The wonderful world of wallpaper

Guest Room
Guest Room photo by Liz Donnelly


I am loving wallpaper these days. My basement was in need of a spruce up…as houseguests are coming in two short weeks. My basement has two guest rooms, a full bathroom and a huge living area (26 x14). I need to have a TV/lounge area and a workout area in this space. So I thought I would visually break up the space by adding wallpaper to the lounging area. I will post photos when the space is complete.

Wallpaper is very trendy right now and it is a fun way to add style to any space. I love it as an accent wall in a bedroom (as in the photo above), in a powder room or any room.

Here are some of my favorite wallpapers. The first one is the one I chose for the basement. The second and third were runners up! All available from




The next two looks are fresh and fun from



I also love these Graham & Brown Wallpapers



My next two wallpaper projects are the mudroom and the powder room!

Mudroom ideas

T16050-3360 t36184-3360

Powder room paper is purchased and ready to install, it is a silver grasscloth…very chic.

What are do you think of these wallpapers? Do you like wallpaper? Do you have any decorating plans for the fall? I would love to hear about them!

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Kitchen Renovation

Hello Everyone,

Here are the photos of my newly renovated kitchen. My photographer Liz Donnelly, did a fabulous job capturing this space. We love our homes open floor plan.

To remind you…here are the before pictures.



In the photo below you see our leather swivels chairs these are great because they allow you to watch TV or towards the kitchen.


I used black as an accent to break up the monochromatic color scheme.



One of my favorite features is the nickel gap board backsplash.


When we renovated we added a bar sink, I love having two sinks.



The dining area seems to fit better with the new kitchen.


Below you can see the entire space, when we renovated, we removed all the walls and replaced them with columns. We love this space.


What do you think? I am very happy with the results. Have you done a renovation lately? What did you do? What would you have done differently?

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Dwellings a Special Shop In Falmouth, ME

Dwellings is a special shop located at 251 US Route 1 in Falmouth, ME.

dwelling store shot

The idea behind this home décor store is instant gratification; anything in the store can be purchased and delivered within a day or so.  I love the look of this chair and I could have it in my home today.  I love that.

love this chair

When we stopped by, owner Louisa Routh had just returned from the Atlanta show. She told us calm colors were in, and bold colors were being phased out. She saw a lot of soft gray and soft pumpkin paired with cobalt and navy blue.

Ocean colors & themes are always popular with Dwellings customers. The mirrors below are one of the hottest items at Dwellings, made in Maine from vintage windows.


Below are some of the other things that caught my eye…




dwelling pillows

dwelling schumacher

Dwellings is also a great place to get a wedding or baby gift. They carry Italian pottery by Vietri , Glass by Simon Pearce, Mariposa service ware and several other options for brides. You can also register for your wedding or baby shower.

simon pearce


As you know by now, I love all things coastal, these fish platters and bowls are fabulous and they are so reasonably priced $19 for the platter and $12 for the bowls.


If you want to find that special something to finish a room, or you need to design the entire room Dwellings can help.

Dwellings ships nationwide, so if you need that special gift  and you are not local call them at 207-781-3711 and let them do the shopping, wrapping & shipping for you!
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Budget Friendly Teen Room Design

Designing for teen girls is so much fun! As you can see purple was our color of choice. I used black, white and grey as the accent colors to tone down the purple. The room is made up of the following items.

  1. The white bed, dresser and bedside table are all from Ikea
  2. The fun hanging lights are also from Ikea
  3. Desk chair covered in an UGG rug
  4. Desk is from Staples
  5. I love this black decal Dali Decal
  6. Silk pillows Fur pillow
  7. Groovy velvet chair

tween room

Teen rooms do not have to be boring or expensive, have fun designing your teens room!

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Happy Summer.

Best, Celia

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Kitchen Update

Designing a kitchen for myself is not easy, I am a bad client!

I started this process with the desire for new cabinets. My old cabinets are 30 years old and very tired looking. The hinges do not match the hardware, and there are at least 6 coats of peeling paint on them. I intended to keep my granite, but found that the process of removing it and then putting it back after the cabinets went in was not cost affective (it was $2,000 more to put on new counter tops). As with all construction, one action leads to another. When the counter tops are removed they cannot save the backsplash. Do you see how things are adding up? Oh, and they cannot remove the sink from the granite to install on the on the new counters…really come on!

The project is adding up quickly. Well, it is too late now so I guess I better just enjoy the ride.

Here are the final choices…

brookshireThese are Shrock Cabinets and will be painted in Dover Grey.


The top cabinet will have glass doors and the interior of these cabinets will be painted blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue
Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue

The new counters are going to be honed Marble.

carrara post

The stove wall (below) and backsplash are going to be nickel gap boards


Justine Hand (nickel gap boards)



The hardware that goes with my scheme (functional-vintage) best is this…

knob pulls

On Thursday my existing granite was removed, then all we had to do was demo the cabinets. This is what our kitchen looks like now.


photo (23)

NOW…doesn’t it look great?


