I am so pleased with the way this wedding turned out! It was a beautiful day on the coast of Maine. I am so fortunate to have worked with an incredible Bride & Groom and their families! I had a fabulous team too.

Thank you Griffin & Griffin Lighting, Peak Events, The Libbys Photo & Films, The Roaming Speakeasy Co., Big Tree Catering, and my Celia Bedilia Team!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this event as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting or liking this post.


Bloom Filled Bouquets

There is something so appealing about this bouquet. I love the touch of blue to bring the tradition of “something borrowed, something blue” into the day, the heirloom roses are also so lovely. I used more color on the tables but the same feel throughout the wedding! Thank you Whitney Fox for the photos.

One of the best parts of my job is creating events that truly reflect the couple. This bride and groom were such fun, and so was their wedding. We had crisp blue Ikat table runners made for the event, used romantic mercury glass votive candles, and classic blooms finished the look!

As I look back on my weddings from 2018 & 2019 I filled with a mix of pride and sadness. Weddings in 2020 have not been what they were meant to be. I am looking forward to the future of my business and all the memories and bouquets yet to come!!!

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you all a beautiful day.

Vision of An August Wedding

I have been busy conceptualizing my August weddings! As you may know, I am going to a program at the London Flower School. I want to get the most out of this course, so I am putting together my vision boards for each of this seasons weddings.

This is what I have in mind for one of my August weddings! This wedding is going to be black tie, elegant and unforgettable.

I am thinking of the ideas below for the cocktail hour decor, it is being held outside on a deck and lawn. The woven containers would be used for flowers arrangements, then the glass globes are for votive candles, and finally, the terracotta containers for herbs, and decorative grasses.



These torches are so cool and they use citronella, which is perfect for a keeping bugs away on a Maine summer night.


The tent we are using is clear, we are building a wood arbor for over the head table, similar to the one below.

Here are my table-scape ideas, I need your feedback, after looking at all three options which one do you like best?

Option #1:

The head table area is to have six of these large hanging baskets, seen below, full of flowers and candles.


Then the smaller hanging containers alternating between flowers and candles.

terracecollection_3_ (2)

The centerpieces will be the large tall glass containers with flowers surrounded by mini flower arrangements and votives.

Option #2:

Hanging garlands and flowers would be used with these candle holders.


The center arrangement vessel for this optionis gold!


These little containers, are for votive candles, and mini arrangements.

30720-00_5_ (2)

Option #3

If I use these glass shapes hanging above the head table they will be filled with a combination of flowers and votives.


This lovely glass urn would be the central vase.


The blush containers would be filled with flowers and candles would be in the bejeweled option.

For the outdoor areas other than the cocktail hour space, I will be using a combination of elegant mercury glass, and rustic lanterns and planters.

Bridal bouquet ideas from Pinterest. I love these bouquets!

Thank you for stopping by, I love hearing from you, and I appreciate your taking the time to read this!

Please let me know what option you like best option 1, option 2, or option 3?



The Making of a Maine Wedding

This weekend, I had the pleasure of putting together a fantastic Maine wedding. It was at The Dockside Grill at Handy Boat Marina, in Falmouth. We built the tent on the dock of the boat yard…it was so cool!

I had the arbor below, built for the ceremony. I used vintage Indian security gates, and then stained and aged the spruce frame to finish the look. Then, I added plants, vines and roses to complete my vision!

Thank you, to my BFF Anne Sowles, who took these fabulous pictures of the set-up. When the professional pictures are done, I will post them too!

DSC_0020 (3)

DSC_0045 (2)DSC_0027DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0041 (2)DSC_0039DSC_0038 (2)

DSC_0064 (2)

The tent was spectacular no poles, clear sides and glorious views! We filled it with fragrant flowers, candles and rustic touches.

The head table, made up of two wood harvest tables, had a table runner of greens and flowers and floating candles.

My assistant Lindsey seen below helped pull the entire concept together for me!


The photos below show the process, cylinder vases, greens, then flowers, bear grass, water and floating candles.

DSC_0005DSC_0024 (2)DSC_0025DSC_0048 (2)DSC_0051

The other tables had white linens, burlap runners and European vases filled with huge pale yellow, white and blush roses, green hydrangeas, and white peony’s.

DSC_0047 (2)DSC_0062DSC_0037 (2)DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0007 (2)

I am so proud of the way this wedding turned out. The flowers were so stunning, they practically arranged themselves. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak at my weekend!

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know your thoughts on my wedding flowers and decor.



Rustic Winter Wedding

I have made a new friend through my gym, and her daughter is getting married in February. Naturally I am helping with the wedding. You know I can’t pass up an event full of details…I live for the little the details.

Here are some of the ideas I am hoping to incorporate into her wedding.

  1. Bird vases, I am obsessed with these I have used them several times and they are magical, and cool! _mg_1160-edit
  2. White, Gray, Purple and Green are the colors we are thinking for the flowers.The bride wanted to incorporate peacock feathers…I can’t wait that will be fun!


