It was so much fun to work on this Mastermind wedding elopement shoot. Photos by Kelly Payeur ( Celia Bedilia did the floral and event décor.

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I am so pleased with the way this wedding turned out! It was a beautiful day on the coast of Maine. I am so fortunate to have worked with an incredible Bride & Groom and their families! I had a fabulous team too.

Thank you Griffin & Griffin Lighting, Peak Events, The Libbys Photo & Films, The Roaming Speakeasy Co., Big Tree Catering, and my Celia Bedilia Team!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this event as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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Woodland Arrangement

Here is my project for a rainy day in Maine, no flowers but lots of dried items! My inspiration was my beautiful foraged branch.

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This Spring, you may not be entertaining family for Passover or Easter, but you can do this project. Although we are sheltering in place, it does not mean we are not celebrating. Bring life into your home with this centerpiece. I am going to my local nursery (; they are doing curbside pick-ups now. So I will be getting the supplies I need to create some urns for my front door and a centerpiece for my kitchen island. As always, my puppy Georgia is my shadow, cleaning, planting, planning for the upcoming wedding season.

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The Last of the Fall Arrangements

As many of you know, I love flowers, and floral arranging. These are the last of my fall arrangements, I made them for my Thanksgiving tables.

I used Orange Roses, Millet, Thistle, Coffee Berries, Feathers, Assorted Greens and other fillers. I also tucked in mini white pumpkins, kale, Bartlett pears and mini red pears into the arrangements. Can you see the pumpkin and pear nestled into the greens below?

Celia Bedilia Fall 1

I purchased flowers from both Skillins (my local greenhouse), and Trader Joe’s. The cashier at TJ’s referred to my choices as Dr. Seuss flowers. I would have to disagree, but I look forward to your feedback!

Celia Bedilia Fall

I like to add something unexpected to my arrangements, in this case feathers. These feathers came from Pottery Barn, I have been using them for years and they still look great!

Celia Bedilia Fall1

The thistle is such a pretty and subtle blue color, and although it is not a striking feature, it does add texture and color.

Celia Bedilia Fall 2

I adore these urns from Park Hill, they are rustic and yet chic.

Celia Bedilia Fall 3

These arrangements added a lot of drama to my thanksgiving tablescape, now I have one on a coffee table and the other on my kitchen table…it feels a little over done…I love it!

Celia Bedilia Fall 4


What do you think of my arrangements? Do they belong in a Dr. Seuss book or on a coffee table book?

Celia Bedilia Fall 6

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PPS: This what my dog Olive thinks of my flowers…

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli

This is just before publishing…Olive is so done with this post!

Celia Bedilia Fall Oli2

Thank You Piedmont Garden Club

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Piedmont Garden Club on April 11th. My topic was Orchid displays. As you know, I  love orchids, so it was such fun. This was the nicest and most fun group of women, and I love meeting them.

celia_jan2016_196 (2)

I have attached the directions below but here are the step by step directions in photos.

  1. Gather your supplies.

gather supplies

2. Buy multi branch plants.


3.  Choose a fun container.


4. Buy or collect decorative branches.


5. I like using more than one type of moss.


6.  Add fun items to customize your arrangement.

PicMonkey Image

Put it all together to get this!


festive table (2)

Virginia Garden Club CBD

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Ten Floral Ideas for under $25

Hello All,

One of my readers Lisa asked me to give them ten ideas for floral arrangements for under $25.

I made all of these arrangements, and Liz Donnelly photograpred them for me

1. Succulents& moss in a tree root. This can be done any time of the year.Marr_Wedding72. I love this bird vase but any bud vase will do. I filled this with curly willow, seeded eucalyptus, and a few flowers.


3. Herbs wrapped in burlap…pretty about $12 total


4. Mason Jar of farm stand flowers. So simple and classic.


5. Spanish moss and seedlings.



6. Orchids…If you know anything about me you know I love orchids. Trader Joe’s has a great selection for under $20.

White Orchid CBD

LDP_9332festive table (2)

7. Market bouquet…yes you can go to your grocery store and spend $20 and make a beautiful arrangement.


8. Bulbs are well priced and readily available in the spring.



9. Grass, slabs of wood, candles and crocuses make this tablescape shine. Most of it was free!dockside196

10. At Christmas I like evergreens and white flowers. Roses from Trader Joe’s are perfect!


Ok Lisa thank you for your question I hope this gives you some direction!



DIY Wedding Centerpieces for under $35

Why are flowers such a big part of your wedding budget? Because you are paying for art! Flowers set the tone for the wedding, they tell your story.

I love flowers and admire the artists that work with them. Flowers are finicky, and there is a lot of waste when arranging perfect bouquets.

If you want to do your own arrangements here are some ideas all under $35 that are great for wedding centerpieces.

All Photos by Liz Donnelly all Arrangements by Celia St.Onge

1. Bird Vase from Chive vase $22.50 flowers $8.50 total $31.00 these are a real show stopper!


2. Bird Vase with fancy carnations $8 of flowers


3. Urns full of assorted flowers: Urn $12 & Flowers $12.50 total $24.50

LDP_9285 LDP_9289

4.  Tray of plants, candles and nests $35


5. Mini bottles of flowers – bottles $.50-$1.25 each flowers $10 bunch total $18


6. Antique Bottles $1 each and Flowers $25.00 total $32.00


7. Orchid, Curly Willow & Moss $24.00 (Trader Joes had inexpensive orchids)


8. Roses in Glass Cubes $10 vase $10 roses $20

IPHONE314 220

9. Rustic Candles arrangements $10


10. Mason Jar Arrangements $35


11. Mason Jars full of spring plants $13 for everything, jars, plants, soil etc.


I hope my arrangements have given you some ideas if you are planning to arrange your own centerpieces, I hope you see that they can be beautiful and still inexpensive!

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Best, Celia