Refined rustic master bedroom

Refined rustic, is the newest off shoot of the rustic design movement. Here is the concept, use rustic elements, like wood, metal and linen in transitional design.

I am working on a master bedroom for clients, the husband loves rustic and the wife does not. As any designer will tell you, this is common place, designers have to blend styles on a daily basis. Below, you can see the boards I have put together for a master bedroom with a refined rustic-coastal vibe.



master b 3.jpg



A&G bed5


Most of these furniture pieces can be mixed and matched differently. I like my clients to pick out items that really speak to them, so the first set of boards help me hone in on their style.

What do you like and dislike about these options? Are you a fan of the current rustic design craze? Or are you ready to see something new?

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DIY Wedding Centerpieces for under $35

Why are flowers such a big part of your wedding budget? Because you are paying for art! Flowers set the tone for the wedding, they tell your story.

I love flowers and admire the artists that work with them. Flowers are finicky, and there is a lot of waste when arranging perfect bouquets.

If you want to do your own arrangements here are some ideas all under $35 that are great for wedding centerpieces.

All Photos by Liz Donnelly all Arrangements by Celia St.Onge

1. Bird Vase from Chive vase $22.50 flowers $8.50 total $31.00 these are a real show stopper!


2. Bird Vase with fancy carnations $8 of flowers


3. Urns full of assorted flowers: Urn $12 & Flowers $12.50 total $24.50

LDP_9285 LDP_9289

4.  Tray of plants, candles and nests $35


5. Mini bottles of flowers – bottles $.50-$1.25 each flowers $10 bunch total $18


6. Antique Bottles $1 each and Flowers $25.00 total $32.00


7. Orchid, Curly Willow & Moss $24.00 (Trader Joes had inexpensive orchids)


8. Roses in Glass Cubes $10 vase $10 roses $20

IPHONE314 220

9. Rustic Candles arrangements $10


10. Mason Jar Arrangements $35


11. Mason Jars full of spring plants $13 for everything, jars, plants, soil etc.


I hope my arrangements have given you some ideas if you are planning to arrange your own centerpieces, I hope you see that they can be beautiful and still inexpensive!

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Rustic Chic…Comfort, Function & Simplicity


I love the rustic-chic design trend and I love layering items in my design projects. Anyone can go to a chain store like Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen and outfit a room with furniture. The key to good design is using those items as one layer and building upon that with other elements: vintage items, family heirlooms, handmade items (from websites like etsy), art (from sites like studios, wall color, molding, etc.

Personalizing your spaces makes them your own. You need to feel “at home” in your house and we do this through nods to our past. It may be something as simple as a windowsill lined with old coke bottles, vintage linens, or black & white photos.

Rustic-chic allows you to appreciate modern design while adding handmade or vintage pieces to make the spaces comfortable!


Could this be your style?


Beams are so rustic-chic, and I love the use of glass, stone, and wood in these designs!



If this is your style you might enjoy these sites…

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Rustic Country Wedding


On May 19th my niece got married on her parent’s farm in the beautiful Virginia country side. I had the pleasure of being the event planner/florist for the event. The colors were purple and yellow and the setting was stunning! I used mason jars and jelly jars for all the flower arrangements. The flowers were all locally grown they included; Peonies, Queen Ann’s Lace, Stock, Bachelor buttons, Viburnum, Sweet Peas, Tulips, Roses,  Baptisia & Zebra and Green Grasses. The flowers came from a local farm, the flowers were freshly cut for the wedding. It was a pleasure working with these fabulous flowers, they were so fragrant!

This is the bridal table looking out on the farm and the mountains

We topped white table clothes with a fun yellow and white checked table runner. I used yellow and purple ribbon from on each flower arrangement. My wedding gift to the bride and groom was the monogrammed napkins that were used at the wedding. I am sure those n apkins will be used for every one of their family function for years to come!

Mini Arrangements in jam jars
We put two small and one large arrangement on each long table
Country flowers and country view out the tent
Check table runners are a great finishing touch
We filled the tent ceiling with white paper Chinese lanterns

Look at the beautiful bride and her father dancing, and look at the letters on the floor they have lights in them at night they were magical.

Father Daughter Dance

Kirsten Fairall is the photographer

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