3. Herbs and Moss will most definitely be a part of our rustic winter decor. I think herbs bring life to an event.


4. Since we are using the bird vases, and the peacock feathers why not add nests!

4. You must have mood lighting for a wedding, candles are a must. Mason jars are great candle holders!



5. The bride likes the idea of hanging arrangements. We are doing the event at a location that where hanging things might be tough but we could do these in the windows! We can have moss and candles in some of the globes and flowers in the others.



6. I am thinking the ceremony space will have these urns filled with flower, curly willow and peacock feathers. Something like the ones I did below.


7. The bride and groom would like to incorporate some personal items like a date board that records, first date, proposal and wedding.


8. Lastly the bride wants to incorporate loved ones who have passed away as part of the decor. This is the idea she sent from Pinterest, I was thinking of expanding on this idea by using a long wooden tray filled with green and Spanish moss, pillar candles, mini herbs and nests.


I think this wedding will be spectacular! I promise to take pictures and share them with you.




To me details are everything!

photos: Liz Donnelly

In my life details are everything. In both parts of my business, I pay attention to the littlest detail. I want a wedding to look and feel a certain way and the same is true for a home.

Bridal and Baby showers can be ho-hum, if you don’t dress the space correctly. This baby shower was at Dockside Grill, Falmouth, ME. A gift table must have flowers, these mini arrangements were tucked between the gifts, so as not to over shadow them.


I also added a self serve candy bar, you need sugar to get you through the gift opening…which takes altogether too long in my opinion!


We created a comfortable area to open the gifts too, Mom to be, BFF, and two grandmothers to be can all sit together.


I love adding unexpected vignettes to weddings too. It allows me to bring more of the bride and groom into the event. Here we used a dingy for a self serve water and soda station. The bride managed a marina so this was a nod to her.Marr_Wedding2


In interior design, it is imperative that you add a level of detail that reflects the home owner. I love this photograph of a kitchen I did in Harpswell, ME the pottery is so soft and sweet just like the owner!

Kitchen with white cabinets

I love this home and the homeowners. They did not want to see the TV and so we hid it behind barn-doors, that side over the shelves when opened. The result is a lovely built in, sometimes the biggest feature in a space is part of the build out.


You do not need to overpower a space in order to add character to it, here we used white elements to finish our look.


In this home we choose the curved arch as the attribute to focus on. We picked the pendant and sconce to mimic the flow of the arch. This space was made perfect with the addition of the home owners fantastic art collection!


No one does details like Italians ! You know I am obsessed! look at these three water features in Tivoli (photos below I took, I don’t want you to think Liz did them)




I love layers in a home, or in event design. I think people really appreciate the collected look and attention to detail.

What matters to you when designing a room or event? I you enjoyed my little tour of details.

Best, Celia



Details made the difference in this weekends Maine barn wedding

I think it is the details that make the difference between a great wedding design and a run of the mill wedding.

Liz Donnelly, 207.712.1837 www.mainephotoco.com,  took all these photos and they are amazing. 

The Wedding was at William Allen Farm www.williamallenfarm.com, the owners of this farm are fantastic to work with!

Here are some of my favorite photos

1. You know I love mason jars!

photo Liz Donnelly

2. Burlap runners on white tablecloths are beautiful.

photo by Liz Donnelly

3. Simple place settings are the best as the look so crisp and clean

Celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

4. Lining your vases with Hosta leaves add a nice touch of color and hide the stems.

Celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

5. Cloches with twig balls and fairy lights add whimsy

celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

6. Table numbers do not need to be boring these wood slices are awesome!

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

7. When surrounded by fresh flowers the flame-less candles look less fake 🙂

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

8. Floating orchids are a very reasonable and effective

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

9. I like to use tones of votives…you cannot have too much candlelight

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

10. Using simple pale flowers on the harvest tables makes them pop!

celiabedilia.com photo:Liz Donnelly

11. Do not forget to dress the walls, especially in a barn wedding~

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

12. I love these crates the owner of the farm loaned me

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

13. Soft seating is a must!!!!!!! Everyone wants a place to hang out.

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

14. Benches help with adding a casual feel to some of the tables

celiabedilia.com Photo: Liz Donnelly

15. Here is one of the flood tables i created interest above with these grapevine displays and added spheres of lights to the table.

celiabedilia.com Photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

16. These shepherds hooks are great to define spaces in this case an outdoor seating area.

celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly

17. Ribbons are lovely they as they catch a breeze and add movement to a space.


18. I used black and white photos on the walls with flowers and candles to personalize the space



19. Old bottles and mason jars of flowers also add interest to the wall of the barn



20. The loft allowed Liz Donnelly to take these fabulous photos



21. Here is how we set up the loft, 2 wine barrels with stools and a sofa


I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision come to life! I am back to interior design for a while! Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting and liking the post!!!

Best, Celia