One Room Four Quadrants

Great rooms and open concept living is here to stay. We have evolved from compartmentalized living to multi purpose living spaces. Today we want one room to have multiple functions, just as we want our phones to do many things. We are multi tasking as a way of life, I think some of us only have virtual free time.

This home shows us exactly how one space can serve many needs, as the living, dining, kitchen and TV area share one space, but they feel separate.

Quadrant 1:The Kitchen, which utilizes two walls of this shared space, the Island helps to define this area.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 2: The TV area, This space is directly in front of the kitchen and shares the cabinet wall with the kitchen. The TV wall, (not shown) is in line with the living room wall. This area also has the access to the deck and backyard.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 3: This is the living room area, it shares a common wall with the dining room space. The front staircase and front door are located in this “formal” section.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

Living section looking towards the dining room.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 4: Dining, the dining area is just off the kitchen and the living space. This is great entertaining space, the island serves as the buffet.
Photo: Liz Donnelly
Photo: Liz Donnelly

What do you think about open concept living? Do you like the idea of everything happening in one space? Do you function better when everything & EVERYONE is close together, or do you prefer closed spaces to get away?

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Elements of a Stylish Living Room


I am working on a living room in Boothbay, Maine. I want the room to be stylish, and family friendly. I am a firm believer that living rooms are to live in,  not look at, even if this means adding a TV to the room.

Our plan for the room is simple…

  • Paint the walls a soft gray-blue.
  • Wallpaper the TV area…to distract from what I imagine will be a massive TV.
  • Purchase two new coordinating (indoor/outdoor) rugs for the room, I do not think they need to match but they could.
  • Utilize the home owners two new neutral sofas and club chair.
  • Buy two swivel chairs, these chairs will divide the space and will turn to face both the TV area and the fireplace (see rough plan above)
  • I will be adding a large square coffee table and an oversized ottoman.
  • Linen curtain panels will add texture, and interest to the widows and French doors in the room, they will also help keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • I have designed a long low built-in to house toys, books and DVD player etc. for the wall.

Paint Options
Kitchen Color

1. Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog (kitchen opens into the living room):

coastal fog
Living Room

1. Palladium Blue
paladium blue

2. Farrow & Ball Skylight…this one is the one!

borrowed light no 235


1. Thibaut Downing Gate-Navy


2. I love this one from Swagpaper


The focal wall would look something like this.

Swivel chairs I love…all from Lee Industries




The home owners have tWo couches but if they did not have them I would suggest one of the following options:

1. Mitchell Gold Charlotte Sofa

Charlotte 85

2. Pottery Barn – Carlisle Sofa

pb carlisle sofa

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs Ideas:

1. Ballard Designs

ballard io rug

2. & 3. Dash & Albert (New Bunny Williams Rugs) I love these!
bunny williams rugElizabethBlueBW2X3[18159]


Coffee Table Options

1. Celia Bedilia Design – Coastal Coffee Table it is 48×48 and has tons of storage


2. Bernhardt – This is one of the best coffee tables around…it is a classic and goes with so many different furniture styles.

coffee table

Linen Curtain Panels:

You cannot go wrong with these wonderful white linen curtains.

1. Pottery Barn

linen surtain pb

2. Restoration Hardware

rh linen curtain

I hope this post gives you some ideas if you are planning your own living room. If you like this post let me know, if you have any questions or comments please write to me or comment.

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Paints: and

Wallpaper: and

Rugs: and


Sofas: and

Coffee tables: and Dwellings: 251 U.S. 1, Falmouth, ME 04105
(207) 781-3711

Curtains: and

Paradise on a river in Maine

We have a new project that is located in Edgecomb, Maine on the Damariscotta River. The Damariscotta is a 19.0-mile-long tidal river, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This river known for its Oyster beds, Mussel Farming, clamming, fishing,  and in recent years it has become a huge tourist destination.

