Designing a Beautiful Life

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful career. My job is all about enjoying the beauty that surrounds us or creating beautiful spaces or events for my clients.

When we are free to travel again I look forward to bringing my clients to Europe. Travel opens your mind, lifts your spirits, and feeds your soul.

Photo: Italy fall 2019 tour

Most of my weddings have been postponed or canceled altogether for 2020, but I am still dreaming about bouquets and tablescapes.

One of CB Design weddings in 2018

We will move our classes online so we can still learn and love flowers, gardening & interior ideas.

Floral & Design Classes

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and you enjoy your work.

I am using this downtime to take classes, watch YouTube videos on gardening, and read as many articles, books, and blogs about design as I can.

I know some of you are taking Master Classes, learning languages, gardening, cooking, binge-watching Netflix, and working out.

How are you using your quarantine time???

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Xo ūüėė Celia

Playing with greens from the garden

Hello All,I have been fanatically practicing the skills I gained at the London Flower School! As I think I have mentioned, there is a big movement in Europe to go foam free in floral design. They choose to use chicken wire for the mechanics of their arrangements, rather than foam. I am hoping to go foam free when possible for my weddings. I am a big believer in the concept that if you put in the time you can master any skill. This summer I am going to master floral design using chicken wire!I am hoping to get one of our guest instructors from London to come do a floral retreat in Maine in 2019! I think a weekend of flowers, good healthy food, yoga and bonding would do a lot for ones soul!Here is today’s practice!Step one: Make chicken wire mechanics.Step two: Forage for greens and strip them of any leaves that would fall below your water line a promote bacteria and cloudy water.Step three: Go for it! In this case, I am making something for my kitchen island, so it will be viewed from all sides. I did not want to buy anything for this arrangement as it is just for me, so I only added a few blooms to it. As always, if you like this post let me know by liking it or commenting on it! Thanks for stopping by have a beautiful weekend!Best,Celia

Simple Farm Fresh Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers do not have to be fussy, expensive or structured to be beautiful. Flowers are amazing, just let them be the star!

Here are some photos of the flowers and décor from a barn wedding I did in Maine in August.

Here are the flowers in the raw.

drake bucket 1

The after shots are by wedding photographer: Tiffany Converse

tent drake

The tent was filled with flowers, it smelled so fresh and clean.

flowers girl

The flower girl was so cute!!

detail drake

I just love the way these crab apples looked tire to the railing.

kitchen door drake

This was the back door…imagine what the front looked like!

table numbers

Here is one of the table numbers the bride’s father did the numbers, on these wood slices I commissioned.

drake tables

The burlap runners were just the right touch to tone down the formality of the all white tables, and the mason jars added  a casual nod to farm life.

ceremony drake

The ceremony was lined by these loose hanging arrangements.

Below are collages I made with photos taken by my co-worker Anne Sowles, isn’t she amazing?

flowers drake

Clockwise: 1.small mason jars filled with flowers for the cocktail tables, 2. the largest of the mason jars used on the tables (I used 3 sizes), 3. Hanging flowers that lined the entry to the barn, 4. Bridal bouquet, 5. Napkins tire with fresh herbs, 6. A Bridesmaids bouquet

drake 22

Clockwise: 1. Maine of honor’s bouquet, 2. Smallest of the mason jars for the tables, 3. Ceremony flowers, 4.More napkins, 5. boutonnieres, 6. The making of the bridal Bouquet.¬†

I think this shows you what can be done with less than $2,000 in flowers. That sounds like a lot, but we had over 200 arrangements on the tables, we had hanging  arrangements lining the path of the ceremony & to the barn and tent, we did the bridal flowers, and several large arrangements too!

If you have a wedding in the near future I would love to hear about it!

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Magical Barn Wedding

DSC_0036This weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm ( ), in Buxton Maine. It was magical! We really played up the rustic farm theme. I always love my job, but I love it more when my clients are as delightful and thoughtful as this family.

This is the barn.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0059

Snell Family Farm ( ) sold us these buckets of fresh flowers,  we arranged them in mason jars.


drake bucket 1

The colors of the wedding were coral and navy; they were so crisp and clean-looking!

Here are the table arrangements that I made on site with the farm fresh flowers. We had long tables that seated 16-22 people, with 16 arrangements on each table. Each Mason jar was finished with wide navy ribbon. The flowers were fresh and beautiful just like the bride!

flowers drake 1 DSC_0154 DSC_0095
Details make an event so we tied fresh herbs to each napkin with thin coral ribbon.


We used two widths of grosgrain ribbon on simple glass votives to add a touch of color.


We subtlety repeated the colors in several ways throughout the event spaces. Look how cute the boutonnieres are…I love Straw flowers.

groomsman DSC_0131

We used shepherds hooks to line the walkways and ceremony aisle. I added Ribbon tassels to them that moved with the breeze…it was so pretty. We hung candles and flowers from these shepherds hooks. Here I am making the hanging arrangements for the aisle.


We like to decorate every space even the back stairs!


Below are the wedding bouquet being made (on site) by Carol Hiltebeitel ( She is amazing. She also does fantastic planters.

making bridal 1 making bridal 3 making bridal 7 DSC_0127 DSC_0128

I am so lucky to have such a great team! I could not have done this wedding without the help of the family and my assistant Lindsey Sowles and Carol. I will be showing the step by step directions for putting together a wedding in coming posts!
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Photos Anne Sowles

What you need to know about wedding flowers Liz Donnelly
Liz Donnelly

I love weddings! To me, it is such a wonderful celebration of love and life. Naturally, the décor is my first priority when planning a wedding. What colors, textures, flavor, and feel does the bride want to achieve?

