than the cocktail hour space, I will be using a combination of elegant mercury glass, and rustic lanterns and planters.

Bridal bouquet ideas from Pinterest. I love these bouquets!

Thank you for stopping by, I love hearing from you, and I appreciate your taking the time to read this!

Please let me know what option you like best option 1, option 2, or option 3?



London Flower School Floristry Class

I love doing the flowers and decorating for weddings, in my opinion there is nothing more fun than a good wedding.

I have several weddings this summer, and I am always looking for inspiration and an excuse to travel abroad. I have signed up for a profesional floristry class at the London Flower School for the last week of May & beginnning of June. I am planning to go a bit early so I can attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, I am truly blessed!

The London Flower School looks like a marvelous program. As a designer, I understand scale, color, and composition, but I know I can learn a great deal from the LFS instructors.

In my last post, I made promises to myself, to learn something new every month, well now I know that in May and June, I will be fulfilling my promise by taking this course. I have also kept my promises to add time for meditation weekly, and to practice patience with myself and others daily.

Thank you for stopping by, I will keep you in the know as I; learn, try, perfect, start and quit activities along this journey of mine. Hope you are well. I would love to hear from anyone of you at anytime, feel free to comment on, or like my posts.



The Last of the Fall Arrangements

As many of you know, I love flowers, and floral arranging. These are the last of my fall arrangements, I made them for my Thanksgiving tables.

I used Orange Roses, Millet, Thistle, Coffee Berries, Feathers, Assorted Greens and other fillers. I also tucked in mini white pumpkins, kale, Bartlett pears and mini red pears into the arrangements. Can you see the pumpkin and pear nestled into the greens below?

Celia Bedilia Fall 1

I purchased flowers from both Skillins (my local greenhouse), and Trader Joe’s. The cashier at TJ’s referred to my choices as Dr. Seuss flowers. I would have to disagree, but I look forward to your feedback!

Celia Bedilia Fall

I like to add something unexpected to my arrangements, in this case feathers. These feathers came from Pottery Barn, I have been using them for years and they still look great!

Celia Bedilia Fall1

The thistle is such a pretty and subtle blue color, and although it is not a striking feature, it does add texture and color.

Celia Bedilia Fall 2

I adore these urns from Park Hill, they are rustic and yet chic.

Celia Bedilia Fall 3

These arrangements added a lot of drama to my thanksgiving tablescape, now I have one on a coffee table and the other on my kitchen table…it feels a little over done…I love it!

Celia Bedilia Fall 4


What do you think of my arrangements? Do they belong in a Dr. Seuss book or on a coffee table book?

Celia Bedilia Fall 6

Well as always thank you for stopping by! I hope you and your families are doing well.



PS: As always let me know your thoughts by commenting on or liking my post.

PPS: This what my dog Olive thinks of my flowers…

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli

This is just before publishing…Olive is so done with this post!

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli2