Light up Your Home and Life

Good lighting, lights up not only your home but your life. In the Northeast we rely on lighting to get us through the winter!


Sanford Fogg, CLC was my source for this post.

Sanford & Debbie Fogg are the owners of Fogg Lighting located at 281 Marginal Way in Portland, Maine. You can find a lot of product on their website and are welcome to call the showroom 207-797-7568 with any questions.

Fogg lighting is a great resource for me, they will come to job sites and consult on lighting plans, recommend lighting options and guide you to the best options for your specific needs. They are knowledgeable about the current trends in lighting and how best to implement these trends into existing spaces. Sanford told me that Crystal is popular at their store. I have always been very happy with the service and products that I have purchased from Fogg Lighting. I am even using them for projects out of state…They will be providing the lights for a new project I am starting In Washington, D.C.!

According to Sanford, the top four things to keep in mind when planning lighting for a room are:

  1. What visual activities are going to happen in the room, reading, cooking, entertaining, sleeping, grooming, etc.
  2. How to enhance the room decor.
  3. How the lighting will affect the mood and atmosphere of the room.
  4. How to create a safe and secure environment in the room.

Sanford says the most common mistakes people make in lighting include, but are not limited to:

  1. Not providing enough light to do tasks, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.Improperly locating recessed lights.
  2. Allowing a third-party to dictate lighting needs.
  3. Having unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with a limited lighting budget.
  4. Waiting until the house is built before deciding on a lighting plan.

I asked Sanford what the most popular lighting companies were. He gave me the following list!


  • Visual Comfort
  • Hubbardton Forge
  • Hudson Valley
  • Currey and Co.

Down South

  • Fine Arts Lamps

Out West

  • Hammerton

Some of my favorite lights that I have purchased from  are:

lights GC

These silver pendants are amazing! I adore them and so does the home owner.

Great lighting at

Sconces do not have to be boring, these are fantastic.

Goldberg front hall

We used this in a two-floor entry it looks like a piece of sculpture.


This is a unique exterior light; do not keep up with the Jones…one up them!


This pendant is trendy but classic…love it!


 Bell Jars are very big in New England, they never go out of style.

There are so many wonderful options for lighting your home. Lighting is something that you do not replace once you have installed it. Make smart choices, take your time and seek the advice of a professional. I like, but if you want a local option ask your contractor for suggestions.

I also like these sites

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Designing a Room Entirely From Etsy

The Weathered Cottage $475

I adore this chair from: The Weathered Cottage $475

The Painted Cottage $1,300

The Painted Cottage has this fabulous sofa for $1,300

Apple Cat Designs $50

Apple Cat Designs has this sweet little ottoman for $50

B Squared Inc $542
B Squared Inc $542

B Squared Inc has this fantastic wine bottle sconce $542

Vertical Flora $55

Cool wall planter full of succulents $55 from Vertical Flora

The Pallet Place $100

Great pallet coffee table from: The Pallet Place $100

Snap Shot Vintage $210

Reclaimed wood is what makes this Snap Shot Vintage side table $210

Mica Blue $38

I love these pillows from Mica Blue $38

Retro Bender $275

Retro-cool lamp from Retro Bender $275

Sew Modish $125

Curtain Panels with great graphics from Sew Modish $125/panel

Cool house sculptures  from Shop $45

Wow it is art that glows! House sculptures from Shop are well worth the $45

J Shears- wonderful art! $900
J Shears- wonderful art! $900

I decided I would try a little experiment, and decorate an entire room with items from Etsy.

It was such fun! I love all the things I picked out. The room is going to be beautiful. Gray and yellow are two colors trending in design, and it was not hard to find them on Etsy.

A room decorated from these vintage and handmade items, is so much more interesting, than buying the same items from a chain store. If you buy everything from Pottery Barn, your home looks like Pottery Barn. If you go to Etsy, you look like a seasoned collector.

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Making the Most of Small Bathroom Spaces

My tips for making the most of a small bathroom space.

