Rustic Wedding with STYLE

Next weekend I am doing a rustic country wedding for my niece. Here is my plan!

Location: Picking a beautiful site…step one

Rustic Wedding heavenAdd Lanterns: this adds to a funtastic time!

lanterns are a mustcool candlesLighting is a must these rustic candles above will give a glow to the tent. Below are the vases and arrangements we are using! Mason jars and birds what could be more country?Mason Jar CollectionsBird vases...chic Mason jars hanging in space

Fun idea for place cards

I love this sweets table idea…so cute!


Easter is coming…Sunday

Easter Is Sunday. I need to order a ham these are wonderful Virginia hams and my Hubbs peanuts too Once this is done I can get down to business and confirm my guest list (my family is not very good at RSVP’s).

I am going to keep the menu simple, peanuts and fresh vegetables to start, ham, sweet & regular roasted potatoes, green beans and salad. Oh and I need to order a coconut cake from Scratch Bakery I hope I am not too late!

Now I love to cook but I like decorating more. I have inherited beautiful linens (because my sisters did not want to iron them) I am going to use lace and linen napkins, my silver (which I do not use enough) and white dishes.  I want to keep my tablescape simple but springy. I love hyacinth but you may want to use daffodils as hyacinth are very fragrant (with 2 dogs and 2 teens I need the fresh floral aroma).  I want my flowers to add the pop to the table!

Easter crop

For the centerpiece you will need: A 6”-8” deep vessel (like my wire basket) this can be a bowl, pot, really anything that holds plants, Sheet Moss (available at any florist), Hyacinth or Daffodils (Greenhouse or even Wal-Mart), potting soil, some nests, small natural looking fake eggs (or better yet your own Easter eggs) and bunnies (Home Goods or Pottery Barn).

Step One: Line your basket with moss, if you are using a bowl or planter skip step one

Step Two: Cover the bottom of the vessel with soil

Step Three: Add plants and fill in soil to fit plants snugly in place. This is important because these plants tend to be top heavy. You may need to stake them too, I would use Pussy Willow and a twist tie.

Step Four: Cover the top of the plants with moss, and if you have a staked plant with a twist tie you can cover the twist tie with a little moss!

Step Five: Put your new planter in the center of your table and surround it with your Easter treasures (bunnies, eggs, nests etc.)

Step Five: Get into the kitchen…it is time to cook


WowSo cute

Photos by: Liz Donnelly

Spring Table

 A spring table allows one to bring the outside in through plants, bulbs, nests, and eggs. I adore spring and the feeling that everything is new again. Fresh starts are always exciting; everything is budding and coming to life at this time of year.

 I love to buy bulbs and force them inside; here I have forced daffodils and grape hyacinth.  In the fall I buy bulbs for planting and forcing. Some go in the garden, while others go in paper bags in the garage. The ones from the garage will be forced into bloom in my home in March.

The 1st week of March is the time to start forcing bulbs. I prepare wide mouth jars or shallow bowls with pebbles at the base, potting soil and finally the bulbs. Mason jars work very well but can only hold one bulb, if you want more impact you might want to plant a large bowl the bulbs can be crowded quite tightly together. Water and set in a sunny spot, in 2-3 weeks you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Now you have your bulbs add bird nests and eggs and you have a great centerpiece for spring holiday entertaining.

Sun is warm but the temps aren't

Photos by: Liz Donnelly

Spring Inspiration from Fleur de Lis

This week I had the opportunity to take a road trip to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I was meeting a friend for lunch and I wanted to bring her flowers. I stopped at Fleur de Lis , what a treat! I have included 2 photos from their store. I found flowers, a beautiful blue throw and inspiration! When I got home I put together this little spring planter. I used a 3” pot, a container of daffodils, potting soil and pussy willow. You can see the how to photos below. I set 3 of these little daffodil pots on a tray filled with moss and added a couple of nests and some quail eggs to finish the spring look! Coco my CFO was overseeing this process from her perch in the mudroom.