The wonderful world of wallcoverings

As a designer, the first thing I used to do to freshen an interior was to strip the wallpaper, but wallpaper has become hip. Over the last few years, we have seen wallpaper trending, mostly due to the reintroduction of grasscloths.

Fortunately, wallpaper companies have spread their wings and gotten much more creative. One of my favorite wallcovering companies is Phillip Jeffries. They have elevated wallcoverings to the level of an art.

This reminds me of a stormy day.

Here are a few of my favorite wallcoverings from Phillip Jefferies. When these are used in space, it sets the tone for the design, and they pair so well with the wide plank flooring that is currently being so widely used.

This is art!
I love this it is actually wood. So chic.

I also love Mineheart wallcoverings; they are more mural than wallpaper. Wallcoverings are not only for walls but also can be strikingly beautiful on the ceiling.

I love angels this wallpaper makes me happy.
This paneled wall-covering would be so pretty on a ceiling.

I have just started ordering from Wallquest Wallpapers; they have some lovely options. I think map murals can be compelling in a powder room or even a pantry…small spaces where you are looking for an exciting twist to your design.

Gay Paris in a mudroom…why not?

I think wallpaper is terrific when used in small quantities, and I believe that quality is essential. Please use quality over quantity when considering your walls. Entry halls, mudrooms, and powder rooms are fantastic places to use wallpaper.

My advice make a statement in a small space with fabulous quality paper!

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Special thanks to Phillip Jeffries, Wallquest, and Mineheart for their incredible wallcoverings.


Fall is decorating season…let’s go shopping

Fall is here and we are all turning our attention back inside. I for one, see lots of things that need to be addressed.

It is time to line up the pros, to tackle some of these items. My powder room is my current project. I started wallpapering it last week, and that highlighted my real to do list…new floor, vanity, and fresh paint for the trim.

I hope to get this done before thanksgiving. I am going to visit our daughter in Italy, but my husband is hosting his family at our house. So I guess I better get cracking!

I thought I would share some of the things I am looking into adding to my home this fall.

  1. Vinyl floor mats for my powder room or kitchen:  Spicher & Company-available at Home Remedies 207-899-0135. These come in tons of cool vintage patterns and colors and are reasonably priced!

floor mat


2. Liquid Metal Paints: Sydney Harbor Paints…mimic metals and are amazing.

I am thinking of painting my powder room door with the Aged Zinc paint then adding some cool hardware, maybe even a door knocker!


3. Trompe l’oeil doors: from, add architectural detail to any space, could be fun in a laundry room…something to look at while you fold.


4. Wallpaper that adds texture, l think these are great playrooms or TV rooms. The tin would be cool on a ceiling.

scrapwood02_1000x1000 tin paper

5. Faux Bois…you know this is one of my favorite things ever!

This wood pouf is fabulous…


6. Indoor plants in pretty pots…a must for me in the fall.

Screenshot 2015-11-01 12.52.10 (2)

7. This time of year is a great time to get new everyday dishes. I adore these Portuguese plates, simple and beautiful.


8. Lighting is another important thing to add in the fall as it gets dark early! I love these, very pretty

bath light

dining lights

9. Cozy seating is useful in every room. These chairs are among my favorites this season. There is something for everyone!

cada56-q10000_prm_1 cken-c2-362_prm_1

jes chair



10. Cookware becomes more important on the East Coast,  as we are grilling less.  I love Cristel’s removable handle stack-able cookware This is very nice if you do not have a lot of storage in your kitchen.


What are you planning to change in your home this fall? Given that I am doing my powder room and going to Italy, I might not get to adding many of these ideas to my home, but I can dream!

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10 Design Trends I love

I do not consider myself trendy, but I do follow design trends. I am still conservative when using them in my clients homes. I think your home should look timeless, but these trends could be used in any home!

  • 1. Dresser style vanities…it looks so clean! This one is from Restoration Hardware.