  • Claim as much space as possible. I took half of a linen closet from my hall to make more space in my kid’s bathroom.
  • You can also add recessed storage or tall cabinets to make a space feel bigger.
Recessed storage is a must for small
Recessed storage is a must for small spaces.
This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.
This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.
  • Use a monochromatic theme. I like using neutrals, this does not have to be boring. Sea-glass colors are in style and very neutral, but not boring.
  • I love these Evit bubble glass tiles. They could be used as the back of recessed boxes in the shower; it just requires a little tile so you can use expensive tiles!
White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.
White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.
  • Keep it simple. In small spaces you need to keep your design simple.
  • I have lots of clients who have been planning a bath renovation for years. Once they show me  their dream wish list…I take those ideas and come up with a cohesive look. I usually simplify too.
This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!
This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet as the vanity and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!
Small bath with bold wall color...note everything else is white.
Small bath with bold wall color…note everything else is white.
  • Take out hinged doors and replace them with pocket or barn doors. This will open up any space.
Barn doors are great on bathrooms.
Barn doors are great for bathrooms.
  • Proper lighting will make your space feel bright and bigger.
Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600
Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600
This would be cool in a powder room. Fioella Wall Sconce
This would be cool in a powder room.
Fioella Wall Sconce
  • Use one large mirror rather than two smaller ones over a double vanity.
  • Consider mirror on the entire wall vanity wall.
One Mirror...two
One Mirror…two sinks.
One mirror makes this space look huge!
One mirror makes this space look huge!
  • Wall mounting major fixtures also adds visual space.
  • In Asia where space is a hot commodity, they hang the toilets and sinks. (It does not have to look institutional; if you use modern fixtures it will look great.)
  • You might also consider installing wall faucets rather than having them take space on the vanity.
I love this Bathroom designed by Mary Lou Kalmus
I love this Bathroom designed
by Mary Lou Kalmus
  • Natural light is also important to small spaces.
  • Leave existing windows, or change the size but keep the light.
  • Use Mirrors to reflect the natural light.
  • If you can add skylights, do it!
Great window for a small
Great window for a small space.
Natural Light is the best kind.
Natural Light is the best kind.
House Beautiful...mirrored vanities chic and reflective.
House Beautiful…mirrored vanities chic and reflective.

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Amazing Kitchen before and after photos

My favorite day of each project is the day we reveal the results to the homeowner. We bring our team in to clean, arrange furniture and hang the artwork. We put together all the elements that we have been collecting and transform the house into a home.

Each project starts with a dream. We take this dream and turn it into a wish list. Once we have priced out the wish list (in a line item format), we turn this into a list of must have items. The process is very important. We have to help the homeowner bring their dreams to reality; sometimes reality is more expensive than we think it is going to be. Doing renovations or building new homes tend to be more expensive than we think they ought. It is important to have all the numbers and feel comfortable with your budget before any work actually begins.

These are photos of a recent kitchen project I completed. The home owner is a dear friend of mine and I have spent a lot of time in her kitchen. We removed their unheated sun-room and added a larger room that opens into the kitchen. The home owner wanted a light and bright space and I think you will agree this is an amazing transformation.

Before the kitchen was custom oak cabinets, the quality was not bad but it was very dark. The cabinets and shelving covered the entire wall floor to ceiling. It felt like a cave.

The ceiling was also oak…a little too much oak, after all it was not a wine barrel!

After the renovation we have a wonderful space full of light. 

 We added…

  • New windows – this is very important in a home built circa 1900
  • Off-White Candlelight Cabinetry
  • New lighting from Fogg Lighting… the pendant lights look fabulous
  • Restored the original wood floors, weaving in new wood in the sun-room
  • Granite chosen by the homeowner
  • Back-splash by Paul G White
  • New appliances


The white wall of cabinets housing the refrigerator is the same space as in the photos above.


Here is the before and after of the new stove wall. The back-splash is where the door to the deck used to be!

Gendron Office 044



The sun-room was small and COLD… wow look at the difference. Once they have decided what the primary use of this space is going to be, we can pick out some new furnishings.


Gendron Office 051


LDP_8135-Edit-Edit-Edit LDP_8156-Edit

I love my job and I am so lucky to work with such a talented team of professionals and wonderful clients!

Special thanks to Dennis Tefft, Debbie Fogg , James Cerino East Bay Builders, Eliot Hull , Anne Sowles , and as always Liz Donnelly .

