Finding Joy In Everyday Tasks

I have been on a personal journey over the last year and a half. My goal was to remove negativity to make space for more joy and gratitude. I started with a meditation class; meditation did not come naturally to me. I grew up in a loving but traditional family. Meditation and self-reflection were too new-age for my parents. So I need help with this concept. I took a class that opened me up to the beautiful world of inner peace. The practice of meditation has helped me change the way I react to external stresses. I am now taking the next step and trying to find joy in everyday tasks. I have committed to spending time outside in nature; to be honest, some of this is due to my new puppy Georgia, but I am enjoying being outside even in the pouring rain or freezing temperatures! I am also trying to learn from Marie Kondo and her method of decluttering. I realize that there is a connection between a cluttered home/workspace and a cluttered mind. I love Jay Shetty’s podcasts, and if you have not heard of him, I recommend looking up his videos on youtube. He suggests we create more positive experiences in our lives, and for me, that starts at home. I want to not only create a beautiful clutter-free lifestyle for myself but also my clients. I want everyone to benefit from the power of an uplifting environment.

Today I am going to tackle the category (as Marie Kondo suggests, choose a category not a room) of clothing. I was going to start with paper to clean up my office, but, Konmari method teaches that you need to learn the techniques slowly. Clothes are easier to organize and I am looking for immediate gratification!

I will find joy in today by spending time in nature, meditating, working (I love my job), and cleaning my closets.

What will bring you joy today? Let me know by commenting or like my post. Thank you for stopping by. Wish me luck!

Best, Celia

This is the place that sparks the most joy in my life! I love Rome!

Laundry Room/Closet Makeover

I love the way this laundry room turned out. What do you think?
I hope you are all enjoying summer.
Best, Celia

Maine living Magazine

before laundry
Day 1:
1.Remove all the crap from shelves
2.Spackle holes (I skipped this step…I do not show the public my laundry closet & I do not mind the holes)
3.Paint walls and shelves – Ben Moore: HC 170-Stonington Gray.
4.Let dry

•Mini roller & tray
•Putty knife
•1 1/2 inch paint brush

End of Day 1

painted laundry

Day 2: Wallpapering a focal wall in laundry room/closet

shelf liner

I am wallpapering the back of my laundry closet with contact paper. It is an inexpensive way to get a fresh new look in a small space.

Here is the step by step directions for wallpapering with contact paper.

If this appeals to you check out the selection of shelving liners on Amazon link below.

I wanted a little drama and fun in my laundry area, I spend a great deal of time in this space. I love the results.

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Using space wisely

great use of space

Using space wisely is the hallmark of good design. I love nooks and crannies when they are utilized, but I do not like them as junk storage spaces. More often than not people are intimidated by the strange spaces in their homes.  These little areas like space under the stairs and eaves of your home are wonderful space to get creative! If you think about a ship every area of the interior is used for living and storage, how can you use this model to help make use of your spaces?

In the room above we use built-ins to make use of all the space under the eaves. We had a desk area built with shelves above and then tired the window bench into the desk. The window bench gave us storage and a sunny spot to sit and read. The desk area is a wonderful homework space.

Walk In Closet To Be Proud Of

Clean built-In I love it

Closet Perfection

What goes into spring cleaning in your walk in closet? Not too much if you have designed it correctly from the start!

  • What do you want to need most from your closet?
  • What do you need for built in storage? Do you want drawers, shelves & cabinets? Look at the space your clothing, jewelry, shoes etc take up now, and add to that space for new items.  In the example above they wanted lots of drawers and 1 cabinet. They did not want to see any clothes.
  • What do you want for hanging space? Split rods for shirts and pants, and longer space for dresses and coats? How much of each do you need? You may not have many long items but you have a lot of skirts, pants and shirts, so you need to base your hanging storage on your needs!
  • Do you need storage for Jewelry? In the photo above they wanted to hang necklaces but not on hooks or pegs, so we found these French antique pieces (Home Goods had some that were very similar for a lot less!)
  • Do you need a space to sit in the room, or a vanity area?
  • What is the feel you want the space to have? The space above was a coastal home where they wanted to be surrounded by art and photos. So we set up a gallery above the built-ins to display their collections.
  • Do you need a full length mirror? If so where do you want it?
  • Do you need storage for an ironing board and iron? Or do you send everything to the dry cleaners?

Once you have these questions answered your closet design will come together! If you have designed your walk in closet space well, you just need to pick items up off the floor and surfaces and dust & vacuum to do your spring cleaning!

The Dreaded Desk/Office Spring Cleaning Day 3

The Dreaded Desk…and office organization

Oh my I have waited to tackle this project. My desk was in need of an overhaul. I have been putting this off because the weather has been so beautiful here that I have been outside racking up my lawn. My lawn and garden are in need of my attention but I am trying to stay on track and finish the inside first. So here we are, desk organization day. I have already walked the dogs twice, gone to meetings and drafted a photo shoot timeline all to procrastinate the desk/office organization.

Before starting this project I went to Staples and purchased everything I could find by Martha Stewart to organize my life. My thought process behind buying Martha’s line was that she seems to have her act together and I would like to be more like her. In fact I would love it, a house in Maine and estate in New York lots of helpers and wonderful dogs…and the money to pay people to keep your life orderly…sign me up!

