Are you ready to travel?

I cannot wait to walk these beautiful streets. Look at these incredible photos my Photographer Liz Donnelly took for me last fall. I miss you Europe…I will be back.

Look at these dreamy photos. We are planning a tour of the epic gardens of Italy and Portugal. Lets get planning.


Designing a Beautiful Life

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful career. My job is all about enjoying the beauty that surrounds us or creating beautiful spaces or events for my clients.

When we are free to travel again I look forward to bringing my clients to Europe. Travel opens your mind, lifts your spirits, and feeds your soul.

Photo: Italy fall 2019 tour

Most of my weddings have been postponed or canceled altogether for 2020, but I am still dreaming about bouquets and tablescapes.

One of CB Design weddings in 2018

We will move our classes online so we can still learn and love flowers, gardening & interior ideas.

Floral & Design Classes

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and you enjoy your work.

I am using this downtime to take classes, watch YouTube videos on gardening, and read as many articles, books, and blogs about design as I can.

I know some of you are taking Master Classes, learning languages, gardening, cooking, binge-watching Netflix, and working out.

How are you using your quarantine time???

Let me know by commenting or liking my post!

Thank you for stopping by and please stay safe and healthy!

Xo šŸ˜˜ Celia

I stand with Italy

I love Italy, and my heart is breaking for my home away from home! Stay healthy, enjoy your family, stay home!

We can all do our part to keep this from spreading by staying home. I am virtually traveling by watching travel shows, reading blogs and books!

Please stay safe & healthy.

Xo, Celia

Come on letā€™s go!

Is it time for you to enjoy life again? Is it time for you to expand your horizons? Do you want to learn a new skill?

Come travel with Celia Bedilia Tours! We plan tours of Italy, Portugal and England based on your interests. Have you always wanted to learn to cook in Tuscany?, would you like to take a painting class in Florence?, or perhaps learn floristry in England? Letā€™s go!

Beautiful street in Rome
Floristry class in the English country side.
Learn history by living it.
Is fashion your passion? Italy is the place for you!!!

Letā€™s go, letā€™s travel, letā€™s live, letā€™s learn, letā€™s love!

Happy 2020!




I LOVE ROME!!!! I miss it when I am not there. My senses are alive in this wonderful city. We will be introducing our tours in the spring stay tuned!!!


To me details are everything!

photos: Liz Donnelly

In my life details are everything. In both parts of my business, I pay attention to the littlest detail. I want a wedding to look and feel a certain way and the same is true for a home.

Bridal and Baby showers can be ho-hum, if you don’t dress the space correctly. This baby shower was at Dockside Grill, Falmouth, ME. A gift table must have flowers, these mini arrangements were tucked between the gifts, so as not to over shadow them.


I also added a self serve candy bar, you need sugar to get you through the gift opening…which takes altogether too long in my opinion!


We created a comfortable area to open the gifts too, Mom to be, BFF, and two grandmothers to be can all sit together.


I love adding unexpected vignettes to weddings too. It allows me to bring more of the bride and groom into the event. Here we used a dingy for a self serve water and sodaĀ station. The bride managed a marina so this was a nod to her.Marr_Wedding2


In interior design, it is imperative that you add a level of detail that reflects the home owner. I love this photograph of a kitchen I did in Harpswell, ME the pottery is soĀ soft and sweet just like the owner!

Kitchen with white cabinets

I love this home and the homeowners. They did not want to see the TV and so we hid it behind barn-doors, that side over the shelves when opened. The result is a lovely built in, sometimes the biggest feature in a spaceĀ is part of the build out.


You do not need to overpower a space in order to add character to it, here we used white elements to finish our look.


In this home we choose the curved arch as the attribute to focus on. We pickedĀ the pendant and sconce to mimic the flow of the arch. This space was made perfect with the addition of the home owners fantastic art collection!


No one does details like Italians ! You know I am obsessed! look at these three water features in Tivoli (photos below I took, I don’t want you to think Liz did them)




I love layers in a home, or in event design. I think people really appreciate the collected look andĀ attention to detail.

What matters to you when designing a room or event? I you enjoyed my little tour of details.

Best, Celia



Rome captures my soul yet again!

I have just returned from two glorious weeks in the eternal city. Honestly, there is no place I would rather be. I love Rome for so many reasons, it is incredibly beautiful, steeped in history, fashion forward and walk-able. This trip I had the pleasure of going with a group of fabulous women. We stayed in a charming apartment that I had rented before, which is centrally located in the heart of ancient Rome. We walked, shopped, talked, cooked and laughed the days away.

Here is my top ten of must see things, and places in Rome.

  1. Galleria Borghese and the Borghese gardens. There is more beauty in this villa than your eye, heart and mind can digest.


2. Ostia Antica- the ancient port of Rome was incredible because it highlighted how advanced the Roman Empire was. Here are some of the floors that remain in the ruins, the black and white mosaics are from the baths. I wish my floorsĀ looked like that!


3. Altare della Patria- my favorite building in Rome, this building serves me well, not just its’ handsomeness but its’ central locationĀ makes it a great way to learn the city. Look for the flying horses and you can get home!


4. You can’t help but to love the Colosseo or Colosseum. This was in my neighborhood and although I saw it everyday I never tired of it.


5. I love the buildings in this city, the colors and the history ooze from them.


6. Tivoli which is just outside the city is a great rest-bit from the crowds in Rome.It Ā has the Villa d’Este a Unesco world heritage site. I highly recommend going to see this beautiful villa and the spectacular gardens.


7. If you love Art Rome is the right place for you to go. It is everywhere even on the sidewalk andĀ on buildings.


8. Do not miss the Protestant Cemetery, or the Non Catholic Cemetery as it is labeled on maps. This is an awe inspiring spot.


9. A great day trip from Rome is Orvieto, this is an incredible town know for its beautiful cathedral, wine and pottery. The perfect trifectaĀ in my opinion.


10. Lastly If you have the time or opportunity, walk up one of the seven hills of Rome and look down upon this splendid city. You won’t be sorry!


I hope you enjoyed my favorite spots in Rome I would love to hear and see yours. let me know your thoughts by commenting or liking this post.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ciao amici



How can a designer not be inspired by the beauty of Italy

I have just spent 8 days being inspired by the beauty of Italy! It is such a wonderful and colorful country.

The Amazing Vatican

St. Peters Basilica


The pinecone came from ancient Rome, and was moved to the Vatican to decorate this courtyard…how amazing is this sculpture?


St. Peter’s Square was truly awe inspiring.



A young Mary holding Jesus after he was crucified.


This is the bathtub of one of the emperors



Rome Inspiration

View from one of the hills of Rome…we went to a few…maybe Aventine?


Our neighborhood fruit and vegetable stand!


The Pantheon…look at the light…there is no electricity in this building


My favorite building in Rome, Vittorio Emanuele II monument.


The sculptures in Rome are incredible!


A Basilica, one of many we saw and loved…I adoreĀ the molding, and the color in theĀ paintings.


The stories are told in stone in Rome,Ā Ā this is theĀ Arch of Constantine.


Look at the layers of decorative work, my poor carpenters will be complaining about my molding specifications from now on!


A wonderful street in our neighborhood


Our terrace…lovely and peaceful.


I love the details…look beautiful hardware to hold shutters open.


Capri: Colors and Texture




103 110


If you want to be inspired by design, art, sculpture or history, Italy, specifically Rome is the place to go. I hope you will go if you have not been…it is worth the trip!

Thank you for stopping by if you like this post please let me know by commenting. I hope you are all enjoying your summer.

Best, Celia