Best, Celia

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Thanksgiving Tablescapes and much more!

Wonderful Entry

Wow, there certainly are a lot of talented people doing wonderful decorating for Thanksgiving!

I have been trying to come up with a tablescape for the holiday that I can do this week. I have 23 of my favorite in-laws arriving, some of whom will be house guests. I would like to have the table set this week so I have more time to enjoy my family!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to cook, entertain and decorate and this holiday allows my to create wonderful food and decor.

This is a fun idea and so easy!

Great way to use an old book!

I like to think of my holiday decorating as the backdrop to wonderful memories.

This is a pretty and simple holiday display.

Some of these ideas are so easy and beautiful. If you do not want to buy pears, collect pinecones, acorns and bark.

I went to Pottery Barn for pepperberry and pear branches and put them in a wonderful bark covered vase. This arrangement is going in the center of my kitchen island and I can use it year after year!

Here is a great idea that does not cost a lot of money. You can go on a hike in the woods and find the pinecones and just add ribbon! Even if you buy the pinecones they are very inexpensive and readily available at craft stores.

I hope you enjoy your holiday and time with family.

Best, Celia


What do I do with my living room?

What do I do with my living room…this is the question that Anne (my right hand gal) & I are asked the most.

Formal living…is out of style. I do have a great appreciation for a beautifully decorated home that has a formal living room, dining room, library and parlor. In general we do not live that way anymore.

More often than not I hear my clients say that there is no living going on in their living rooms. I think we can change that!

I removed all the walls on the first floor of my house to open things up, and allow us to live in every space. I have pillars to hold up the steel beam that allows this open concept to work, and I use those pillars to create different living spaces in the room. We have a TV area, Living space, dining space and kitchen all in one room!

If you do not want to make a major change like I did, I understand.You can still make changes to your home to make it reflect your lifestyle.

  • Add a TV to your living room…I know you do not want to but…you can hide it!
  • Look at the seating in the room; is it comfortable and adequate to seat the family and friends? If you love your furniture consider recovering it, this is usually about half the cost of replacing items. I love rooms that have two sofas!
  • How do the walls look? Are they tired looking? Fresh paint will fix this! You can also add trim, wainscoting or wallpaper.
  • Do you have a coffee table that anchors the space? Make this piece large enough to hold books, magazines, flowers and hors d’oeuvres. This is a family and entertaining space!
  • Do you have an area rug? Is it the right size? A good sized rug should allow you to set your furniture at least halfway on the rug.
  • Make the room cozy and comfortable. In the Northeast we use drapes and throw blankets to cozy up our homes.
  • Do not forget lighting, sconces, recessed lights and lamps are a must.

Here are some of my favorite rooms and must haves:

  • I love this room layout, it is very balanced but not boring…note the TV above the fireplace.

These curtain panels are fabulous:

Seating is the single most important feature of a living room:

Lee Industries Swivel…my favorite swivel!

Proper lighting is crucial!

Great lighting at
Classic lamp styles can work in almost any room

Coffee tables…anchor the room

I love this French Coffee table
Storage style coffee tables are great too! Celia Bedilia Design

Side tables are also a must

Clean and simple side tables work best in most living rooms

Do not overlook dressing your walls…paint, wallpaper, trim, mirrors and art finish the look.

Feature one wall with wallpaper
Do not forget trim can really finish a space
I love this Wisteria mirror

Floors cannot be forgotten hardwood, tile, carpet are all great options. Go with a rug that matches the style you are trying to achieve, do not try to make the wrong rug work!

This floor was painted by my decorative painter to look like inlaid wood.

Finally the finishing touches are so important

Get cozy…invest in a cashmere blanket
I love these vases…on sale now
Plants are great things to use to finish a room!


Autumnal Plantings…everything seems to fall into place!

I hired Carol Hiltebeitel of Coco Design Company  to replant my deck planters. The woman is a miracle worker! She has a wonderful approach to design whether it is a pot or a large planter.

I wanted my planter to be chockfull of plants, maintenance free, and anchored by evergreens and perennials. Carol delivered! Liz Donnelly photo documented the entire process.