I am designing a rustic farm wedding in August. I am using flowers from  a local farm and arranging them in old bottles and mason jars. I think the results are so simple and beautiful.

Here are some examples of the wedding flowers I have done.

bridesmaids bouquets
Bridesmaids bouquets May 2012

These are the colors for the wedding I am planning.
These are the colors my August wedding.

LDP_9292 (2)


I hope you are enjoying summer! Do you have a wedding coming up? Let me know if you have any questions, I have planned hundreds of weddings!

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Photos: Liz Donnelly

Pinterest Inspires Creative & Unique Wedding

This weekend I did the flowers and decor for my friend and photographer Liz Donnelly.

We had no budget…and by that I do not mean a unlimitted budget, I mean we needed to keep all decor to a¬†few hundred dollars. So we turned to Pinterest for ideas! The wedding was held at the largest log cabin in the world ( it was a bit run down too) and because the structure is all wood and old we could have not open flames…no flames at all in fact. So we had to use all battery candles.

My dearest friend (and coworker) Anne Sowles helped me pull this off! She also took the photos. I hope you like our inspiration and our results!

The first thing guests saw was the gift table…we used lite branches (bought on sale), pinecones and moss (collected), mason jars with candles and ribbon $13/ for 10. and fresh-cut Hydrangeas (donated by Tracy of friend of the brides)

Our Inspiration for Hanging lights….

Our budget friendly version of the ideas above! We used white Burlap (very inexpensive $1.89 a yard) and hung it from the ceiling and then strung white lights (make sure the cords are white so they bo not show) inside of it! Thank you Jeff, Lisa and Jess Skillins (  you all helped us so much! We then hung tons of white paper lanterns in all different shapes and sizes to add interest and demension to the room.

Centerpieces without too much expense…but lots of time!

Pinterest Inspiration:

Our version: branches (free) ,dried Hydrangeas (free), birch bark (free), Vase $2.99, 6 hanging votive holders $12

Total $15

Our Pinterest inspiration…

Our Version…boy this takes a long time to do but it was very effective and only cost about $7 an arrangement. for this project you need a vase, branches, moss, tissue paper, and floral wire…and time!

We were inspired by Pinterest for the hanging marshmallows too but I could not find the photo.

Unfortunately our pictures not do this justice. We took 2 huge branches (5-6 feet) and added strings or marshmallows at different heights, the results were very cool almost like snow!

This photo also high lights our “date in lights” project. For this we used white foam-core board and white lights we used a drill to make the holes and the stuck the lights into the holes…it was that easy!



We hope you enjoyed this post…stay tuned for the professional photographs as the include all of the fresh flowers and the bridemaids bouquets!

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Help…I have to get my house ready for guests! Flowers are a must!

I love to travel and see family but, I have to say the best part of traveling is coming home! I have house guests arriving tomorrow and so today is a cleaning, organizing and decorating day! It is humid here, and it is hard to make your house feel clean, so bringing fresh scents into your home will make it smell clean and add flowers to distract. Lilies as you know are very fragrant a little bit goes along way, so one or two will do it! I will also add herbs to my arrangements.

I am also making my go to floral arrangement, an orchid display. I love these because they require very little maintenance and they last for a couple of months. So the cost is relatively low when amortized over 2 months!

To make the orchid display you will need

  • A vessel for your display, a bowl, urn, or a soup tureen‚Ķhere I have used a footed terracotta planter.
  • An orchid, they come in amazing colors and shapes. These days you can get orchids anywhere.¬†Trader Joes and even Walmart¬†carry them for $10-$15, if I am splurging I will go to Skillins¬†Greenhouse (207)781-3861 and get one of their $35 orchids. Skillins has really beautiful orchids that are much healthier, larger and they also re-bloom giving your flowers 2-3 times a year!
  • Curly Willow (1-2 pieces) available at your local florist and even grocery stores.
  • Floral foam
  • Sheet moss, reindeer moss or Spanish moss

Step One: Center your orchid in your dish

Step Two: Secure the orchid in your vessel with floral foam. This will keep your orchid from tipping over they are top heavy!

Step Three: Remove the bamboo stick or metal post that comes with your orchid and replace it with a piece of Curly Willow. Secure it with twist ties in a few key spots!

Step Four: Finish with Moss, cover the base of the plant and the floral foam with moss, I also cover the twist ties with moss!

TIP: Water your orchid with 1-2 ice cubes a week.



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10 easy floral arrangements that you can do in under ten minutes

Tip #1: ask you local florist if they have any broken flowers that they can sell to you. Most florists will be delighted to sell off broken flowers.  Below we got these flowers for $6 these broken flowers are great for low arrangements! We used a silver creamer as our vase.Photo: Liz Donnelly

Tip #2: Buy one to three unique flowers and let them be the star of your table in simple vases.

Tip #3: Buy flowers that are in season to get the best prices

Tip #4: Use flowering plants as your centerpiece, these ranged in price from $1-$4 each

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Tip #5: Highlight your show flowers with greens


Tip #6: Buy local…go to your local farmers market at the end of the day…you can get great deals on food and flowersPhoto: Liz Donnelly

Tip #7: Add herbs from your garden (or a neighbors) into your arrangements

Tip #8: Buy one stem of flowers that has lots of blooms! For $7 you can get 3 vases like this!

Tip #9: Mix vintage and flowers, these vintage bottle make great vases! These flowers only coast $9.98 it is the mixed market bouquet from Skillins on Friday afternoon all flowers are 20% off!

Tip #10: Cluster inexpensive flowers for a big impact! Carnations and mums look great in the Pave method.

Look at these sites I love

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