Vintage Chic

Use this to light the way to your powder room.
  • Love this idea add light, age and interest to a space
Think of the drama this could add to a room.
  • Great doors make you want to enter a space, and in this case bring lots of light in too!

Wow these doors are fantastic, they could transform the right space.
Love this sign

  • Vintage signs are cool in any space, I am buying this one to use at a wedding this fall.

  • If you have random silver pieces collect them and display together to add a little bling to small spaces.
Collect vintage items and display together, here we have mason jars and old pots planted with herbs and a topiary
  • We used plants in old pots and jars to add a lived in feel to this new camp (that is what Mainer’s call non water front cottages and cabins)
This wonderful clock adds age to this new home
  • Here we used an antique clock and old books to add charm to this room
Could be cool as spice drawers?
  • Repurpose items and use them to fit your life style this is a small chest of drawers it can hold jewelry or even spices in a kitchen