This is the first job I have had in this area, and it is truly amazing. Our client’s home is situated in the most picturesque spot on the banks of the river.  It is such a lovely place to work. I also really like the home owners which is an added bonus!

Although the house is very nice, it needs some updating. The home is new to my client so she wants to put her stamp on it. We are painting almost the entire interior of the house. In addition to paint, we are rearranging furniture, purchasing some new furniture and hanging art.

The photos below are of first room we are tackling. It needs new paint, a sectional sofa, coffee table style ottoman, and maybe a new chair and ottoman. We are keeping the game table and chairs. They have a lovely rug in the space so we do not need to purchase one.


DSC_0132All of the trim will all be painted in Benjamin Moore Decorators White, and the walls will be a version of one of the colors below.

Farrow&Ball: Barrowed Light
Farrow & Ball: Borrowed Light


skylight paint f&b
Farrow & Ball Skylight

We are painting the back of the bookcases, Farrow & Ball Parma Gray-which is far darker than it appears below.

Farrow & Ball – Parma Gray

We are then looking into sectional for the space. These are three of the options I am pricing out. I like the top and bottom choice. Which one do you like?

sectional 3

alex sectional

lee sectional

Rather than a coffee table, I would like to use a large square ottoman. I am drawn to the base of the bottom option, but I am not sure if it would be comfortable to put your feet up on.

square ottoman

overstock ottoman


Lastly, I propose moving the blue leather chair and ottoman (in photo above) to the family room and replacing it with one of these.

#1 This one has good lines, and is very comfortable

chair 1st choice for keith

#2 This is a swivel and which would work well in this space, because you could turn toward the sectional or to the AMAZING view.


#3 I love this, but I think is too sweet for the space.

bedroom chair

So this is my first draft idea board for the room.

The fabrics and leg finishes will be different, but, this is just a mood board.

edgecomb 2

What do you think? Do you like the direction this room is going in? The view is the star in this house so I do not want to do anything to fussy, formal or trendy.

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Staging A Home Helps You Get Top Dollar

Data shows that homes that are staged sell much faster than un-staged homes. Professional stagers and designers know how to arrange your rooms to highlight the assets of your home, and camouflage the flaws.

Here is a home we just staged for clients of ours.

Before of living
Before of living
Staging Day one...painting, and furniture removal
Staging day one…painting, and furniture removal

To stage this room we…

  1. Painted the room (Farrow & Ball: Borrowed Light)
  2. We removed most of the furniture
  3. We replaced the coffee table with a larger table that grounds the space
  4. We re-hung all the art to the right height and coordinated the subject matter (all art about the coast of Maine)
  5. We added coastal touches as the home is a block from the water and people want to buy the coastal feel! The Barn Pottery pillows add a lot to the space without a spending a lot!

After (same view as before shot)

Dining Room Before

After Dining: New chairs & curtains make the room

Before Foyer: Table and Light were too big


After of Foyer: More open and welcomingDSC_0275

Before Kitchen: Not much too change…just new chairs


TV Room becomes bedroom: bedrooms add value


?????????????? ?????????????????


If you want to see the entire house look at the listing below

We had a great time doing this project. We are working on the home owners new house and it is going to be spectacular!

Stay tuned for more before and after projects.

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Photos:Anne Sowles

What do I do with my living room?

What do I do with my living room…this is the question that Anne (my right hand gal) & I are asked the most.

Formal living…is out of style. I do have a great appreciation for a beautifully decorated home that has a formal living room, dining room, library and parlor. In general we do not live that way anymore.

More often than not I hear my clients say that there is no living going on in their living rooms. I think we can change that!

I removed all the walls on the first floor of my house to open things up, and allow us to live in every space. I have pillars to hold up the steel beam that allows this open concept to work, and I use those pillars to create different living spaces in the room. We have a TV area, Living space, dining space and kitchen all in one room!