If you are reading this blog you are stuck with my take on organization…make what you have better, the best is not only not necessary, but also not in my budget!

Before starting you will need a vacuum, cleaning supplies, trash bag, bulletin boards and containers to organize your stuff/life with. I vacuum the room before starting the actual organizing, more procrastination!

1ST step: you need to do is clean off your desk. I move items on to the floor and stack them in piles or groups. Bills, magazines, kids’ paper work, etc.

2nd step: you need to wash off your desk, filing cabinets, bookcases etc. When doing your bookcase read spring cleaning day one for ideas.

3rd step:  Look at your empty surfaces and enjoy it while you can! Add the boxes, containers, file holders etc.  Look to your walls for space to help you get organized. Could you hang bulletin boards, hanging file holders, dry erase boards and shelving to help you in your quest for order? Shelving helps to free up valuable desk space…in turn making you more productive…or so they tell me. I will let you know how this all pans out.

4th Step: Take a look at your space; what do you need it to do? Is it set up to help you do whatever you need to do there better than it was before?  Can you put everything you have removed from the desk area back into a designated spot or container? Have you labeled the boxes/containers to help you stay organized and to help others find things easily if you share your work space? As a designer I have lots of magazine pages that are given to me by clients. I use bulletin boards and magnetic boards and label them by job. Each job might also have a hanging folder and a box for samples. This helps me both visually and physically to keep each job on task.

5th Step: Weed out the items you do not need. Make up boxes to store tax information, children’s records & art etc, and other business that you need for reference but is not current.

Bills, I have plentyWORK UGHOganize me...please

Spring Cleaning Day 2-Cabinets

Above is the chaos before shot! Below is the after…everything has a place now yippee. Plenty of items that were formerly must haves, are now in the trash/charity pile!

Spring cleaning for cabinets and drawers

You will need cleaning supplies; I like Clorox Clean Up, Mr. Clean eraser, paper towels, Windex and boxes, dividers, etc. to help you organize your space.

Step One: Make a plan before you get started. Now is the time to find the right spot for all your kitchen essentials. Clean one cabinet at a time. If you have not used an item in the cabinet you are cleaning in the last 6 months, do you really need to keep it? If you do need to keep it does it need to be in your kitchen, or is it adding to the clutter? Could it be moved to your basement, attic or storage area?

Step 2: Clean, disinfect and deodorize your empty space!

Step 3: Look at your plan, what is going back into the cabinet you have just cleaned? Do you need dividers, storage boxes, organizers or a Lazy Susan to make the best use of the space?

Step 4: One more chance to purge yourself of useless or less used items, and then put what you want to keep back in your cabinet or drawers.

Step 5: Congratulations! One down keep up the good work…you will be more efficient in a more efficient space!

OY, tomorrow more of the same…maybe the pantry?

Spring Cleaning Day 1

Bookcase clean for once

Photo by Liz Donnelly

Spring Cleaning Week at Celia Bedilia

Spring is the time for a fresh start in your home, garden and life. If you have not kept up with New Year’s resolutions…do not worry you are not alone. Spring cleaning is a time to purge your home of the items you have collected but not found the right spot to display. I too am guilty of this collecting; finding things that I think would be great for certain spaces and then, when they do not quite work, leaving them in place to clutter myhome & life.

No more, today we begin spring cleaning week. This week I am committing to running a 5k…this for me will be a “Couch to 5k” type of commitment. (I hope not to get distracted and start shopping for couches rather than lacing up my running shoes and getting off my couch!) I will also be tackling my kitchen cabinets; book shelves, desk & pantry…ugh wish me luck! So 7 days of spring cleaning/organizing will be my focus.

Today Bookcases:

  1. You will need at least one charity book/stuff box , trash bag, paper towels and spray cleaners.
  2. Empty the entire bookcase.
  3. Put the contents into piles, for example I would go through the children’s books and keep our favorites and give away the others! There are children that will love to have these books (I like to donate books to hospitals they can use them in waiting areas etc). I also take all the knick knacks off my shelves and dust the ones I like and GIVE AWAY the ones I have kept out of guilt. You know which ones I mean; the wedding presents that you never liked but are displaying because you have to! Now is the time to get rid of them, fresh start…remember..
  4. Clean the empty bookcase with copious amounts of spray cleaner and paper towels. Look at the clean and empty bookshelf…it looks so nice!
  5. Put the items back in one shelf at a time. I like to fill about ½- ¾ of the shelf with books leaving some room to display a decorative accent. I stack coffee table books by size, you can have both type of books (coffee table and novels) on the same shelf if you add a deorative accent inbetween them. In the photo above I put some vintage bottle collection on one side of the self and books on the other.
  6. Pretend that the bookcase you are working on is going to be photographed for a magazine. Does it look cluttered? Does it make you feel peaceful or stressed? If the answer if stressed you are no0t done! Get back to it and pare down the items further. You can pack books up and store them if you are not ready to give them away but you do not need them on a regular basis.
  7. Ok, now if you look at the bookcase and think WOW…you are done. Good job!!! Tomorrow we start the kitchen cabinets stay tuned!!!