I looked into the most cost-effective way to dispose of the cabinets, 1-800-got-junk does not give you estimates before they come, they said it would be $445 to dispose of the cabinets.

former kitchen

I sent them away that is just too much, so I broke down the cabinets and put them in this Bagster it was only $149.


If you are considering a renovation on your kitchen, stay tuned. Our next post is a guide to buying kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen renovation on a budget

Budget friendly and kitchen renovation do not often go together, but I am trying. I am planning to renovate my kitchen, the cabinets are being held together by the layers of paint I have put on them. I do not have a big budget, I am trying to keep everything under $20k.

  • We are keeping the same stainless appliances in the kitchen, so that is a help.
  • We have granite, but refinishing it is proving to be expensive. (I find that sort of shocking, we live in such a disposable society; even granite is removed rather than re-finished.) In any case we have two options for counters.
  1.  Keep our granite and polish it ourselves or pay the $3k+ to have it re-finished.


  2.Buy new counters I like either the Lyra Silstone (1st photo) or the Quarsar (2nd      photo) they are about $98 square foot installed.

lyra counter


  • We are installing new Shrock cabinets: Pleasant Hill Door style see below.


  • I love the simple line of these cabinets…the price is right too.The color of the cabinetry is TBD, either a light mushroom if we keep our granite counters, or off white if I go with a new counter.
  • I want soft-close drawers…in fact I can’t wait for that!
  • All the upper cabinets will have glass doors, I know I can keep them tidy.
  • These are the two I am looking at…which one do you like, I am leaning towards the top one?

mullion doorsglass door 2

  • How will we open these new cabinets ? I love these knobs, especially the second one…which one do you like ?

knob11oval knob

  • If I go glass, I will get these pulls

cup pull

  • The final step will be a new back-splash, I am thinking herringbone subway tile or if I win Powerball I will go for the second one, I just adore that one!

backsplash love

1st choice backsplaxh

Few tips to keep in mind

  • Full height doors save money and maximize storage space. (Drawers require additional framing which eats up storage)
  • All drawer cabinet bases maximize drawer use.
  • Use pullout shelves in base cabinets with full height doors to help use entire space most efficiently.
  • Glass doors on some or all upper cabinets will make your kitchen feel bigger.
  • Use all your space no need for a soffit to accommodate shorter cabinets put cabinets to the ceiling, use your space wisely.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I will do a photo shoot in about two months to show you the final result.I have a lot to do, I have not even ordered the cabinets yet! Please let me know your thoughts.

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Budgeting for a small bathroom

Over spending is easy, even in small spaces. In this kids bathroom, we had a budget of $8k. We did not go to fancy tile stores, or buy pricey plumbing fixtures, and we still went way over budget.

We purchased our tile, tub, sinks and faucets from Lowes. We used Celia Bedilia vanities and terrazzo vanity tops. We thought we were doing a great job sticking to our budget $4,775.95, for all those items. But then came the labor, and all other building materials…before long we were over budget! photo: Liz Donnelly
photo: Liz Donnelly

The details that make this bathroom crisp and clean, but did not blow the budget: Bead-board, sea-glass tile shower-box inserts, glass subway tile trim, wood plank floor tile, and all the white accents.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

I have done many bathrooms, but I still amazed at the cost of doing a renovation. I have included the actual numbers for this bathroom below.

I hope that this will help those of you who are contemplating renovations, understand where your money will go!

Budget $8k – Actual Cost $13,065.95

  • Labor (tile, framing, demo etc.) $2,800.00
  • Plumbing (whirlpool tub, 2 vanities, toilet) $1,300.00
  • Electric  (rewire switches, new sconces and whirlpool tub) $900.00
  • Painting – (bead-board, trim, doors and walls)  $1,730.00
  • Sheet Rocking $360.00
  • Building supplies (doors, dura-rock, etc)  $1,200.00
  • Countertop Fabrication $500.00
  • Tile (floor –wood look tile, subway tile, and glass tile)$1,000.00
  • Whirlpool tub & Drain   $870.95
  • (2) Sinks $65       $130.00
  • Faucets (2 vanities, and shower-tub)      $375.00
  • Toilet     $200.00
  • (2) Vanities $600/each   $1,200.00
  • (2) Terrazzo Counters $250/each $ 500.00

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Are you planning any renovations? Let’s us help you!

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Making the Most of Small Bathroom Spaces

My tips for making the most of a small bathroom space.