If you do not want to make a major change like I did, I understand.You can still make changes to your home to make it reflect your lifestyle.

  • Add a TV to your living room…I know you do not want to but…you can hide it!
  • Look at the seating in the room; is it comfortable and adequate to seat the family and friends? If you love your furniture consider recovering it, this is usually about half the cost of replacing items. I love rooms that have two sofas!
  • How do the walls look? Are they tired looking? Fresh paint will fix this! You can also add trim, wainscoting or wallpaper.
  • Do you have a coffee table that anchors the space? Make this piece large enough to hold books, magazines, flowers and hors d’oeuvres. This is a family and entertaining space!
  • Do you have an area rug? Is it the right size? A good sized rug should allow you to set your furniture at least halfway on the rug.
  • Make the room cozy and comfortable. In the Northeast we use drapes and throw blankets to cozy up our homes.
  • Do not forget lighting, sconces, recessed lights and lamps are a must.

Here are some of my favorite rooms and must haves:

  • I love this room layout, it is very balanced but not boring…note the TV above the fireplace.

These curtain panels are fabulous:

Seating is the single most important feature of a living room:

Lee Industries Swivel…my favorite swivel!

Proper lighting is crucial!

Great lighting at
Classic lamp styles can work in almost any room

Coffee tables…anchor the room

I love this French Coffee table
Storage style coffee tables are great too! Celia Bedilia Design

Side tables are also a must

Clean and simple side tables work best in most living rooms

Do not overlook dressing your walls…paint, wallpaper, trim, mirrors and art finish the look.

Feature one wall with wallpaper
Do not forget trim can really finish a space
I love this Wisteria mirror

Floors cannot be forgotten hardwood, tile, carpet are all great options. Go with a rug that matches the style you are trying to achieve, do not try to make the wrong rug work!

This floor was painted by my decorative painter to look like inlaid wood.

Finally the finishing touches are so important

Get cozy…invest in a cashmere blanket
I love these vases…on sale now
Plants are great things to use to finish a room!


How to Update a Classic Coastal Cottage (from functional to fabulous)

Steps to changing this living room from functional to fabulous

  1. Rip up the wall to wall carpet and re-finish or repaint the floors (we know there is wood under this carpet)
  2. Paint the ceiling, beams, trim, fireplace and window bench-Ben Moore- Decorators White (great bright white)
  3. Paint the walls one of the colors below…this is where I need your input please vote for your favorite color
#1 Ben Moore: Woodlawn Blue
#2 Seren & Lily: Gull
#3 Farrow&Ball: Barrowed Light

4. Add a new area rug to ground the seating area, I like Dash & Albert rugs for durability, colors and patterns.

Option 1: Indoor/Outdoor wide blue stripe
Option #2 Navy striped indoor/outdoor rug
Option #3 Khaki mixed stripe (indoor/outdoor)

5. Replace the window bench cushions

6. Replace the loveseat with 2 chairs on casters for mobility, this way they can be moved over to the window bench are or stay in front of the fireplace.

This is my choice for the chair on casters

7. Replace the sofa with a new sofa with clean lines that is strong enough to hold up to both children and renters

Something like this option from West Elm in a textured fabric

8. New coffee table with a better scale for the furniture and the room, I like this one below because it looks like driftwood.

9. Replace the existing chair and ottoman with a comfortable slip-covered version.

Cottage style slip-covered chair and ottoman

10. Finally you need to fill that walls with art and perhaps a mirror over the fireplace?

I am so excited to get going on this project! It is a wonderful beach front cottage, it looks like the house that is in the movie “Moonrise Kingdom“, but our vision is to make it into the house from “As Good As It Gets“. I hope to get started this fall and finish it in the late spring. It is such a beautiful spot, I even enjoy the hour drive.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Please follow my blog if you do not already do so. We love to hear from you so keep those comments and questions coming…do not forget to vote for you choices of rug and wall color!

Best, Celia