  • 2. I love the dining bench trend. I think they offer comfortable seating and they work in almost any setting. You can find these everywhere, the following are from World Market.


Dining Bench

  • 3. Painting ceilings is a fun trend in this Pinterest photo they used a dark royal blue in the coffered ceiling…very chic.


  • 4. Using every space in your home, this is an old-fashioned idea that has come back! Below is a closet in an office we used it for extra storage.


  • 5. Fun Rugs are a good way to add color or style to a room. In my home office I have a chevron stripe rug, I know this is a fading trend but I love it!


  • 6. Lighting made of found objects…this is a great trend. Both of these lights came from, the wine barrel & bottle chandelier was used in a wedding, and the mason jars in one of the kitchens we did.



  • 7. Wallpaper…you know I love wallpaper!

T16045-3360 palazzo-T35172-zm

  • 8. Large kitchen islands…the kitchen is the hub of our home and this trend of oversized islands is fabulous. The first one is from Better Homes and Gardens, the second one is one of our homes (photo by Liz Donnelly)

BHG great kitchen!
BHG great kitchen!

photo by Liz Donnelly
photo by Liz Donnelly

  • 9. Beautiful tiles are also big right now here are some of my favorites. I adore these Italian harlequin diamond tiles. I also love the marble basket weave in the all white bathroom. Both photos by Jamie Salomon.



  • 10. The last trend is in furniture…gone are the over stuffed large arm sofas and chairs…thank goodness! Mitchell Gold, Lee and BSC are all following this trend!

mitchell gold charlotte

Before: Beautiful but too formal

What are your favorite trends? We are getting our clients homes ready for the holidays. There is always a big push to tackle decorating dilemmas in time to host family for the holidays. We are crazy trying to tie up loose ends.

Let me know what you are working on.

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The wonderful world of wallpaper

Guest Room
Guest Room photo by Liz Donnelly


I am loving wallpaper these days. My basement was in need of a spruce up…as houseguests are coming in two short weeks. My basement has two guest rooms, a full bathroom and a huge living area (26 x14). I need to have a TV/lounge area and a workout area in this space. So I thought I would visually break up the space by adding wallpaper to the lounging area. I will post photos when the space is complete.

Wallpaper is very trendy right now and it is a fun way to add style to any space. I love it as an accent wall in a bedroom (as in the photo above), in a powder room or any room.

Here are some of my favorite wallpapers. The first one is the one I chose for the basement. The second and third were runners up! All available from




The next two looks are fresh and fun from



I also love these Graham & Brown Wallpapers



My next two wallpaper projects are the mudroom and the powder room!

Mudroom ideas

T16050-3360 t36184-3360

Powder room paper is purchased and ready to install, it is a silver grasscloth…very chic.

What are do you think of these wallpapers? Do you like wallpaper? Do you have any decorating plans for the fall? I would love to hear about them!

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Your entry is your home’s first impression

Your entry is your home’s first impression. As you know, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Designing an Entry/Foyer (or in Maine the mudroom)

  • Great walls are a must… use a wonderful wallpaper, a saturated paint color or consider a decorative paint finish.
  • Your entry floor can be a place to have fun too. If you have hardwood you can add a border, or you can splurge on a spectacular rug, or tile the space with specialty tile.
  • Every entry needs seating of some type, a bench, a chair or a Settee.
  • You must have a mirror in this space as well! Your guests and family alike will appreciate this touch.
  • Storage of some sort will help you use your space to its fullest.
  • Your entry needs to be well-lit, either lamps, overhead lighting or sconces.
  • Your foyer is also a great place to display art or a collection.

Here is my mood board for a  chic city condo foyer.

Your mudroom, entry hall or foyer sets the mood and style for your home…do not forget to make it fabulous!

What is your next project? Are you dreaming of a new bedroom or bathroom?

My next post will be the idea board for a Master bathroom in a wonderful old Maine home.

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Best, Celia