What does your shopping bag say about you?

What does your reusable shopping bag say about you? Most of them are advertising the grocery store.

I have noticed that there is a lot of negativity in this country at the moment. I am combating this with positivity. These shopping totes make you think, and carry your groceries for you…now if they would only put the groceries away!

Introducing our shopping totes!

  1. The Love Bag, all we need is love, right?


Re-usable, washable, cotton bag with large front pocket and shoulder straps. They serve a duel purpose spread love and carry the nutrients that feed your family!


2. Live to Inspire Bag, lead by example…and live to inspire. Words to live by.

Live to Inspire Shopping Bag

Re-usable, washable, large shopping bag with long shoulder straps and a wide front pocket. Live better with this great bag.


3. I am Blessed Bag, Remember you are blessed! If you are reading this, you are alive…that is a blessing, right?

I am Blessed Tote

Re-usable, washable, tote with a huge front pocket and shoulder straps. This bag is fabulous...just like you.


4. Don’t Be Basic Bag. This might be my favorite bag! Be your best self…don’t be basic. Travel, live, love, shop!

Don’t Be Basic Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, large front pocket, great shopping tote, folds into small packable size. Don't be basic...be yourself, be fantastic!


5. Be Mindful Bag, I think we can all be a little more mindful. So this bag is a good reminder!

Be Mindful Bag

Re-usable, washable, long shoulder straps, interior pocket for your phone & keys, Fab bag with a great message!


6. Dream Big Bag, I always tell my kids if you are going to dream…dream big! Do not waste time on an attainable goal, you can accomplish this with hard work, use your dreams for BIG ideas!

Dream Big Bag

Re-usable, washable, strong shoulder straps, large front pocket and the visual reminder to look to your inner child and dream big!


7. Garden Tote…If you know me you know I love flowers and gardens. Here is my garden tote. This bag has the following quote on the back “Garden as though you will live forever”.

Garden Tote

Water proof, 3 exterior pockets for tools, 3 interior dividers, great for bringing into the garden bed with you or just as a place to stash your tools!


Today I am so grateful for all of you thank you for your ongoing support! I feel so blessed to have all of my readers, fellow bloggers and friends with me on this journey. In 2019 I have committed to 10% of our profits going to charity! Help me with this by buying a bag or two, please!

Thank you all for stopping by! Best, Celia