  • Claim as much space as possible. I took half of a linen closet from my hall to make more space in my kid’s bathroom.
  • You can also add recessed storage or tall cabinets to make a space feel bigger.
Recessed storage is a must for small
Recessed storage is a must for small spaces.
This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.
This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.
  • Use a monochromatic theme. I like using neutrals, this does not have to be boring. Sea-glass colors are in style and very neutral, but not boring.
  • I love these Evit bubble glass tiles. They could be used as the back of recessed boxes in the shower; it just requires a little tile so you can use expensive tiles!
White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.
White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.
  • Keep it simple. In small spaces you need to keep your design simple.
  • I have lots of clients who have been planning a bath renovation for years. Once they show me  their dream wish list…I take those ideas and come up with a cohesive look. I usually simplify too.
This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!
This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet as the vanity and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!
Small bath with bold wall color...note everything else is white.
Small bath with bold wall color…note everything else is white.
  • Take out hinged doors and replace them with pocket or barn doors. This will open up any space.
Barn doors are great on bathrooms.
Barn doors are great for bathrooms.
  • Proper lighting will make your space feel bright and bigger.
Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600
Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600
This would be cool in a powder room. Fioella Wall Sconce
This would be cool in a powder room.
Fioella Wall Sconce
  • Use one large mirror rather than two smaller ones over a double vanity.
  • Consider mirror on the entire wall vanity wall.
One Mirror...two
One Mirror…two sinks.
One mirror makes this space look huge!
One mirror makes this space look huge!
  • Wall mounting major fixtures also adds visual space.
  • In Asia where space is a hot commodity, they hang the toilets and sinks. (It does not have to look institutional; if you use modern fixtures it will look great.)
  • You might also consider installing wall faucets rather than having them take space on the vanity.
I love this Bathroom designed by Mary Lou Kalmus
I love this Bathroom designed
by Mary Lou Kalmus
  • Natural light is also important to small spaces.
  • Leave existing windows, or change the size but keep the light.
  • Use Mirrors to reflect the natural light.
  • If you can add skylights, do it!
Great window for a small
Great window for a small space.
Natural Light is the best kind.
Natural Light is the best kind.
House Beautiful...mirrored vanities chic and reflective.
House Beautiful…mirrored vanities chic and reflective.

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My clients wanted a conservatory style dining room. These can be very expensive and we were on a budget. The idea for the room was to open it up to outdoors and highlight the view.

Originally, this room opened onto a craft/ junk room with sliding doors. We removed the slider and framed in the space, and I designed a long built-in buffet for that wall. These clients have a big family and they love to entertain so the buffet was a must. We also removed the arch window, slider and sidelight windows on the outside wall, and replaced them with a great set of  tall French doors that the owner found on Craig’s list! This is great tip…look for items on Craig’s list before buying new, reuse & save!

In addition to the buffet I commissioned the dining table and a bench. The table has a great design and we just love the way it came out. We stained it a drift wood color and then finished it with epoxy.

Before: notice the windows and unpainted wood

After: New paint, windows, lighting and doors really open up the space!

Photographer: Liz Donnelly
Here is another shot of the room-photo Liz Donnelly

Before Photo: This shot is really a during construction shot, you can see we have framed in the wall behind the built-in

After: This built-in is framed by the wonderful windows I turned into mirrors. They reflect the view which is lovely! My faux painter painted the cabinet to look like aged wood and the top to look like marble. It is really a fabulous piece.

Look at this built-in I just love it!-photo Liz Donnelly
Close up of sink area-photo Liz Donnelly

I hope you enjoyed seeing the before and after shots. It really proves that anything is possible. It was such fun to work on this project & see the owners dream of a conservatory dining space come to life!

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20 Items to spruce up your home for under $20

Decorating does not need to be expensive. I think some of my best projects have been budget driven. I do not have clients with big budgets, but they have big ideas and I am very creative! I love shopping sales, Home Goods and Craig’s List and consignment stores. So think paint, upholstering and sales to get cool things at cool prices!!!!!

Isn’t this Willow Cloche cool only $19.99 including the tray from Williams Sonoma.


I have used these pillows and they are a wonderful touch to any room and only $19.99 from West Elm
This vase is only $3.99 from CB2, buy several to line a table
Jug-tastic deal $19.99 from Williams-Sonoma Home
What this rug is only $14.99 from Williams Sonoma? Come on…really
I think this dinnerware is very chic and it starts at $19.99 at West Elm
West Elm has these towel rack on sale for $9.99-$14.99 this is a great deal for a great product.
CB2 does it again $9.99 for these vases…come on! Make a bedside lamp or just place them on a shelf to add a clean and modern touch
CB2’s buyer has an eye for cheerful and these napkins are reusable and a great price $19.99 for a dozen

Cheer up any room with these bird pillows from Pottery Barn $14.99…what a deal!
All has these very cool plates starting at $14.99
ADORABLE $1.95 fun way to display photos or notes, they are great in groups of 3-5.
These felt boxes are so chic in charcoal gray…love them and only $19.99 from CB2
Fin decals from Dali Decals $10, lots of great decals to choose from.
Soothing Capian Sea candle from Pottery Barn $15.99, can be used as a vase after the candle is gone!
I love these Birdcage Trays from Pottery Barn $9.99 and up. Hang them on a wall as art!
Look on your local Craig’s list this antique mirror $20 (this is from Boston’s CL)
Another Boston Craig’s list deal $20 this would make any office look good!

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