I hope you enjoy it!

Carol knows plants, flowers and design…boy am I lucky!
Carol searches for the best plants to add color, texture, height and drama to the planters.
Step 1: Buy plants from a garden center. I went to Skillins in Falmouth, ME
Step 2:Carol removes plants from the pots.
Step 3: Carol loosens the root ball to prepare it for planting.
Step 4: Carol gets her hands dirty…getting the plants into the earth.
Tools of the trade, spade, clippers, good soil and shovel
Step 5: Trim the plants
Step 7: Fluff the plants
Step 8: ADMIRE…Wowie this looks fantastic
I am so pleased…Carol you are amazing!


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Pinterest Inspires Creative & Unique Wedding

This weekend I did the flowers and decor for my friend and photographer Liz Donnelly.

We had no budget…and by that I do not mean a unlimitted budget, I mean we needed to keep all decor to a few hundred dollars. So we turned to Pinterest for ideas! The wedding was held at the largest log cabin in the world ( it was a bit run down too) and because the structure is all wood and old we could have not open flames…no flames at all in fact. So we had to use all battery candles.

My dearest friend (and coworker) Anne Sowles helped me pull this off! She also took the photos. I hope you like our inspiration and our results!

The first thing guests saw was the gift table…we used lite branches (bought on sale), pinecones and moss (collected), mason jars with candles and ribbon $13/ for 10. and fresh-cut Hydrangeas (donated by Tracy of friend of the brides)

Our Inspiration for Hanging lights….

Our budget friendly version of the ideas above! We used white Burlap (very inexpensive $1.89 a yard) and hung it from the ceiling and then strung white lights (make sure the cords are white so they bo not show) inside of it! Thank you Jeff, Lisa and Jess Skillins (  you all helped us so much! We then hung tons of white paper lanterns in all different shapes and sizes to add interest and demension to the room.

Centerpieces without too much expense…but lots of time!

Pinterest Inspiration:

Our version: branches (free) ,dried Hydrangeas (free), birch bark (free), Vase $2.99, 6 hanging votive holders $12

Total $15

Our Pinterest inspiration…

Our Version…boy this takes a long time to do but it was very effective and only cost about $7 an arrangement. for this project you need a vase, branches, moss, tissue paper, and floral wire…and time!

We were inspired by Pinterest for the hanging marshmallows too but I could not find the photo.

Unfortunately our pictures not do this justice. We took 2 huge branches (5-6 feet) and added strings or marshmallows at different heights, the results were very cool almost like snow!

This photo also high lights our “date in lights” project. For this we used white foam-core board and white lights we used a drill to make the holes and the stuck the lights into the holes…it was that easy!



We hope you enjoyed this post…stay tuned for the professional photographs as the include all of the fresh flowers and the bridemaids bouquets!

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Laundry can be beautiful…ok maybe the act of laundry is not beautiful but the room can be!

What makes a good laundry room?

  • Shelves for storing all of your cleaning products.
  • Ironing board and Iron in an easy to reach spot…so you will use it.
  • Drying racks of some sort.
  • Hooks, a rod, or a roll away rack for items that need to be hung immediately.
  • Baskets for storing things you do not want to see or grouping like items.
  • Space to store laundry before and after cleaning, I would like storage for 2 large laundry baskets.
  • Nice detergents help too…if they smell good and work I love them…see my favorites below
I love this room…yes I would be happy spending time folding in here!
Room with a view! Love it.
Ah now this is lovely.
I like all the shelves and organization in this laundry room.
Decor for your room perhaps?
This is a must for a busy laundry room!

These Mrs. Meyers products below are the best thing about my laundry room! You can get this wonderful product at Target, my hardware store even carries it!

This will change in January, when I plan to renovate my laundry space (I do not have a room…just a closet).

I want a laundry room, with lovely cabinets, windows with a view, soapstone counter tops, and a deep sink for washing…is that too much to ask for? It is too much to put in a closet so I will have to settle for stacking my washer and dryer and adding shelves!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you like it let us know, if you have any tips for better laundry or a better laundry room…tell me!

Enjoy your week!


Rooms I love

I love this Kitchen! I like the hand scraped dark wood floors, the marble counters & back-splash tiles, the simple cabinets and the wonderful chef’s appliances.














I love the ceiling in this room, they add to the open concept. I adore the casual simplicity of this room.






I love the use of pattern and color in this bunk room.

















I love this room, it is a great coastal bedroom!






I think this outdoor space is magical!


I hope you love the rooms I love!

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I love this kids bunk room they use color and pattern beautifully here.

This the bedroom of my dreams, I love the rug, bed, chair, but the thing I like most of all is the ocean view!

HOT TREND: Comfortable, Relaxed, Vintage Inspired…French Country Furniture

It is interesting to me that the trend of French Country decorating is still hot. I love it, but usually trends come and go more quickly.

I have theorized, that this is because the look is classic and neutral, and it appeals to us during a downturned economy. My clients are making decisions much more carefully and looking for the decor they are choosing to last longer than ever before.

We may use pillows that are fun and risky but we will not choose big-ticket items that are not classic.

French country décor is based in history; the look is timeless and therefore safe! Restoration Hardware has done a lot to bring this look to the masses. French style is not only classic but effortless and relaxed. It works well for today’s lifestyle, of open concept living. Here are some of my favorite French country looks.

The Dining Room furniture is so natural and it has a simplistic formality.

I love this table, look at the detailing on the skirt we can order this…if you need to have one!
So lovely in any space
Wonderful rich mocha linen chair $225/each
Example from House & Home of French Country Dining

Cabinetry is not overly embellished but still very interesting.

I love this it was on Haute Look for $599
Natural Wood and Mirror very French
I adore this cabinet, I do not know why I love it so much

Do not forget to accessorize! Use mirrors, architectural detail and beautiful linens to finish your spaces.

Simple and beautiful in any room
Devil is in the details, do not forget to add the finishing touches
Ah French linens are so fabulous!

Take a seat these chairs are all very comfortable and yet chic.

This is a great Chair from $350
Very beautiful and traditionally French Chair $625/Celia Bedilia                            (our chairs have a natural finish on the wood)

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5 Great furniture pieces for under $500

This morning I had the pleasure of walking my dogs with a neighbor. She said she like my bedroom blog post but she would not spend $1,200 on a chair. I totally understand this and spend a lot of time at Home Goods, discount designer websites, vintage and consignment shops looking for deals for my clients.

I thought I would pick 5 great pieces that are readily available for under $500. So here we go.

Love this chair $358.98 Club Chair: Materials: Wood, foam, fabric and hardware Finish: Weathered grey Upholstery materials: 100-percent polyester Upholstery color: Cream Upholstery fill: 1.8 density foam Solid wood exposed chair Arm height: 28 inches Seat height 19″ Dimensions: 28″ H X 29″ W X 31″ D

Beautiful granite topped table very natural looking $399

West Elm– Axis Coffee Table: Solid as a rock. With its rough-hewn granite top and solid ash base, the Axis Coffee Table is an angular addition to living rooms. This handsome coffee table sits well with rustic and industrial-inspired pieces or as a contrast to cozy, eclectic style.

Great Chair for living room or bedroom $343.79 -The Mansfield:  is the classical club chair with great detailing. This furniture piece features comfortable cushioning in beige linen upholstery with nail heads running along the front, sides and backing.

Fun rug…maybe for an office? $399 5×8

CB2 -Passport Rug: ld citizen. Montage of international arrivals and departures stirs a sense of adventure underfoot. Hi/lo texture of handtufted wool rug is hand cut, creating an embossed effect of overlapping passport stamps from global locales, from Marseilles to Indonesia. Field of cement grounds black, medium grey, coco brown rounds.

This is so cute great for small spaces $424

West Elm-Elton Chair The right tuft. A masterful mix of comfort and style, the Elton Chair has arms the perfect height for reading. This library chair’s padded seat, angled wood legs and classically tufted back give it a touch of casual, low-key sophistication.

My advice is to think outside the box when you are looking for furniture. I have relationships with a lot of retailers and vintage/antique shops. They call me when things go on sale or if chairs with great bones in need of TLC need a home.

Go shopping in your own home first…moving things around or recovering a comfortable chair can save you a lot!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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